10 Social Media Influencer Horror Movies - That Will Have You Dying for Likes

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Welcome to Knockout Horror and to another Horror Movie List. Today’s topic is 10 Social Media Influencer Horror Movies – Dying for Likes. We have been covering the topic of social media a lot lately. We have put together a list of 12 Social Media Themed Horror movies. And have also had some crossover with our 10 Internet Themed Horror Movies list from last week. It’s a popular topic that seems to appear a lot as of late. Especially in Found Footage horror.

But what about the celebrities of Social Media? What about the people that exist purely to be obsessed over by the public? Surely that is a horror topic worth taking a look at? There has to be a few movies focusing on social media influencers, right? Well you are absolutely right. There is and we are going to be looking at ten of them for you today.

We have actually put together a bit of an updated version of this list after watching the movie Influencer. If you want more of the same but ranked and a little more in depth. Why not check out our 15 Horror Movies Like Influencer article? There’s a lot of crossover with this one but a few new movies for you to take a look at.

Social Media Influencer Scares

Social media influencers are the A-list of the online world. Personalities devoted, purely, to being personalities. Often bringing very little of note to the world other than loud, obnoxious, and annoying presenting styles. A vapid and shallow focus on money and lifestyle. And a devotion to pleasing themselves and making money. Social Media Influencers are the “It girls” of the 2020s. Though nobody is quite sure of what it is that they are doing. They are sure as hell making a lot of money doing it and people want to follow them.

Influencers have everything you could ever want for horror. You have annoying personalities that you want to see being terrorised. An inbuilt desire to please their viewing audience, regardless of the risks. And a willingness to do anything for the almighty like button. It is a topic ripe for picking when it comes to horror fruit. And, as of late, filmmakers have been picking it.

A New Wave of Influencer Horror

We have had a ton of Social Media Influencer horror as of late. Most of them tend to follow a familiar format. A social media personality wants to make a crowd pleasing video. In doing so they find themselves in a heap of trouble. Some of them are found footage, others are filmed traditionally. All feature annoying personalities that you are going to enjoy seeing get their comeuppance, though. So let’s take a look.

There will be some crossover with my other lists here, purely because of the similar themes. Some of these movies are decent, others are awful. All feature social media influencers, though, and all are worth a watch if you enjoy the theme. Many of these movies are available free on Tubi or other sites. Something which I am trying to focus on with my lists. With many people cancelling paid subscriptions to streaming services as of late. Let’s go!

10. Followers (2021)

Followers is the story of English posh boy influencer Jonty Craig. Desperate to get his popularity back. The disgraced Jonty will do anything it takes to make people forget about the video of a bigoted rant secretly filmed and released without his knowledge. Even if that means braving the paranormal. Sharing a house with a couple of other students. Jonty soon realises that the place has a sordid past and some unwelcome guests. With camera in hand, he attempts to revive his career, no matter what it takes.

Followers Horror Movie Review

Playing out like a Found Footage haunted house tale for the younger generation. Followers manages to feel completely detached from trend and incredibly cheesy throughout. Despite trying its hardest to seem modern and relevant. Acting is sub-par, the story is silly and some of the scenes are seriously embarrassing. Stereotyped characters and poor writing don’t do anything to help and the lack of scares is a major problem.

The tragic death of Followers’ director Marcus Harben, before release, likely contributed to its issues. But it is hard to imagine this movie being anything other than incredibly lacklustre. Worth a watch if you are desperate for more Influencer horror. Otherwise, probably an easy skip. We awarded Followers a 1.5/5 in our review. You can find Followers on Tubi for the low low price of free so it might be worth taking a look.

9. Shook (2021)

After the murder of a number of social media personalities and their dogs. Make up influencer Mia decides to dog sit for her sister while she is out of town. The only problem is, she begins to receive phone calls from a malicious person. This kicks off a night of terror for Mia as someone harasses and stalks her around her sister’s home. Is she to become another victim of the notorious serial killer? Or could it be something even more sinister?

Shook Horror Movie Review

Shook feels like Scream with a social media influencer coating. From the creepy phone calls to the stalking around the house. Right up to some of the revelations that abound throughout the movie. The influences of this slasher movie are very clear. The only problem is that Shook never manages to reach any level of suspense. Failing to build tension and failing to create a cast of characters that we can invest in.

A sudden twist towards the end of the movie is welcome. But the silliness of the story and some of the ending scenes undo much of the good will. Still, as a slightly different approach to influencer horror. This may just scratch that very specific itch. We awarded Shook 1.5/5 in our review. Your mileage may vary, however.

8. The Lost Vlog of Ruby Real (2020)

The Lost Vlog of Ruby Real is a found footage horror movie focusing on social media influencers Steve, Ruby Real and Cali. Wanting to debunk an urban myth that says that a certain tree can transport you to an alternate dimension. Ruby takes her influencer friends into the deep woods of Vancouver in search of the mysterious tree. Hoping to complete the ritual and show people that the legend is a hoax. Only, when Ruby finally arrives. It would seem there may be more to the story than she initially realised.

