Tubi 31 Days of Halloween - to Keep You Frightened for Free This October

A Tubi 31 Days Of Halloween - A Tubi Horror Movie A Day

Welcome to Knockout Horror. We recently put together our 31 Days of Halloween list from last year’s K-O-Ween feature. It highlights some pretty decent titles and a few that just so happen to be personal favourites of mine. While that is all well and good. What if you want a collection of movies that you can access all in the same place? What if that place just so happens to be free streaming service Tubi? Well, that’s where this brand new list comes in – Tubi 31 Days of Halloween to Keep You Scared for Free This October

The cost of living crises is a bit of a buzz phrase in 2023. It almost softens what is, actually, a very real issue. We are living in a world where many people will have simply had to cancel all of their subscription services purely to make themselves more comfortable in life. This leaves people facing an October with limited options for horror and limited ways to engage in the now traditional 31 Days of Halloween month of binge watching horror. We are here to set that right. There are no subscription services needed here. Just access to Tubi or access to a VPN that allows you to watch in countries other than the US.

31 Great Horror Movies Available on Tubi

In this list we are going to be suggesting a movie for each day of October leading right up to the big day itself. The only catch is that each of these movies must be available on Tubi. I am not going to do you guys dirty and suggest some of the absolute dog crap, low budget, Tubi movies that I have, unfortunately, become so accustomed to over the past few months. That would just be unnecessarily cruel. I’m not going to be suggesting any Tubi Originals either.

Every movie on this list is well known and well regarded by either the audience or critics. I have watched all of them but only reviewed a few. This site is still fairly new, after all, and most of my time is taken up covering newer releases. But I can recommend all of these movies wholeheartedly. I have attempted to hit on a wide range of subjects and styles. As well as covering a few indie movies and movies from a few different countries. I have also tried to be considerate with the order. All of these movies are available on Tubi as of this writing and I imagine they will stay through October. We are kicking things off specifically to get us in the mood for Halloween itself.


The Houses October Built (2014)

Let’s get right in the mood for Halloween with The Houses October Built from 2014. This movie follows a group of friends on a road trip to find the perfect haunted house attraction finding themselves stalked by a relentless group of disturbed people.

The Houses October Built - A Tubi 31 Days of Halloween

The Houses October Built plays out in a found footage style as the group document their adventure and often gets brought up alongside similar haunted house attraction movies that will appear later in this list. While it is not as good as the aforementioned and is a bit of a slow haul. It makes for a pretty good alternative and definitely gets you in the mood for Halloween fun with its perfectly captured October vibe. A lot of people don’t like this one but those who do find it a pretty rewarding watch.


The Good Neighbor (2016)

For October the 2nd’s movie we are taking a look at The Good Neighbor from 2016. Starring the fantastic James Caan, this movie follows a pair of smart arse teenagers filming their elderly neighbour’s every move as they fake a haunting at his house. Only for something incredibly tragic and unforeseen to happen. This one goes pretty heavy on the drama while managing to take the traditional subject of the creepy neighbour and give it something of a new spin. It’s not perfect and fans like it more than critics. But Caan’s fantastic performance makes this movie one to check out.


V/H/S (2012)

One of the most noteworthy anthologies and a movie that helped kick off a V/H/S movie wave that’s still rippling today. We featured this movie as part of our 2022 31 Days of Halloween and here it is again. Featuring a number of stories by well known directors. Many of which have gone on to become some of the more significant names in horror.

The Second Honeymoon from VHS (2012)

V/H/S is a bit of an uneven affair but stories like Amateur Night and The Sick Thing That Happened To Emily When She Was Younger make the compilation worth more than the sum of its parts. It’s full of nudity which may put a few people off and it is a bit childish in parts. But the first V/H/S is still a fun way to kill a couple of hours. We awarded it 3/5 in our review.


The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007)

We are taking a look at another Horror Mockumentary for the 4th of October as we check out The Poughkeepsie Tapes from 2007. This one has fallen a little under the radar when it comes to these types of movies but it is no less notable. Following the story of a serial killer and the murders he committed.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes features interviews with experts and investigators as well as footage from the killer’s collection of snuff movies. All leading to a rather unexpected and tragic ending. This is definitely worth a watch and seems to be catching some more attention in recent years.


I Spit On Your Grave (2010)

For October the 5th, we are taking a look at a 2010 remake of a controversial 1978 movie with Steven Monroe’s I Spit On Your Grave. This movie garnered attention for all the wrong reasons and there were a number of explanations for why this happened.

