25 Found Footage Movies You May Have Missed - And Should Watch Right Now!

25 Found Footage Horror Movies You May Have Missed

Welcome to Knockout Horror. Today we are taking a look at 25 Found Footage Horror Movies You Probably Missed. So, I realise that the title is a little click-baity. I mean, this is a listicle. What do you expect? But there are some fantastic movies here. Some of which are criminally overlooked.

We have reviewed many of these movies. Some of them, we haven’t. I can guarantee that we will get around to all of them in time. The one thing I can say, however, is that these are all worth a watch.

Found Footage Horror

Now I know what you are thinking. Found Footage is a played out genre. Some people love it, others hate it. It has had its day and things have moved on. While you may have a point. You might be surprised to find that the genre is still pushing forward with some vigour.

Recent found footage horror movies like Deadstream, Incantation and Spree prove that the style is alive and well. That’s without mentioning Screenlife horror movies like Host and Searching that utilise the format in a slightly different way.

I, personally, have always quite enjoyed found footage. The presentation forces directors to get creative. This can result in some seriously effective scares. The DIY nature of it all can add a sense of realism to events, as well. Leading to some genuinely visceral moments of horror.

25 Found Footage Horror Movies You Missed

Today we are going back through the recent history of Found Footage horror. We are looking for some of the lesser known hits. The movies that might have flown under the radar a little. The films that, maybe, didn’t get the attention they deserve.

Now, obviously, a lot of you are going to know many of these films. Some of them have been receiving a decent amount of attention years after their release. Some of them are, simply, well known to veteran horror fans. This list isn’t really made for you guys. There will be one of those coming shortly, I am working on it.

This list is made for the average horror fan. For the person who is just getting into found footage horror. And for the person who has only briefly skimmed the genre. For those of you that fit this criteria. You are sure to find plenty to like here. Who knows, even horror vets might find something they have missed. Let’s take a look.

25 – Home Movie (2008)

This film follows a family who begins to suspect that their children may be possessed by demons. Set over a few months between Halloween and Christmas. Home Movie’s creepy story sees parents David and Clare document the swift decline of their children and their home life.

Found Footage Horror Movie Home Movie

Featuring some fairly unsettling scenes and a pair of kids straight from your nightmares. Home Movie taps into the old fashioned horror trope of scary kids scaring.. err… adults. We awarded it a 6/10 and quite enjoyed it. Despite the rather annoying and over the top performance of its lead and some its more ridiculous plot elements. Definitely worth checking out.

24 – As Above So Below (2014)

An American horror movie about a team of explorers who venture into the catacombs beneath Paris. Only to discover a terrifying secret. As Above So Below isn’t one of my favourite found footage horror movies. In fact, I didn’t enjoy it at all. But that’s just my opinion. There is some serious renewed interest in As Above So Below. People are loving it and it has found a whole new lease of life. The catacombs are terrifying. It is claustrophobic and has some genuinely tense moments. One of the more well known movies on this list but essential viewing for Found Footage fans.

23 – The Bay (2012)

An American found footage horror movie about a deadly parasite outbreak in a small town. Man do I ever love this movie. While it doesn’t quite nail the ending. The Bay is found footage done right. Compelling, scary and completely engaging. Especially in the post pandemic world we live in. The combination of mockumentary style footage with news reports and recordings made by residents is utterly enthralling. Not for everyone but well worth a watch.

22 – Leaving D.C. (2012)

Leaving D.C. is a microbudget American Found Footage horror movie. Following the story of a man moving to the countryside to escape the big city. It isn’t long before something begins haunting him during the night. Totally underrated and criminally under watched.

Found Footage Horror Movie Leaving D.C.

I loved Leaving D.C. and gave it a solid 7/10 in one of my first reviews. Josh Criss is, practically, a one man show but manages to keep things engaging throughout. Offering a tantalising mystery and some legitimately unsettling scenes. This movie is tons of fun. Again, maybe a bit slow for some. But there is plenty to enjoy with Leaving D.C.

