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Horror Movies Similar to Influencer - 15 Movies Ranked

I just got done writing my review for Shudder Original surprise hit horror movie Influencer. The story follows a social media influencer heading out to Thailand on vacation. Only to find herself in a whole world of trouble thanks to how much she shares online.

It dawned on me while watching this. Influencer horror is something that is appearing a ton, as of late. I have covered a whole bunch of these movies. I have even made a list prior to this one but, it turns out, these movies keep on turning up. It’s just such a common theme in horror nowadays and for good reason.

So many people can relate to the current social obsession with social media. Whether you yourself are constantly glued to your phone or you just happen to know someone who is. It is a subject that is impossible to avoid nowadays and it’s easy to see why it has become a topic of interest in horror. There are just so many way to explore it.

Horror Movies Like Influencer

Today we are going to be taking a look at 15 movies similar to Influencer. But what do we mean by that? Well, it would be too easy to pick a bunch of movies that follow a fairly simple psychological horror formula. So, instead, we are going to focus on the themes of Influencer. Namely, the influencers themselves.

If you have just finished watching that movie and want more of the same. You may find something here that is exactly to your liking. Of course, these movies aren’t exactly the same. But they all follow themes of influencers behaving badly.

Whereas I would normally include even movies that I haven’t reviewed. This is a horror topic that is growing all the time so I would like to keep the list restricted to movies I have watched and featured on this site. All of these films follow Social Media influencer themes and all have a slightly different take on the subject.

Not all of these movies are great, however. Some of them completely suck, to be fair. But they deserve mention anyways and tastes can vary. You may really enjoy them even if I panned them. I am a harsh judge at times. It’s also worth keeping in mind that my rankings are subjective. This is just how I rate the films. Your opinion will likely differ. Without further ado, let’s take a look. Click on the titles to check out my reviews of the movies.

15 – Caviar (2023)

Caviar is a weird little movie and, also, a bad little movie. Following an aspiring social media influencer taking over the channel of her deceased brother. Only to learn of a whole world of conspiracies and dark secrets surrounding her. Caviar is one of those movies that thinks it has a deep message but is actually simply rather boring.

Caviar (2023) Horror Movie Review

Focusing on well known conspiracy theories and paranoid delusions of certain online personalities. This is a movie that uses Deepfake AI technology to, I guess, highlight the dangers of fake news. It’s nowhere near as interesting as it sounds and features some of the worst special effects I have ever seen. We awarded Caviar 1/5 but probably should have gone lower. It’s hiding in a cupboard somewhere on Tubi.

14 – #Float (2022)

Let’s be honest, you know that if something has a hashtag in the title it is going to suck. #Float manages to go way beyond that, though. Following the story of a social media influencer heading to the local river float with a group of her friends. Only to find herself fighting for survival against an environment that wants to consume them. #Float starts off okay before hitting the rapids and falling head first over a waterfall.

Float (2022) Horror Movie Review Horror With Similar Themes to Influencer

#Float is beyond silly. The way characters react beggars belief and the acting is, for the most part, terrible. Our social media influencer has a meager 2,000 followers yet is willing to give up relationships and a nursing career to follow her dreams. Utterly stupid, complete nonsense and barely watchable in parts. This is one of the worst movies I have ever watched but if you are desperate for more influencer content it is free on Tubi. I awarded this movie 1/5 in my review.

13 – Followers (2021)

Yuk! Followers is an awful influencer based horror movie from the UK. Following the story of a disgraced social media personality moving into a supposedly haunted house. Followers plays out as something of a classic ghost story meets modern social drama. Jonty is desperate to put his bigoted rant behind him and will exploit both his housemates and the spirits that haunt his new digs to get his followers back.

Director Marcus Harben passed away before he could ever finish this movie which is rather tragic. Given how bad it is, at least he didn’t have to witness it in its finished form. If you have a high tolerance for terrible effects, lacklustre stories and silly plot twists. You might enjoy Followers. I don’t and I only awarded it 1.5/5 in my review. You can check it out on Tubi for free though so that’s cool.

12 – The Lost Vlog of Ruby Real (2020)

Bad acting, a stupid plot, no scares and terrible found footage camera work are the order of the day for The Lost Vlog of Ruby Real. This movie sees influencer Ruby Real heading out to the forest to disprove an urban legend surrounding a tree. What she finds when she gets there actually appears to do the opposite.

The Lost Vlog Of Ruby Real (2020)  - Horror With Similar Themes to Influencer

This is about as budget as budget comes. Three people spending time walking in circles in the woods but without any of the fun of The Blair Witch Project. Boring, repetitive, cliched but it makes for a great movie to watch when playing a drinking game. We awarded this one 1.5/5 in our review. It’s on Tubi for free though which is nice.

11 – Shook (2021)

Social media makeup influencer Mia has to defend herself when a notorious dog killer turns their attentions to humans in this influencer themed slasher. Clearly paying homage to Scream in its approach to the genre. Shook tries to do too much and ends up a bit of a confused mess.