I Spit On your Grave - A Tubi 31 Days of Halloween

The primary one is the fact that the thing that most people remember about this movie is probably Sarah Butler’s arse on the front cover and the terrible sequels that followed. But, in reality, I Spit On Your Grave is an effective revenge horror with some legitimately shocking moments and a fantastic protagonist. It’s brutal and uncomfortable for much of its length. It’s also heavy on the nudity and sexual content but if horror is supposed to unsettle then it achieves its goal far better than the lukewarm original.


The House That Jack Built (2018)

We are getting a bit weird for October the 6th with Lars Von Trier’s artsy Psychological Horror The House That Jack Built from 2018. This movie follows a failed architect relating his history of serial killings through the form of flashback vignettes.

It’s Lars Von Trier so you know it is going to be controversial and it is. Almost reveling in its violence like a 12 year old with a copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 and an hour to spare running over pedestrians. The House That Jack Built isn’t for everyone but it is one of those horror movies you just have to watch for how different it can be. Let’s not forget the fantastic cast that features the likes of Matt Dillon and Uma Thurman, as well. Polarizing but some of the best horror movies are.


Teeth (2007)

We need to lighten the mood for October the 7th after all that blood and gore. We are going to do that with 2007 horror comedy Teeth starring Jess Weixler. Remember how much everyone raved about this movie back when it was new?

Teeth - A Tubi 31 Days of Halloween

Teeth takes misogynistic horror tropes of old and turns them on their head as a young woman discovers she has a set of nashers in a very intimate place. Allowing her to fight back against sexual violence and take control of her own sexual identity. Teeth is somewhat unfortunate in that it takes a very real problem and addresses it with comedy. But it’s hard not to be charmed by the girl power vibes and the perverts getting their comeuppance. It is also wickedly funny, as well.


Eden Lake (2008)

For the 8th of October we are taking a look at a British modern horror classic from 2008. Eden Lake follows the story of a couple heading out to the lake for a bit of rest and relaxation. Only to find themselves set upon by a gang of ruthless youths hell bent on doing them harm.

Eden Lake is dark, unsettling, and uncomfortably realistic. Taking the British Chav culture of the 2000s and turning it up to 11 with the violence. It isn’t a movie that will make you smile but it is a movie that will stay with you. Constantly cited in lists of brilliant 2000’s horror movies. Eden Lake is a great option for October horror.


Sinister (2012)

Back to Hollywood for the 9th of October as we are watching Supernatural Horror movie Sinister from 2012. This movie is still considered to be one of the scarier and more impactful Hollywood horror efforts to this day. Ethan Hawke stars as a true crime horror writer who finds boxes of snuff films in his new house. Leading him to uncover a mystery that will put the lives of his family in danger.

Sinister - A Tubi 31 Days of Halloween

Coming along around the same time as the super popular Insidious. Sinister was part of something of a revival period for Hollywood horror and as far as these types of movies go it does a nice job. It’s cliched, a bit silly and full of tropes. But it is also a great option if you just want some easy horror with a decent lead character and a few effective scares.


Inside (2007)

October the 10th is about to get a little dark… and also a little bit Christmassy as we are checking out the first of a couple of New French Extremity horror movies with Inside from 2007. We featured this movie as part of our Awful Advent 25 Days of Christmas Horror feature but it also fits in nicely here. Utterly brutal and completely uncompromising.

Inside follows the story of a heavily pregnant woman who recently lost her husband in a car accident. Suffering a home invasion by an absolutely maniacal Beatrice Dalle leading her to fight for not just her own life but the life of her unborn child. This is a horribly violent movie that is perfect for anyone looking for tons of gore. It is also far better than the 2016 remake with Dalle putting on an amazing peformance in a role seemingly tailor made for her. Great stuff but not for everyone. We awarded it 3.8/5 in our review.


Possum (2018)

For October the 11th, we are checking out another British horror movie with 2018’s Possum by Matthew Holness. This is an atmospheric and moody film that follows a disgraced children’s puppeteer, played fantastically by Sean Harris, heading back to his childhood home to confront the trauma he faced while growing up.

Possum - A Tubi 31 Days of Halloween

There’s no action to speak of here and this is a horror that wants you to spend time thinking about some of its plot points. With nothing really coming together until the movie’s credits have rolled. But if you are looking for something a little heavier and something that is a little more rewarding for the more considered horror fan. Possum offers that in spades. Definitely not for everyone but will find fans in people who enjoy something different.


They Look Like People (2016)

October 12th sees us taking a look at an indie horror movie from 2015 that is heavy on metaphor with They Look Like People. Following the story of a man suspecting that the people around him are actually creatures hell bent on taking over the world. Prompting him to reunite with an old friend to do anything he can to protect him.