21 – The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007)

An American found footage horror movie about a serial killer who documents his crimes on video tapes. You would think this movie would be showing its age a bit now but it still works. The Poughkeepsie Tapes has a mockumentary style presentation that keeps you engaged from the start. While never managing to offer up a truly satisfying explanation for the antagonist’s motivations. This is still an effective look into the mind of a serial killer. Great stuff.

20 – Deadstream (2022)

Deadstream is an American Found Footage horror movie that brings the genre bang up to date. Following a disgraced social media influencer as he tries to win back fans. Deadstream sees our protagonist spend a terrifying night in a haunted house.

Found Footage Horror Movie Deadstream

Feeling like a mix of the old and the new. Deadstream features elements of screenlife horror, found footage, and traditional Evil Dead style horror thrills. We really enjoyed Deadstream and awarded it a 7.5/10. It manages to feel like something right out of the 80s while implementing themes familiar to viewers today.

19 – Incantation (2022)

A Taiwanese horror movie following the story of a woman cursed after breaking a religious taboo. Going to any length to protect her child from inheriting her curse We just reviewed this one and really enjoyed it awarding it 7/10. Incantation is almost Taiwan’s answer to Noroi: The Curse.

Unsettling, fantastically acted and engaging throughout. This movie has some powerful scenes and shows the lengths a parent will go to to protect their child. While feeling a bit overly long and losing its way towards the end. This is still a movie that is entirely worth checking out.

18 – Butterfly Kisses (2018)

An American found footage horror movie about a filmmaker who discovers a mysterious box of tapes that may reveal a supernatural presence. Butterfly Kisses follows the story of Peeping Tom – a spirit that is summoned by staring into a tunnel. When an unwitting person summons him. He will always be there, far in the background. Getting closer and closer every time you blink. Only to end up so close, you feel his eyelashes scratching against your cheek.

This movie was so effective at portraying its legend that it actually ended up featuring in a book of real local legends. Prompting director Erik Myers to have to clarify to the author that the legend was made up. Brilliant stuff and genuinely effective in parts. Erik Myer’s untimely passing adds a sad foot note to the movie. But as far as found footage horror goes. It is one of the more effective of recent years. We awarded it a 7/10 in our review.

17 – The Borderlands (Final Prayer) (2013)

A British found footage horror movie about a team of investigators sent by the Vatican to document supernatural occurrences in a rural church. This is an absolutely brilliant Found Footage horror. The Borderlands manages to be quite funny in parts and ruthlessly unsettling in others. Filmed from the perspective of a cameraman documenting a priest’s investigation into a strange community. This movie features at least one scene that will stick with you for awhile. The Borderlands doesn’t compromise on its story for the sake of pleasing the viewer. It took me more than one watch to love this movie. I am glad I gave it a second chance.

16 – The Den (Hacked) (2013)

An American found footage horror movie about a woman who becomes the target of a dangerous online community while researching her thesis. The Den is a screenlife horror movie that preceded similar offerings like Host and Unfriended by a few years.

Screenlife Found Footage Horror Movie The Den (Hacked)

Following a woman spending time on online video chat sites for a university project. The Den features themes of hacking, voyeurism and stalking. Reminding us just how unsafe we are in an always online world. Not the best Screenlife horror movie around. We awarded it a respectable 6/10. Definitely worth a watch but not at all perfect.

15 – The Last Broadcast (1998)

An American found footage horror movie about a group of filmmakers investigating the legend of the Jersey Devil. Sometimes erroneously cited as the inspiration for Found Footage horror mega hit The Blair Witch Project. The Last Broadcast actually released only a few months before the modern horror classic.

Despite being a rather mixed movie. It’s hard to ignore the significance of The Last Broadcast and impossible to deny it its place in Found Footage Horror history. It hasn’t held up as well as The Blair Witch Project but still deserves a watch. An important movie and significant for its innovation back in the late 90s.

14 – Savageland (2015)

An American found footage horror movie that explores the aftermath of a horrible event in a small town on the border of Mexico. Savageland is filmed in a mockumentary style and focuses on a single photographer that survived a mass murder.

Savageland manages to balance horror thrills with social commentary in a genuinely effective way. Featuring some seriously creepy photographs that hint at something unexpected. This is an unsettling movie that punches way above its weight. Check it out if you are a fan of Found Footage.