Shook Horror Movie - Horror With Similar Themes to Influencer

Acting is mixed, scares are limited and the movie is fairly predictable in parts. This is a fairly below average slasher but the influencer theme means it might appeal to people looking for something traditional with a bit of a twist. We awarded Shook 1.5/5 in our review. It’s on Shudder right now.

10 – #No_Filter (2023)

Oh dear! It’s the whole hashtag thing again but this one has an underscore as well. #No_Filter follows the most popular social media influencer in school as she starts a trend of prank videos. Only to find out that the carnage taking place is all too real. This movie is packed to the brim with horror cliches and unlikable characters. Never really managing to be completely engaging and never delivering on the scares. Still, it does go in a few unexpected directions and offers something a little different to the majority of these types of movies. Watchable but not great, we awarded #No_Filter 2/5 in our review. You can check it out on Tubi for free.

9 – Baby Ruby (2022)

Things should start picking up a bit now but slowly as Baby Ruby is a whole bunch of missed potential. Following the story of a social media lifestyle influencer having to adapt to the realities of new parenthood. Only to find herself increasingly paranoid and surrounded by perceived threats. Baby Ruby pays tribute to Rosemary’s Baby in both themes and, at times, presentation. While offering up a story that is relatable to many but poorly executed and a bit repetitive.

Baby Ruby - Horror With Similar Themes to Influencer

This is a movie that feels like it should be so much better than it is. Its message of the societal pressures placed on new mothers is an important one. And the social media influencer position of our protagonist is a great way to illustrate this. But the continual “was it a dream or was it reality” shifting of the narrative and painfully played out horror tropes really drag this movie down. Again, watchable, but Baby Ruby wastes its immense potential. We awarded it 2.2/5 in our review. I think this one has moved to Hulu as of this writing.

8 – Followed (2018)

This isn’t just a horror movie that features a social media influencer. It is a movie that also rips off some of the biggest stories on social media over recent years. Namely that of Eliza Lam’s death and the Cecil Hotel. A social media influencer desperate to please his sponsors and grow his follower count. Takes his team to spend a week in a supposedly haunted hotel that was the location of a woman’s disappearance. A disappearance that went viral due to the bizarre video of her in an elevator that leaked out after her death.

Followed is pretty shameless in its capitalising on the death of a woman with a severe mental illness. Its entire background story is ripped from real life with a few name changes. Leading to it deserving some criticism for lacking originality and being in poor taste. But when the movie works, it works pretty well. It’s protagonist is an unlikable douche, just like many influencers, but some of the scenes are quite effective. The livestream style narrative works pretty decently, as well. We awarded Followed 2.5/5 in our review. It’s free on Tubi right now.

7 – Superhost (2021)

Superhost shares three things in common with Influencer. The first being Influencer director Kurtis Harder who also worked as a producer on this movie. The second being Sarah Canning who played Jessica in Influencer and plays Claire here. And the third being amazing villains that elevate the movie tremendously. Superhost follows the story of travel influencers Claire and Teddy. Suffering declining followers after a recent controversy. The pair finally manage to score a stay in one of their most requested holiday lets. The only problem? The host there is a little over eager to please.

Superhost Horror Movie Review

Grace Gilliam’s performance in Superhost is absolutely phenomenal. What is a rather dull and average horror movie is entirely elevated by her almost Annie Wilkes style character. Making Superhost an easy watch despite its many flaws. You won’t like the main characters and the movie won’t scare you a great deal. But you will love just how brilliant Gillam is and how much fun she brings to the film. We only awarded it 2.8/5 but I would recommend it purely for Gillam. Superhost is in the Popular Movies section on Shudder as I write this.

6 – Cabin Girl (2023)

This is another Tubi Original that follows the story of Van Life influencer Ava as she switches life on the road for a dream cabin. After being involved in an accident, Ava decides to take things easy. Life has no intention of helping her out on this path, though. As the house she has moved into seems to hide a sordid past. Will Ava uncover what happened or will she learn some unsettling truths about herself?

Cabin Girl (2023) Horror With Similar Themes to Influencer

Cabin Girl aims to buck expectation when it comes to these types of movies. Taking the story of Ava in some unexpected directions and offering some genuinely decent moments. Well acted and fairly interesting. Cabin Girl is a very watchable movie with an interesting story. It doesn’t do anything new and is a slave to cliche and horror trope. But it is a decent option if you are looking for influencer horror with a little more depth. We awarded Cabin Girl 2.9/5 in our review and you can watch it on Tubi right now.

5 – Death of a Vlogger (2019)

We have a Scottish found footage horror movie for you next. Death of a Vlogger follows the story of a popular online influencer and prankster who documents a haunting taking place at his home. Part mockumentary and part comedy. Death of a Vlogger sees our protagonist facing the wrath of the internet after it appears he has duped them. But could there be more to the haunting than there initially seemed?