The Lost Vlog Of Ruby Real (2020) Horror Movie Review

Filmed during the worldwide Covid lockdown. The Lost Vlog of Ruby Real does a pretty nice job of capturing the Social Media Influencer vibe. With our protagonists begging for likes and subscriptions and filming in vlog styles. When things start to go wrong, however, tensions fray and relationships are stretched. This is a found footage movie with a slightly different vibe. The Lost Vlog of Ruby Real approaches horror with a science fiction edge. Telling a story of alternate dimensions and bizarre goings on.

Unfortunately, this movie never really does anything all that interesting. Annoying characters, sub-standard acting and a weak plot leave you desperately wanting more. A messy ending and some genuinely awkward attempts at shocking the viewer fall pretty flat. We awarded Ruby Real a 1.5/5 in our recent review. You may find something to enjoy, though. Especially if you enjoy your horror with a Lovecraftian vibe. You can check this movie out completely free on Tubi so you only have your precious time to lose.

7. Followed (2018)

Followed sees social media personality and popular influencer Mike spending time in a haunted location. After hearing about the case of a woman being found dead in a hotel shortly after some bizarre elevator footage of her was released. Mike decides to take his crew and spend a few nights there to investigate. Not at all daunted by the hotel’s sordid history of murders, suicides and its association with a notorious serial killer. Mike is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and gain a ton of followers in the process. Whatever the cost.

Followed Horror Movie Review

If some of what you just read sounds familiar. That’s because Followed shamelessly rips off the real life cases of Elisa Lam and the serial killer The Night Stalker. Set in a location based on the Cecil Hotel. Followed has no original ideas and makes horror drama out of some real life tragedies. Questionable, indeed, and its protagonist, Mike, is an unlikable douche bag. Still, this makes it all the easier to engage in watching the events he is forced to go through to appease his livestream sponsers.

Followed gets the social media influencer aspects right. Its story, not so much. It is still a watchable horror movie, though, and has a couple of fairly effective scenes. If you can get past the lacklustre story, you may find something to enjoy. We awarded Followed 2.5/5 stars in our review. You can check Followed out on Tubi right now completely free.

6. Superhost (2021)

Social Media Influencers Claire and Teddy are struggling. Their travel vlog channel is losing subscribers after a recent controversy. Desperate for views, the pair head to a sought after holiday home to make some videos. When they arrive, over enthusiastic host Rebecca is equally desperate for a good review. Seeming eccentric and overly willing to please. Claire sees an opportunity to exploit Rebecca’s odd personality and, hopefully, gain a few new subscribers in the process. It turns out, however, that there may be more to Rebecca than initially seems.

Superhost Horror Movie Ending Explained

Playing out as something of a mystery movie with some slasher vibes. Superhost doesn’t do anything new and is, actually, rather silly in parts. It is worth a watch for one reason and one reason only. Superhost is one of those rare movies that would absolutely stink if it weren’t for one character. Featuring two bland and unlikable social media personalities. This movie is elevated by the fantastic performance of Gracie Gillam as Rebecca.

Standing out among a sea of altogether too boring horror characters. Gillam turns Rebecca into a must see character and justifies spending your time checking out Superhost. Without her, this movie would be difficult to recommend. As it stands, it’s actually quite a bit of fun. We awarded Superhost 2.8/5 but the score would have been much lower without Gillam’s performance. You can check this movie out on Shudder.

5. Lexi (2022)

Lexi follows the story of the disappearance of popular motivational influencer Laughing Lexi. She went missing amid a series of bizarre and mysterious events. Videos of her sleeping were posted to the internet. She began suffering harassment and someone entered her home while she was unaware. As time went on, things began to escalate with videos showing her most intimate moments being shared against her will. Lexi follows friends and family as they discuss the events.

Lexi (2022) Horror Movie Review

Lexi is an ultra low budget, found footage, mockumentary that actually manages to be quite effective. Playing out as, virtually, a one woman show. Starring, written, directed and produced by Victoria Vertuga. The movie acts as a documentary exploring the disappearance of Lexi. As well as the events leading up to it. While not doing anything particularly new with the format. Lexi manages to really capture the invasion of privacy of our social media influencer. As well as the damage said invasion does to her mental health.

Despite not breaking any new ground with the mockumentary format. It’s hard not to be impressed at what Vertuga managed to achieve. This is an enjoyable movie and Vertuga’s character of Lexi is one of the more believable influencers in a movie like this. She has the format and presentation down perfectly. We awarded Lexi 3/5 and recommend it. You can check it out for free on Tubi, as well, which is a huge bonus.

4. Death of a Vlogger (2019)

Death of a Vlogger follows the story of online influencer and notorious prankster Graham. Keen to grow his following, Graham has been pushing himself when it comes to his content. When a series of videos are released depicting a haunting. Viewers are, naturally, quite skeptical. Attempts to bring in a paranormal investigator to explore the mystery and bring credence to his claims. Quickly result in further suspicion. Graham is about to find out how ruthless the internet can be when it feels like it has been duped.

