A Halloween Horror Movie a Day - to Terrify You Each Day of October (31 Days of Halloween 2022)

31 Days Of Halloween 2022 - A Horror Movie a Day

It’s the 19th of September 2023 as I write this. You know what that means, right? It’s less than two weeks until October. It’s almost spooky month and if you are anything like me, you are going to make the most of it. Every October is horror movie month. We watch a horror movie every single day and I am sure many of you do too.

Whereas this was just an annual tradition in my house. When I started Knockout Horror it became clear that I had to do something completely unoriginal and copy every other site. With that in mind, last year I put out my first 31 Days of Halloween – A Horror Movie a Day feature. I called it K-O-Ween because I am crap at thinking of feature names and it consisted of us reviewing a different horror movie every day.

I wasn’t just going to review random horror movies, though, I do that all year as it is. Instead, I spent each day reviewing some of my favourite horror movies of all time. As you can probably guess, these reviews didn’t get a lot of views but that wasn’t really the point anyway. The point was to give you guys a list that you could potentially derive ideas from or to follow film by film.

31 Horror Movies For October

As we head into October 2023. There will be a whole new 31 Days of Halloween feature. But what if you want a list that is ready prepared? What if you just want a quick reference point to grab a few ideas for your own list? What if you simply need a few suggestions that are ready now so you can plan in advance?

Well that’s where this feature comes in. This is my 2022 31 Days of Halloween feature compiled into one handy list. I will be doing this every year so you will have plenty of options for mix and matching when making your own lists. I am even debating coding something to help randomly generate a list for you. But I really need to let my review base grow first, though, as well as my reader base.

These movies are in no order other than the order I reviewed them in. Some are better than others but may appear later in the list. It doesn’t mean I prefer them or rate them higher. It simply means that was the movie I felt like watching on that day. Without further ado let’s take a look.


Pet Sematary (1989)

Starting off with a bit of a light one. Pet Sematary follows the story of a grieving father discovering a hidden burial ground with the power to bring animals, and people, back to life. Based on the Stephen King novel from 1983. This is a great way to start off any Halloween season.

Louis, Rachel, and Jud from Pet Sematary (1989)

It’s not the best horror movie of all time but it is fun, scary, and has just enough of that 80’s campness to make it an entirely enjoyable watch. You could probably sub in the 2019 remake here but who wants to do that? Let’s stick with the classic to kick off October. We awarded Pet Sematary 3.2/5 in our review.


Paranormal Activity (2009)

We are checking out a modern classic for October the 2nd. Paranormal Activity was an absolute horror revelation back in 2009. Following the story of a couple documenting a haunting at their home. This movie was made on virtually no budget and surpassed all expectations becoming a massive hit.

I remember watching this movie in the cinema with my fiancee back when it released and a group of girls walking out near us legitimately believed the movie was real. Oh to be young and naive but it goes to show the impact this movie had on people at the time. It also kicked off a whole new wave of Found Footage horror. What’s not to love? We awarded Paranormal Activity 3.5/5 in our review.


The House of the Devil (2009)

Ti West gives a sloppy kiss to the 80’s in the movie we are checking out for October the 3rd. House of the Devil is an unashamed rip-off of Satanic Panic style slasher horror from yesteryear and, for the most part, it gets it right.

The House of the Devil (2009) - 31 Days of Halloween 2022 - A Horror Movie a Day

A young college student is desperate for money so takes a job watching over a strange couple’s house. Little does she know that she is in for a night of terror. House of the Devil likes to smell the roses and gets a bit lost here and there. But it is impossible not to be charmed by the authentic 80’s filming techniques which make it stand out from similar movies. Great fun, we awarded it 3/5 in our review.


Candyman (1992)

What would Halloween month be without sweets for the sweet? Based on a novel by Clive Barker. Bernard Rose’s Candyman is a movie that stuck with me from the very first time it scared the crap out of my friends and me at a sleepover back in the 90s.

Following the story of a Chicago graduate student investigating the urban legend of the Candyman. This Gothic supernatural horror movie introduced the world to Tony Todd’s eponymous villain and created a whole bunch of controversy at the same time. It still works today and is far superior to the cheesy 2020’s remake. It’s a dark exploration of poverty, racial tension, white saviourism and violence that feels just as apt today as it did back then. We awarded Candyman 4/5 in our review.


Noroi: The Curse (2005)

For October the 5th, we are heading to Japan for one of the best Found Footage movies of all time. Noroi: The Curse follows the story of journalist Masafumi Kobayashi as he investigates the mystery of the demon Kagutaba.