13 – WNUF Halloween Special (2013)

WNUF Halloween Special is a found footage horror movie that follows a news show’s investigation into a house with a terrifying past. Filmed in the style of a Halloween broadcast from the 1980s. WNUF Halloween Special is essential viewing for the month of October.

Found Footage Horror Movie WNUF Halloween Special

It has received some renewed interest lately and a sequel hit the market last year. The fantastic VHS recording style and incredibly effective commercials spliced between the news segments make this a hell of an experience. WNUF genuinely feels like it was ripped right from an 80s local cable channel broadcast. There is nothing else quite like it in Horror. We awarded it a fantastic 8/10. Brilliant and extremely unique.

12 – Hell House LLC (2015)

An American found footage horror movie about a group of friends who set up a haunted house attraction in an abandoned hotel. Hell House LLC is another found footage that has garnered some serious attention lately. Making for a perfect Halloween horror movie. Hell House LLC feels rather unique due to its cast and interesting premise. It feels all the more relevant as haunted house attractions grow in popularity and has some genuinely creepy moments.

11 – Bad Ben (2016)

A found footage horror movie that focuses on a new homeowner who experiences strange happenings in the house he recently purchased. Bad Ben is the first in a series of 11 films released entirely on the internet.

An example of no-budget film making. Bad Ben is not a fantastic movie by any stretch. In fact, it almost makes no sense how enjoyable it is given the general silliness. Still, it’s a classic example of a horror movie that lets you switch off your brain and just have a laugh. Legitimately fun and punches way above its weight. Temper your expectations and you might find a horror gem in Bad Ben.

10 – Survive the Hollow Shoals (2018)

Survive the Hollow Shoals follows a man as he attempts to spend 60 days alone surviving in nature. While not the best or the most scary movie on this list. Survive The Hollow Shoals deserves credit for its low budget, minimalist, approach to horror.

Found Footage Horror Movie Survive The Hollow Shoals

Featuring a few effective scares and a likeable protagonist. This movie leans heavily into its found footage influences. A short runtime keeps things moving along at a nice pace making for an easy watch. Just don’t expect too much and you may really enjoy it. We awarded Survive The Hollow Shoals 5.5/10 but still quite liked it.

9 – The Tunnel (2011)

An Australian found footage horror movie about a news crew investigating an abandoned tunnel system in Sydney. The Tunnel is one of a couple of Australian found footage horror movies on this list. Filmed in a mockumentary style with spliced in character interviews. The Tunnel follows a group of news people attempting to investigate a potential government coverup. Only to find more than they bargained for.

Featuring some genuinely unsettling locations and some effectively creepy scenes. The Tunnel also bears mention for its legal distribution through bit torrent at a time when nobody else was really doing that. If you enjoy Mockumentary horror, you need to check The Tunnel out.

8 – Afflicted (2013)

Afflicted is a Canadian found footage horror movie about two friends on a trip to Europe. While there they encounter a strange woman who turns their world upside down. This is a completely underrated horror movie that adds a new twist to vampire tropes of old. Realistic, effective, and thoroughly unique. Afflicted is a great example of how Found Footage can work with classic horror themes.

7 – Followed (2018)

Followed is an American Found Footage horror movie that follows a group of social media influencers spending a night in a supposedly haunted hotel. Featuring a horribly annoying protagonist and deserving criticism for making light entertainment out of the tragic death of Elisa Lam. Followed is still a fairly effective found footage horror.

Found Footage Horror Movie Followed

Set in a fictional version of the notorious Cecil hotel in Skid Row. Followed has some effective moments of tension and some old fashioned horror scares. Feeling like a precursor to the fantastic Deadstream. Followed did the whole social media influencer thing before it really became popular. Worth checking out but we could only award it a 5.5/10 due to some of its issues.

6 – The Devil’s Doorway (2018)

Directed by Aislinn Clarke. The Devil’s Doorway is an Irish Found Footage horror following the story of two priests investigating a supposed miracle in a Magdalene Asylum. While guilty of falling into horror cliché on a number of occasions. The Devil’s Doorway deserves tremendous praise for attacking the sad subject of Magdalene Laundries. Catholic places reserved for women deemed to be no longer innocent. Feeling rather unique. The Devil’s Doorway’s slow, considered, approach to found footage horror is captivating. Fans of religious horror should find plenty to like here.