Death Of A Vlogger (2019) Horror Review

Death of a Vlogger is a found footage style mockumentary that owes much to the excellent Lake Mungo. Featuring interviews with paranormal skeptics and experts alike. As well as interviews with people who knew Graham. Death of a Vlogger explores the mystery of what happened to him. While also highlighting the cruelty of the internet and the impact social media bullying can have on a person. It’s fairly interesting stuff and doesn’t suffer too much for some of its lacklustre performances and lack of scares.

This is one that is well loved by critics but not so much by viewers. Maybe not quite horror enough for some. Death of a Vlogger might appeal more to people with a high tolerance for mockumentary format movies. It has some interesting moments and is genuinely funny at times, as well. Worth a watch, we awarded Death of a Vlogger 3/5. You can check it out for free on Tubi, as well, so what’s not to love?

3. Deadstream (2022)

Deadstream is the story of disgraced Social Media Influencer Shawn Ruddy. After an online prank went horribly wrong, resulting in a homeless man being horribly injured. The notorious online celebrity, Ruddy, lost all of his sponsors and many of his fans. Determined to get them back at any cost. Ruddy heads to a haunted house for the night. Locking himself in so he can’t leave. Ruddy sets up cameras and streams his entire night there. Little does he know, it might be his last.

Deadstream Horror Movie Review

I have talked about this movie in a few lists. It is something of a hidden gem in my opinion. Playing out like a version of the Evil Dead for the social media age. Deadstream is a fair ground haunted house thrill ride of scares that is genuinely a lot of fun. Featuring a classic approach to horror and some effective scares. This is a movie that manages to do a lot with the Found Footage live stream style approach. All while reaching into the retro horror bag of tricks repeatedly.

While, perhaps, not for everyone and maybe suffering for its very loud main character. It’s impossible not point out how much Deadstream does right. Joseph Winter manages to nail the obnoxious live streamer personality. And a brief appearance from VHS 99’s Melanie Stone is welcome. Great fun and a real throwback to how horror used to be. Deadstream is an easy recommend and we awarded it 4/5 in our review.

2. The Andy Baker Tape (2021)

Following the story of popular social media influencer and food vlogger Jeff Blake. The Andy Baker Tape sees our protagonist travel across the country to meet his long lost brother. After a search into the family tree revealed that his dad had another child. Jeff is desperate to meet him. Along the way he decides to record a few videos to use as a pitch for a new TV show. It’s only when Jeff brings Andy along as his companion on a road trip that things begin to go terribly wrong.

The Andy Baker Tape (2021) Horror Review

The Andy Baker Tape plays out as a traditional found footage. Featuring a series of Vlogs connected by video of the two brothers filming their first days spent together. The Andy Baker Tape combines elements of social media influencer content with real life and authentic character interactions. A story of two displaced relatives getting to know each other. Quickly turns dark and disturbing.

Filmed entirely during the Covid lockdown. Much like the fantastic Screenlife Horror Host, The Andy Baker Tape is a great example of what can be achieved in times of trouble. Despite lacking in scares, it features an intriguing story and some excellent performances by its two leads Bret Lada and Dustin Fontaine. Well worth a watch and completely free on Tubi. We awarded The Andy Baker tape 3.2/5. While not for everyone, this is a solid recommend for fans of influencer horror and found footage.

1. Sissy (2022)

After a decade apart, former best friends Cecilia and Emma run into each other in the local pharmacy. Now a successful motivational influencer. Cecilia has tried to put her past history of being bullied behind her. Despite the meeting bringing back some long forgotten memories for Cecilia. She is happy to spend time with her former best friend. Agreeing to join her for a weekend of celebration at her hen party. The only problem is one; of the guests at the getaway uncovers a part of Cecilia she thought she had buried long ago.

Sissy Horror Movie Review

Sissy is another horror hidden gem that I have covered before in lists. One of the best Social Media Influencer horror movies and well worth a watch. It combines traditional slasher tropes with modern themes and a biting sense of humour. Witty, gory and with an ending that subverts expectations. This is another fantastic horror movie from the land down under.

Featuring excellent performances from its stars Aisha Dee and Hannah Barlow. Sissy may not appeal to everyone due to its central theme and comedy approach. For many, however, it is a great example of Social Media themed horror done right. Well worth a watch and somewhat underrated. You can catch it on Prime Video. We awarded Sissy 4/5 and solidly recommend it.

And That is That!

So that is 10 Social Media Influencer Horror Movies. Hope you enjoy the list and I hope you check some of these out. Most of these movies can be found free on Tubi or in other places. Most of them are made by Indie filmmakers that could really use the support, as well.

This is a theme I will be following up on in the future. There are so many Social Media Influencer horror movies and there will definitely be more to come. In fact, as mentioned earlier, I have just put together a list of 15 Horror Movies Similar to Influencer. There’s a lot of crossover with this list but also a few new movies for you to check out.

Keep checking back for more horror movie lists. We review around 5 horror movies a week. We explain horror movie endings and we update almost every day. There is always something new and never any fluff. Only substantial horror content written for horror fans by a horror fan.