Noroi: The Curse 31 Days of Halloween 2022 - A Horror Movie a Day

Noroi plays out like a mix of found footage and mockumentary. Featuring scenes taken from television shows mixed with interviews and footage of our determined journalist conducting his investigation. It is legitimately scary in parts and features a story that ventures into a number of fascinating topics. This is a horror movie that will stay with you but its slow pace may put a few people off. We awarded Noroi: The Curse 4.5/5 in our review making it one of our best reviewed movies.


It (2017)

Stephen King’s absolute horror classic had to feature on this list. Following the story of a group of friends battling against the mystery monster haunting them and their town known only as It. This is a story that introduced the world to one of horror’s most terrifying icons – Pennywise The Dancing Clown. While I was tempted to feature the 1990’s television movie for October the 6th. I decided to go with the legitimately fantastic 2017 version of It: Chapter One instead.

It can feel like a collection of horror set pieces after a while but Bill Skarsgård’s incredible performance and the undeniable charm and camaraderie of its child cast make this an absolute must see. Chapter two never manages to live up to the hype built by this movie which is something of a shame. But chapter one still holds up well on its own. We awarded It 4/5 in our review.


Young Frankenstein (1974)

We are one week into October and it is time to break things up a little with an absolute horror comedy classic. Young Frankenstein follows the story of Frederick Frankenstein travelling to Transylvania after the death of his Grandfather. Determined not to follow in his footsteps, Frederick is shocked to discover that his grandfather was actually on to something. Reanimation of the dead is, indeed, possible.

Young Frankenstein - 31 Days of Halloween 2022 - A Horror Movie a Day

Mel Brooks’ love letter to the world of1930’s Universal Pictures’ monster movies is as hilarious now as it was back in 1974. Featuring an all star cast including the fantastic Gene Wilder and Marty Feldman. There are few comedy horror movies that come even remotely close to the brilliance of Young Frankenstein. Essential viewing, we awarded it 4.5/5 in our review.


Coraline (2009)

It’s the 8th of October and we are still mixing things up a bit. Today’s offering is a stop motion horror fantasy masterpiece directed by The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Henry Selick – Coraline. Following the story of an 11 year old girl discovering an entirely new parallel world hidden inside the walls of her parent’s house. A world replete with splendor, intrigue but also danger.

Coraline is one of the most visually resplendent stop motion movies of all time. Surprisingly scary in parts; you could perhaps argue that this isn’t really a horror movie. But I can’t think of many better introductions to the genre for kids and there is more than enough here for adults to enjoy as well. Absolutely excellent stuff, a visual wonder, we awarded Coraline 4.2/5 in our review.


Hellraiser (1987)

“Jesus Wept!!”.. It’s the 9th of October and time for another classic British horror movie from the mind of Clive Barker. Hellraiser follows the story of a woman discovering the resurrected body of her former lover in the attic of a house. Desperately trying everything she can to restore his flesh. Little does she realise that she is about to provoke the ire of the cenobites. A group of demons hell bent on torture and death.

Hellraiser (1987) - 31 Days of Halloween 2022 - A Horror Movie a Day

This is one of my favourite 80’s horror movies and while its slow pace and unusual themes might not be for everyone. It created some of the most iconic villains in horror and stands out for just how brutal it can be. We awarded Hellraiser 4/5 in our review.


Exhibit A (2007)

We are staying in the UK for October the 10th with another found footage crime horror movie. Following the story of the breakdown of a family at the hands of its patriarch. Exhibit A is a movie that still flies under the radar to this day. It’s not going to be for everyone and it is, perhaps, a bit niche. But the frighteningly authentic portrayal of domestic violence. Along with one of the most uncomfortable, drawn out, endings I have ever seen is so gripping and effective that this movie will stay with you long after you finish watching.

Bradley Cole’s portrayal of a man in the middle of losing his mind is hauntingly real. While Brittany Ashworth’s incredible job as a young girl coming to terms with her sexual identity make this a movie that works on multiple levels. Great stuff and consistently under the radar of found footage fans. We awarded Exhibit A 4/5 in our review. I have seen it multiple times and it always stays with me.


V/H/S (2012)

For October the 11th, we are watching the first V/H/S movie. One of the most noteworthy anthologies and a movie that helped kick off a wave that’s still rippling today. Featuring a number of stories by well known directors. Many of which have gone on to become some of the more significant names in horror.

VHS (2012) 31 Days of Halloween 2022 - A Horror Movie a Day

V/H/S is a bit of an uneven affair but stories like Amateur Night and The Sick Thing That Happened To Emily When She Was Younger make the compilation worth more than the sum of its parts. It’s full of nudity which may put a few people off and it is a bit childish in parts. But the first V/H/S is still a fun way to kill a couple of hours. We awarded it 3/5 in our review.