5 – Marebito (2004)

Following the story of a freelance cameraman investigating mysterious spirits in an underground passage system. Marebito sees our protagonist find a mysterious naked girl and bring her back to his home. I am cheating a little bit here as Ju-On creator Takashi Shimizu’s Marebito is not really a classic found footage horror.

It features elements of found footage filmed alongside traditional movie style camera work. Still, the low budget, almost Lovecraftian, J-horror is well worth a watch. Not for everyone and disliked by many critics. I really enjoyed Marebito when I watched it over a decade ago. It stands as one of the more unique and interesting Japanese horror movies of the 2000s.

4 – Lake Mungo (2008)

An Australian found footage horror movie about a family grieving the loss of their daughter, only to discover a deeper and more sinister secret. I am sure you knew this one was coming. Surprisingly, despite recent renewed interest, Lake Mungo is still rather unknown. Filmed in a mockumentary style and feeling like an old fashioned ghost story. Lake Mungo builds up the tension only to pull the rug from under your feet. Constantly keeping the viewer guessing.

Found Footage Horror Movie Lake Mungo

This is one of the most effective found footage horror movies around and has some legitimately unsettling moments. I absolutely love Lake Mungo and awarded it 8/10. It’s not for everyone though. Its slow approach to scares and non-traditional format may leave some viewers wanting. Fans of the style need to check it out, though.

3 – The Conspiracy (2012)

The Conspiracy is a Canadian Found Footage mockumentary that explores the world of conspiracy theories and the people who believe in them. Doing a fantastic job of recreating the world of presenter focused documentaries, ala Bowling for Columbine. The Conspiracy manages to feel even more relevant in 2023 than it did a decade ago. Genuinely effective and actually scary. The Conspiracy puts forward questions that actually bear consideration. Clever, creepy and incredibly compelling. The Conspiracy is essential found footage viewing.

2 – Noroi: The Curse (2005)

A Japanese found footage horror movie about a journalist investigating a string of supernatural occurrences. Presented as a mix of found footage, mockumentary style investigation and news reel. Noroi is becoming much more well known as of late. Deserving of tremendous praise for being legitimately scary and deeply unsettling. Noroi is not just a fantastic found footage horror movie. It is one of the best Japanese horror movies of the past 25 years.

Found Footage Horror Movie Noroi: The Curse

Despite being rather slow and requiring a lot of background watching. Few movies reach this level of genuine horror unease. Kôji Shiraishi never managed to hit the same heights with his other Found Footage horror movies. But he deserves praise for getting it so right with Noroi. We awarded this movie 8/10. Essential viewing for fans of found footage horror.

1 – Exhibit A (2007)

British found footage horror where a family’s home videos are used to piece together the events leading up to a tragic incident. Exhibit A is presented as videos recovered and used as evidence in a criminal investigation. This movie depicts the horrific consequences of the mental decline of a family’s patriarch and the very real world potential results of domestic violence.

Found Footage Horror Movie Exhibit A

Brutal, terrifying, and unsettlingly realistic. Exhibit A is one of the best found footage movies of the past 20 years. Criminally under-watched. The incredible performances of Brittany Ashworth and Bradley Cole draw you in and hold you there until the desperately troubling ending. Definitely not for everyone due to its somewhat unique presentation and very British style. Exhibit A is, perhaps, more of a crime movie than a horror. Despite this, it stays with you long after it is done. We awarded Exhibit A 8.5/10.

And That is That

So that’s 25 Found Footage Horror Movies You May Have Missed. Let’s be real, a lot of you will have seen most of these movies. There are few surprises for true horror vets. But many of us may have missed some of these movies and may discover a new horror gem.

We are only just scratching the surface of found footage horror, though. There are tons more so expect more lists in the future. Thanks for reading. Why not stick around? Check out our horror movie reviews, our horror movie ending explained articles and more horror lists.