They Look Like People features one of the most nuanced presentations of mental illness in horror that I have ever seen. It is sympathetic, unsettling, and incredibly affecting. While also managing to be legitimately quite scary in parts. This is not the type of movie that will appeal to everyone but it is one of the more unique and interesting horror movies I have watched. A great option for something that feels completely different. Blackshear followed this up with the same cast starring in Mermaid movie The Siren but it was nowhere near as good. We reviewed They Look Like People as part of our 31 Days of Halloween 2023 feature so check that out here.


Goodnight Mommy (2014)

For October the 13th we are checking out Austrian horror movie Goodnight Mommy from 2014. This one has recently been remade but we are sticking with the fantastic original. Following the story of a woman who undergoes plastic surgery. Only to return home to her twin boys who believe that she is now a different person under the bandages.

Goodnight Mommy - A Tubi 31 Days of Halloween

Goodnight Mommy is a disturbing and dark affair that features one of the more satisfying twists in recent horror history. This is one of those movies that keeps you guessing throughout. It lets itself down a bit with the ending and it is going to leave traditional horror fans wanting a few more scares. But this Psychological horror is a great option to give us something just a little bit different. Check out our review of Goodnight Mommy right here.


Vacancy (2007)

For October the 14th we are taking things a little less dark with Hollywood voyeuristic horror movie Vacancy from 2007. We featured this movie in our list of 25 Voyeuristic and Stalking Horror Movies Ranked and we quite like it.

Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson, break down in the middle of nowhere during the night. Luckily they manage to score a hotel room. Little do they realise that they have a whole bunch of hidden cameras pointing at them and may just become the next stars of a horrifying snuff film. It’s fairly by the numbers as far as horror goes but Vacancy has some genuinely tense moments and is an easy going and enjoyable horror movie.


Pyewacket (2017)

For the midway point (kinda) of October we are checking out a movie that other people like quite a lot more than I do; it’s Canadian supernatural horror movie Pyewacket from 2017. Some class this as a folk horror which, I suppose, fits as Pyewacket follows the story of a young edgy teenage girl performing an occult ritual to summon the spirit of a local witch to murder her mother.

Pyewacket (2017) Review

This is a film that goes fairly heavy on the drama for much of its length and acts as something of an exploration of grief. Still, it has some interesting moments and is quite creepy in parts. Some people love this movie, I thought it was above average awarding it 3/5 in my review.


The Reef (2010)

Something completely different now for October the 16th as we head to the glorious sunshine of Australia with The Reef from 2010. We featured this movie in our list of 20 Awesome Australian Horror Movies Ranked and it’s a great option for shark movie fans. Following the story of a group of friends ending up in the sea when their boat capsizes. Only to find themselves hunted by a great white shark.

The Reef is a slower and more considered approach to the tried and tested shark horror movie. Working pretty well throughout and featuring some decent moments of legitimate tension. The Reef deserves praise for not attacking the viewer with terrible CGI shark effects. Definitely worth a watch but not quite what you would call traditional horror. It is a nice way to mix things up a bit after 15 days of pure horror.


Terrifier (2016)

Art the Clown is causing havoc in October the 17th’s entry – the first Terrifier movie from 2016. The sequel came out last year and people loved it but the original version is free on Tubi and well worth checking out.

A woman finds herself the obsession of a terrifying clown faced serial killer on Halloween in this slasher movie from Damien Leone. While not living up to its sequel or the anthology that inspired it. Terrifier is still a fun option for anyone looking for some old fashioned Slasher fun. Just don’t expect too much in the way of plot or character development.


Emelie (2016)

Sarah Bolger is bags of fun in October the 18th’s horror movie Emelie from 2015. Following the story of a Babysitter that is clearly hiding something rather sinister looking after a group of kids that are in for a night they will never forget.

Emelie - A Tubi 31 Days of Halloween

Emelie takes the whole babysitter horror thing and turns it on its head in this witty movie from Michael Thelin. The first half is fantastic but the movie lets itself down a fair bit in the second half. Still, Emelie is undeniably enjoyable for much of its length and is definitely worth checking out purely for its excellent titular character.


Martyrs (2008)

It’s time for more New French Extremity sickness now on October the 19th. Martyrs is a movie that sparked a lot of controversy when it released for its depiction of torture and violence but it also brought French horror back to the limelight. Brutal and utterly unforgettable, this is a movie that still makes many horror fans “Best of” lists.