Wake Wood (2009)

October 12th sees us head over to Ireland for another Monkey’s Paw story of grief and loss. Wake Wood follows a couple tragically losing their young daughter in a violent dog attack. After learning that they could bring her back to life for just a few days. The pair get much more than they bargained for when their daughter returns seeming rather different.

This movie is an Irish and British collaboration that feels very much like Pet Sematary. While things play out a little differently, the themes are unmistakably similar. Still, the slightly different approach makes for a movie that feels familiar but also rather unique. Not the best horror movie in the world but well worth checking out for a change of pace. We awarded Wake Wood 3/5 in our review.


Funny Games (2007)

The always controversial Funny Games from 2007 is our pick for October the 13th. You could go with either the original 1997 version or the remake here depending on preference. Michael Haneke directed both and they are shot for shot versions of each other. It all comes down to which you prefer. Following the story of a family being mercilessly attacked and held captive by a pair of ruthless young men looking to cause pain.

Funny Games points the finger at fans of violence and gore while simultaneously managing to be one of the more disturbing horror movies of recent times. Some people absolutely hate it and some people feel targeted by it. Either way, it’s hard not to buy into the struggle the family go through and Naomi Watts, Tim Roth and Michael Pitt are all fantastic. We awarded Funny Games 3.8/5 in our review.


The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)

For October the 14th we are taking a look at André Øvredal’s Supernatural horror movie The Autopsy of Jane Doe. This is one of those movies that surprised me a lot when I first watched it. I don’t know what I was expecting but The Autopsy of Jane Doe played out quite differently from how I had assumed.

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe (2016) Review

Taking place entirely in the walls of a coroner’s office. This movie sees a mysterious, unidentified, young woman arrive at the coroner’s office with a request to find her cause of death. Determined to uncover the mystery, father and son team Tommy and Austin (A fantastic pair of performances by Brian Cox and Emile Hirsh) spend the night conducting an autopsy that will reveal more than they could have imagined. Genuinely scary in parts and full of tension and atmosphere. This is a movie that makes brilliant use of its limited locations and cast. Effective but not quite nailing the landing. The Autopsy of Jane Doe is still a great horror movie and we awarded it 3.8/5 in our review.


The Invitation (2016)

A man accepts an invitation to a dinner party from his ex-wife. Only to discover that all may not be as it seems and there may have been a sinister motive behind the gathering in The Invitation from 2016.

Featuring an obnoxious cast of characters and an ending that may prove a little divisive. The Invitation remains consistently interesting throughout and begs the viewer to stick around to see just what is going on with the mystery at hand. It doesn’t feel like any other horror on this list. A decent movie and intriguing throughout. We awarded The Invitation 3.5/5 in our review.


Lake Mungo (2008)

One of my absolute favourite horror movies of all time. For October the 16th we are checking out Aussie horror movie Lake Mungo from 2008. This found footage mockumentary follows the story of a grieving family haunted by the spirit of their deceased daughter and the investigation into the mystery surrounding her death. Lake Mungo features interviews with the family, expert takes on what happened and archival footage of the family and their daughter. All set around a genuinely effective ghost story.

This is a movie that is really more of a study of grief and the human condition than anything else. Prompting some people to enjoy it less than it deserves. It is slow paced and takes a few missteps here and there but it is a deeply moving story that stays with you long after it is done. It took me a few viewings to seriously enjoy it but now it is one of my favs. We awarded Lake Mungo 4/5 in our review.


The Witch (2015)

A family in 1600’s New England is torn apart by witchcraft and black magic in Robert Egger’s enormously popular period folk horror movie from 2015 The Witch. A launching pad for Anya Taylor-Joy and a haunting modern horror classic in its own right.

The Witch (2015) Review

The Witch is a slow, brooding, effectively creepy movie that is never particularly avert in its attempts to scare the viewer. Instead content to create a dark and unsettling atmosphere in which to weave its tale of malevolent forces working to rip a family apart. It’s not going to be for everyone and it has been hyped to the moon. But The Witch is deserving of the chatter and a great example of how effective period horror can be. We awarded it 4/5 in our review.


Misery (1990)

For the 18th of October we are checking out yet another Stephen King based horror movie. Misery follows the story of a famous writer being involved in a violent car crash. Only to find himself waking up in the house of a woman called Annie Wilkes who claims to be his biggest fan. Little does he realise that his pain and suffering has only just begun.