This is a movie that is raved about by critics but splits viewers down the middle. Featuring some very apt commentary on online bullying and the results of an obsession with internet fame. This is a movie that is funny in parts and has some genuinely spooky moments. It lets itself down by flipping the story on its head in much the same way as Lake Mungo. But it still remains an interesting take on social media influencers and parasocial relationships. We awarded Death of a Vlogger 3/5 in our review. You can watch it on Tubi right now.

4 – Lexi (2022)

Lexi follows the story of the disappearance of social media, lifestyle, influencer Laughing Lexi. After receiving threatening messages and videos taken from inside her house. Lexi attempts to confront the person who appears to be destroying her life. Only for the situation to escalate tremendously. Resulting in even more intimate videos of her being released and her house being invaded while she sleeps. Interviewers and experts attempt to get to the bottom of what might have happened to Laughing Lexi.

Presented in a mockumentary style. Lexi is a genuinely interesting take on social media influencers and the threat that they face from obsessed fans. While not similar to Influencer in presentation. It is a witty and apt look at just how much of a person’s life they are willing to expose to gain fame and fortune. Victoria Vertuga is brilliant here as writer, directer and actor. Putting on a dedicated and commited performance that helps Lexi punch well above its microbudget, found footage, weight. We awarded Lexi 3/5 in our review. You can check it out now on Tubi.

3 – The Andy Baker Tape (2020)

The Andy Baker Tape is the story of social media influencer and food critic Jeff Blake. Jeff is heading across the country to meet the brother he never knew he had. After spending some time together, the pair decide to share a road trip while filming vlogs for Jeff’s channel. It isn’t long, however, before things begin to go dramatically wrong. The fact that this movie even exists is something that deserves praise. Filmed during the 2020 lockdowns by a skeleton crew fronted by actors Dustin Fontaine and Bret Lada. The Andy Baker Tape is a fantastic demonstration of creativity against the odds.

The Andy Baker Tape (2021) Horror Review

Interesting, well acted, and with some decent moments of tension. This is a found footage movie that actually works well. Bucking the trend of some of the more recent ultra low budget offerings from the sub-genre. It’s not going to blow you away with special effects or depth of story. And it might not appeal to people who don’t like the medium anyway. But if you are looking for an influencer movie that focuses more on interpersonal drama and relationships. The Andy Baker Tape may be for you. We awarded it 3.2/5 in our review. You can check it out on Tubi right now.

2 – Sissy (2022)

Absolutely insane Aussie horror from hyper talented film maker Hannah Barlow next. We recently covered 20 Awesome Australian Horror Movies and you better believe that Sissy was high up on the list. Sissy follows the story of lifestyle influencer Cecilia as she unexpectedly encounters her former high school best friend while out shopping. Invited to join her on a bridesmaid getaway. Cecilia agrees only to realise she will be spending the weekend with another blast from the past. A blast from the past that will bring out a side of Cecilia she thought was long buried.

Sissy Ending Explained

Sissy has a similarly flipped approach to Social Media themes as Influencer. Subverting expectation on a number of occasions and presenting us with a character that is not quite what they seem. It is chaotic, nuts, and hilarious in parts. Sissy’s violent and gory horror leanings bring to mind fellow Oz horror The Loved Ones. Reminding us that death and destruction doesn’t always have to be serious and that there is more than one way to make a slasher. Well acted throughout, especially by Aisha Dee as the titular character, and always entertaining. We awarded Sissy 3.8/5 in our review. You can check it out now on Shudder.

1 – Deadstream (2022)

Like Followed but so much better. Deadstream is a modern horror movie that pays homage to movies like The Evil Dead. Following the story of a disgraced social media influencer attempting to win back his fame. Deadstream sees Shawn Ruddy (Joseph Winter) spending a night in a haunted house purely to please the sponsors. Locking the door and throwing away the key. There is no escape for Ruddy as he must endure the most terrifying night of his life.

Deadstream Horror Movie Review

Deadstream plays out as if we are in the room with Ruddy as he streams his experience in the house. To call it an influencer horror doesn’t quite do it justice, though. Deadstream feels like it would have fit in with horror movies from the 80s. Practical effects, haunted house thrills and old fashioned monsters are the order of the day. Deadstream reminds us of a time when horror was a lot more simple and a lot more eager to scare the viewer with werewolves and spooks. It’s camp, hilarious, and bloody good fun. I loved Deadstream and awarded it 4/5 in my review. It’s on Shudder at the moment.

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That’s 15 Horror Movies Similar to Influencer all wrapped up. We will have way more to add to this in the future so expect more lists. This is a theme that isn’t going anywhere. And while many of these movies take a vastly different approach to the themes of influencers. Many of them are well worth a watch.

Thanks for reading. Why not stick around? If you fancy something completely different. Why not take a look at our most recent list of 25 Stalking and Voyeurism Themed Horror Movies. You can also check out our horror movie reviews, our horror movie ending explained articles and more horror lists.