Following the story of a young woman’s quest for revenge against the people that kidnapped her as a child. Director Pascal Laugier put his cast through hell in this depressing and horrifically violent tale of revenge at any cost. The result is a movie that some love, some hate but nobody can forget. It isn’t for everyone and its uncompromising depiction of its subject matter bears serious caution on the viewer’s part. But you won’t find many movies that feel quite as real as Martyrs does. Whatever you do, avoid the horrible American remake at all costs. It is really bad.


Willow Creek (2013)

For October the 20th let’s mix things up even more. Bobcat Goldthwait takes his obsession with Bigfoot to a whole new level with the found footage horror movie Willow Creek from 2013. Following the story of a couple heading out for a weekend of camping in the middle of nowhere. Before suddenly finding themselves trapped in their tent surrounded by, what appears to be, a strangely curious, and aggressive, animal.

Willow Creek manages to take a night in a small tent and turn it into a fight for survival against an unseen foe. It’s genuinely tense stuff and while it might not go far enough for some. It is still an effective creature horror that makes for a very easy watch. Especially if you are a fan of Bigfoot.


Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018)

We are heading over to South Korea for October 21st with found footage horror movie Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum from 2018. A horror web series film crew head deep into an abandoned asylum in pursuit of spirits and views for their channel. Only to find themselves encountering increasingly strange happenings the deeper they go in this paranormal horror movie.

Gonjiam is the third most watched horror movie in South Korea after Tale of Two Sisters and Phone which is an amazing achievement. It is also a seriously effective horror movie that is one of the best examples of Found Footage in a very long time. It is a legitimately tense movie throughout and another great example of just how good South Korean horror often is. One of the best movies on this list!


30 Days of Night (2007)

For October the 22nd we are checking out a Hollywood Action Horror Movie starring Melissa George and Josh Harnett – 30 Days of Night from 2007. Following the story of an Alaskan town that is in the middle of a month of permanent dark being attacked by fanged creatures. This movie attempted to do for Vampires what 28 Days Later did for zombies. Make them scary again.

30 Days of Night - A Tubi 31 Days of Halloween

For the most part, it works really well and features some genuinely great horror action. The setting is absolutely incredible and adds a ton to the scare factor and Josh Harnett is on excellent leading man form. 30 Days of Night is simply a tremendously fun Vampire flick.


Hell House LLC (2015)

October 23rd takes us back to the world of Halloween Haunted House Attractions in Hell House LLC from 2015. This is a found footage horror movie that acts as something of a mockumentary following a group of friends opening a Haunted House attraction for Halloween. It isn’t long before the group begin to experience paranormal events that will ultimately lead to a horrible tragedy.

I have watched this movie a couple of times and it seems to hold up well. It is miles better than The Houses That October Built and by far the superior Haunted House Attraction horror movie around. The audience loves it and the strong focus on Halloween itself makes this either a perfect option to really get you in the mood for Halloween itself.


The Collector (2009)

For October the 24th we are looking at a movie that seems to split fans and critics – The Collector from 2009. I have a funny feeling this one will gain more fans as time goes on. Following the story of a man desperate for money planning a heist at his employer’s home. Only to walk in to find another criminal has already scoped the place out and set devious traps throughout.

The Collector - A Tubi 31 Days of Halloween

The Collector stands as something of an answer to the brutality of the Saw movies. Managing to be even more cruel and even more vicious. It could, perhaps, be described as one of those movies without much merit. But if you are looking for a stylish and violent horror movie with some legitimately tense scenes. You would do well to ignore the critics and give The Collector a try. It’s a movie I actually really enjoyed.


Wolf Creek (2005)

Speaking of horribly violent movies. October 25th’s film is the Australian crime based horror Wolf Creek from 2005. Following the story of a group of backpackers getting lost in the middle of the outback. Only to find themselves having to fight for their survival against a ruthless and relentless serial killer.

Wolf Creek turned heads on its release for just how violent and horrifying it was. Based on the story of real life backpacker killer Ivan Milat. Wolf Creek reminded the world how good Australia is at putting out horror movies. It’s not for everyone and is ultra gory and just a little bit cruel. But compared to other Aussie horror movies like Hounds of Love and Snowtown, Wolf Creek is a stroll in the outback. We featured this movie in our list of 25 Hiking, Backpacking and Camping Horror Movies Ranked.


Last Shift (2015)

October the 26th’s movie sees a rookie cop tasked with spending one final night on watch in a police station about to be closed for good in Last Shift from 2015. Only to find herself encountering horrifying visions that threaten to never let her escape her nightmare.

Last Shift - A Tubi 31 Days of Halloween

This is a movie that relies on tension and unease more than anything else and succeeds pretty well. Last Shift has a legitimately creepy atmosphere and sort of plays out like a collection of loosely connected scenarios. There’s a lot of background watching and a few too many jump scares but this is a movie that is well worth a watch for a different approach to horror. A bit of a hidden gem that has gained a little bit of traction in recent years. This makes a good accompaniment to The Autopsy of Jane Doe in my opinion.