Misery might lean closer to a thriller than a horror movie but it certainly has more than enough tension and scares to please any fan of horror. The late James Caan is fantastic but it’s the Oscar winning performance of Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes that stands out. Making Misery one of the most memorable horror movies of all time. Intriguing and tense from the beginning right until the end. This might be the best Stephen King adaptation of all time and for that we awarded it 4.7/5 in our review.


I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016)

We are checking out something a little different for October the 19th. I Am Not a Serial Killer follows the story of a homicidal teen who has to hunt down a serial killer stalking his small town. Little does he realise that the killer is something much more sinister than he could have imagined.

I Am Not A Serial Killer (2016) 31 Days of Halloween 2022 - A Horror Movie a Day

The fantastic Christopher Lloyd stars in this horror movie that feels just a little different from what you might expect. Brilliantly acted and legitimately funny. It’s not going to be for everyone and it goes in a bit of a wild direction that you might not see coming. But I am Not a Serial Killer is very unique and also perfectly bridges the gap between Halloween and Christmas with it’s Autumn and Winter based timeline. We awarded I Am Not a Serial Killer 4/5 in our review.


The Loved Ones (2009)

For October the 20th we are looking at one of my all time favourite horror movies The Loved Ones from 2009. Another example of how good Australia are at making horror movies. The Loved Ones follows the story of a young man who refuses the invitation of a girl. Only to find himself being forced to accept it anyway. Leading to a night of horrific torture and abuse at the hands of one of the most underrated horror villains of all time.

Hilarious, brutal and incredibly witty. The Loved Ones is a great example of gritty Aussie horror and Robin McLeavy is beyond great as absolute nutty girl Lola. Some see this movie as nothing but gore and violence but if you look past that there is a hilarious horror that is actually rather clever. We awarded The Loved Ones 4/5 in our review.


Hereditary (2018)

This is a movie that needs absolutely no introduction. Ari Aster’s horror debut, Hereditary, is already a modern horror classic. Following the story of a family torn apart by grief sinking deeper and deeper into a world of sinister secrets.

Hereditary (2018) Review

Hereditary is memorable for the fantastic performance of Toni Colette and some of the most effective, harrowing, scenes in modern horror history. It starts slow but picks up as it goes along leading to an ending that I love but could best be described as a bit divisive. It’s not one of my favourite horror movies but it is universally loved. We awarded Hereditary 3.5/5 in our review.


WNUF Halloween Special (2013)

For October the 22nd we are taking a look at a movie that is utterly unique. WNUF Halloween Special follows a Halloween news investigation into a house that just so happens to be the site of a number of brutal murders. Presented as an 80’s style television news special, complete with authentic feeling 80’s adverts. WNUF is a movie like no other on this list.

WNUF Halloween Special (2013) Review

It feels completely accurate in its portrayal of 80’s television and will feel very familiar to people who were alive during that era. It’s not scary but there is nothing else like it. It goes way beyond novelty and, for me, WNUF Halloween Special is essential October viewing. In fact, we often kick off our Halloween with it. Grab some popcorn, turn down the lights and enjoy. We awarded it 4/5 in our review.


The Blair Witch Project (1999)

October 23rd sees us checking out a modern horror classic. Following the story of a group of friends going missing while making a documentary about a local folk legend. The Blair Witch Project was a horror revelation back in the late 90’s and reinvigorated the horror industry as a whole. A viral marketing campaign that utilised websites and missing people’s photos was unheard of at the time. Making people question whether the events of the movie were actually real or not.

It’s been hyped to the moon and always struggled to live up to what people were saying about it. Despite that, The Blair Witch Project is an incredibly important horror movie that changed the way horror was made. It’s still scary in parts and still makes for a decent watch. It’s not for everyone but every horror fan should watch it at least once. We awarded The Blair Witch Project 4/5 in our review.


The Innocents (2021)

If you could take Chronicle, move it to Scandinavia and change the teens to young children. You would have October the 24th’s movie The Innocents from 2021. Following the story of a group of troubled young children discovering they have hidden powers.

The Innocents (2021) Review

The Innocents is an incredibly dark tale that takes super hero powers and twists them into something utterly horrific. It features some genuinely disturbing scenes including one featuring the abuse of a cat but The Innocents is a movie that will stay with you. It could do with being a bit shorter and it won’t be for everyone. But if you are looking to be affected, The Innocents will do it. We awarded it 4/5 in our review.


Get Out (2017)

What needs to be said about October 25th’s movie Get Out? Jordan Peele’s Oscar winning movie about a young man spending time with his girlfriend’s family. Only to realise there is something a little strange with their obsession with African American people is a horror sensation. Pointing the finger at a whole new group of racist people, the type that hide behind a mask of liberalism.

Get Out is a witty and genuinely effective movie that is incredibly easy to enjoy. It also kicked off a career of horror movie making for Peele and remains one of the best horror movies of recent years. We awarded Get Out 4/5 in our review.


Dream Home (2010)

We are taking a trip to Hong Kong for October the 26th as we take a look at the brutal slasher movie Dream Home from 2010. This is a seriously violent movie with some legitimately unsettling scenes but it’s also a hilarious and manic affair that is a bunch of fun.

Dream Home (2010) Review

Following the story of a young woman doing absolutely anything it takes to buy her perfect home in an apartment block. This is not one for people with a weak stomach. It’s stylish and feels incredibly unique thanks to its Hong Kong backdrop. Awesome stuff and one of my favourite slasher movies. We awarded Dream Home 4/5 in our review.


Saw (2004)

For October the 27th we are checking out another modern horror classic. James Wan’s Saw is a movie that is getting a bunch of renewed interest now with younger fans realising just how interesting and different it was. Following the story of a pair of men waking up in a bathroom shackled to the floor. Realising that they are now pawns in the game of a mad man serial killer called Jigsaw.

Saw was made on a tiny budget but somehow managed to kick off a series of films that is still going today. Innovative, fun, and quite tense in parts. Saw’s traps and surprisingly in depth mystery element and twists kept fans coming back for more. A fantastic horror movie and fairly underrated given its reception at release. We awarded Saw 4/5 in our review.


Let The Right One In (2008)

We are back off to Scandinavia for October the 28th’s movie Let The Right One In. Following the story of a horribly bullied young boy finding friendship in a strange girl that appears to be hiding a dark secret. Let The Right One In sort of came out of nowhere. Produced using two completely inexperienced child actors and based on the John Ajvide Lindqvist novel.

Let The Right One In (2008) Review

This is a movie that puts a dark and modern spin on the vampire stories of old. Brilliantly acted and incredibly disturbing in parts. Let The Right One In stays with you long after you are done watching it. It inspired a remake starring Chloe Moretz that is also extremely good but the original version is my choice as it is just a very special horror movie. We awarded it 4.5/5 in our review.


The Wicker Man (1973)

October the 29th sees us head back to 1973 and one of the most well known horror classics of all time. Starring the brilliant Edward Woodward, The Wicker Man sees a police man from the mainland of Scotland heading to an island community to investigate the disappearance of a young girl. While there he discovers a bizarre society that revolves around strange pagan rituals and sinister secrets. A society that seems to be hiding something that he is determined to get to the bottom of.

One of the best folk horror movies of all time. The Wicker Man continues to inspire horror movie makers to this day, despite its initially lukewarm reception. It’s a fantastic horror movie that is both unsettling and scary. Essential Halloween viewing. We awarded The Wicker Man 4/5 in our review.


Audition (1999)

We are going back to Japan for October 30’s movie as we watch Takeshi Miiike’s unsettling and disturbing horror Audition. Following the story of a man attempting to meet a new woman to develop a relationship with. Audition sees our protagonist screen a number of women as potential partners. Eventually becoming close to a young woman that appears to be hiding something incredibly sinister.

Audition is an absolute horror classic. Miike’s demented antagonist Asami is instantly recognisable and the movie has inspired legendary directors including Tarantino. Its a bit slow and may be a little bit too disturbing for some. But Audition stands up there with movies like Ringu as having kicked off a whole new wave of incredible Japanese horror. We awarded Audition 4/5 in our review.


Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

It’s Halloween and there is only one movie I could think of that would perfectly fit the bill and it is Rosemary’s Baby. Part of that is down to the fact that this movie was always shown on Halloween in the UK when I was younger. Meaning it became a bit of an October 31st mainstay for me. It’s also an absolutely brilliant movie.

Rosemary's Baby (1968) Review

Following the story of a young pregnant woman becoming increasingly disturbed by the strange behaviour of her husband and neighbours. It is unsettling, unnerving and captivating. Beyond controversial director Roman Polanski directed one of the most important horror movies of all time. As Rosemary’s Baby continues to inspire horror fans and makers to this day. While I, personally, don’t think it holds up quite as well now as it did in prior years. It is still an incredibly important horror and makes for the perfect movie to wrap up your Halloween viewing. We awarded Rosemary’s Baby 4.2/5 in our review.

On To Halloween 2023

So that’s my 31 Days of Halloween for 2022 Horror Movie a Day list. I will be doing this again this year starting from October 1st 2023. Obviously it won’t be in list form. I will have a brand new category for K-O-Ween 2023 where I will add a new horror movie review every day. Each of which being movies that I enjoy and recommend. I hope you will check it out and I hope you are planning something awesome for Halloween.

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