The Tunnel (2011)

For the 27th of October we are heading back to Australia and back to the found footage sub-genre with The Tunnel from 2011. The Tunnel follows a news crew attempting to investigate and document a potential government cover up in the abandoned subway tunnels under an Aussie city. Only to find much more than they bargained for.

Filmed in a sort of mockumentary style, The Tunnel makes tremendous use of its locations with the claustrophobic and dark tunnel system feeling almost like an antagonist in its own right. We featured this movie in our list of Found Footage Horror Movies You Have Missed – 25 Movies and its good to see it getting more traction lately. It is legitimately scary and the mystery at the core of the story is genuinely interesting. You can check out our review of The Tunnel right here.


The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

Back to back found footage next as we are spending the 28th of October scaring ourselves with The Taking of Deborah Logan from 2014. Adam Robitel’s horror debut follows a documentary crew discovering something incredibly sinister while making a film about a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s.

The Taking of Deborah Logan - A Tubi 31 Days of Halloween

Unsettling and very effective; The Taking of Deborah Logan mixes reality with demonic possession leading to a movie that could best be described as found footage done the right way. Unlike many similar movies that have followed. This is one of the first to put a genuinely modern spin on the topic of demonic possession. Critics and audiences both loved it and its a great option for any 31 Days of Halloween Feature. We reviewed The Taking of Deborah Logan as part of our 2023 31 Days of Halloween feature and you can check that out here.


Lake Mungo (2008)

October the 29th sees us checking out a movie that I jump on any chance to talk about – Australian paranormal found footage horror mockumentary Lake Mungo from 2008. We featured this movie in our list of 20 Awesome Australian Horror Movies Ranked – Scares from Down Under and many others. It also featured in our 31 Days of Halloween 2022 feature.

Lake Mungo (2008)

Following the story of a grieving family attempting to uncover the mystery behind the death of their young daughter. Only to find her spirit may still be with them. Lake Mungo is one of those movies that gets a lot of hype and struggles to live up to it with some viewers. Its approach to found footage isn’t for everyone and the story is very slow. But it is also a movie that sticks with you long after it is done. Incredibly realistic and legitimately haunting, I love this movie, as do many others. You can check out our review of Lake Mungo right here.


All Hallows’ Eve (2012)

We are almost there. October the 30th needs one more movie to really get us into the Halloween spirit and what better than Anthology horror movie All Hallows’ Eve from 2012? Well, there are probably plenty of better movies as this is rather average but it feels perfectly fitting given the holiday theme. Two children and their babysitter find an unmarked video tape consisting of a number of short horror stories connected to Halloween. Each of which featuring a demented clown that is hell bent on causing terror.

This is the movie that introduced the world to Terrifier’s Art The Clown and he features, somewhat, in each of the tales. The monsters here are terrifying and the plot paper thin but it is, ultimately, a rather uneven affair. The great thing about All Hallows’ Eve is just how well it captures the feeling of Halloween. It’s like one of those old 70’s or 80’s horror movies that simply pays homage to the day. Not a brilliant anthology by any sense but a great way to get ready for Halloween itself.


I Am Not A Serial Killer (2016)

It’s Halloween so why not go for something that will take us through to the Holiday season? I Am Not a Serial Killer is a fantastic indie horror movie that starts around Halloween and goes all the way through Thanksgiving and into Christmas.

I Am Not A Serial Killer (2016) Review

Following the story of a troubled teen who suffers from violent, homicidal, fantasies determined to stop a relentless serial killer that is stalking his town. I Am Not a Serial Killer is a movie like no other. It perfectly captures that small town feel while taking the story in directions you may never expect it to go. It is humourous, witty and legitimately tense and scary in parts. Max Records is fantastic as protagonist John and the brilliant Christopher Lloyd is great playing against type. I really love this movie and it holds up well to multiple viewings. It captures the holiday season perfectly and makes for the ideal movie to take us into the holidays. I awarded it 4/5 in my review.

Hope You Enjoy!

That’s 31 Days of Halloween entirely on Tubi. All of these movies are available as of writing and all are completely free. Some may leave Tubi in the future so keep that in mind. You can mix this list up a bit, change the order, throw in some other Tubi horror movies like Better Watch Out, Godless, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and more. Or you can simply follow this list as it is and have a great time. We will, obviously, be doing our own 31 Days of Halloween list that will feature a selection of horror movies that we love. You can also check out last year’s list right here for more suggestions.

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