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10 Internet Themed Horror Movies – Fear That Follows

Welcome to Knockout Horror. Today we are bringing you another horror movie list. 10 Internet Themed Horror Movies – Fear that Follows. I have covered a similar subject to this in list form before with our 12 Social Media Themed Horror Movies article. I really wanted to revisit it a little and expand on the idea, though. After all, internet themed horror comes in all shapes and sizes. We can’t just stick to social media influencers and the like.

With that in mind, there will be a little crossover here and there. You may see a few things appearing in both lists. But this list will feature a wider range of themes. It will also feature a lot more movies. In fact, we are not going to be able to contain all of this terror in one list. We are going to be splitting this up into two. I will also be aiming for a “Internet Themed Horror Part 3” in the near future, as well. The internet is just such a prolific theme in horror at the moment.

Fear That Follows

The Internet has been a horror theme for as long as the internet has been popular. The oldest movie on this list dates back to 2002. The dangers of inviting the digital world into your home have always been obvious. As we hit the halfway mark of 2023, however. It is never more apparent the damage that can be done through the internet. Whether it comes from not protecting your information or simply becoming too obsessed with the world wide web.

The internet based horror sub-genre is growing all the time. With more new social media and internet themed horror movies coming out every year. Hell, a bunch of the movies on these lists are from the past year or so. It’s just that common. And why not? Many people live their entire lives connected to the greater digital world. Why not bring the horror to the place people feel most at home?

10 Internet Themed Horror Movies

Internet themed horror can come in a number of different guises. We are not just talking about Twitter and Facebook harassment. We are talking about streamers having their worlds torn apart. Friends being terrorised on messaging apps. Documentary makers for video sites biting off more than they can chew. This theme covers so many potential horror possibilities. And the great thing is, people are still innovating with this subject. It is being added to all the time.

Without further ado, let’s take a look. Not all of these movies are great. I have reviewed all of them and some of them are awful. But, hey, opinions are like assholes. Your mileage may vary so I encourage you to check them out. Especially some of the more low budget ones that you may get a bit of a laugh out of. Let’s go!

10 – Ghost Webcam (2023)

We are kicking this list off with a recent example of web chat horror. Set against a backdrop of internet dating. Ghost Webcam is a haunted house tale for the always online generation. Focusing on the story of a young man meeting a charismatic woman online. Only to find out that there may be more to her than he realises. Ghost Webcam speaks to the realities of how little you know about people online. As well as the very real potential for that person to drag you face first into the world of the paranormal. Well, maybe not that last bit but you know what I mean.

10 Internet Themed Horror Movies - Ghost Webcam 2023)

Ghost Webcam plays out in a Screenlife Found Footage style. With all of the action taking place on webcams. This has become a popular approach in recent years. You will see it repeatedly in these lists. For some reason, though, Ghost Webcam feels incredibly retro. Almost as if the internet hasn’t moved on from the early 2000s. The internet themed horror elements here are very reminiscent of the excellent Collingswood Story. Whether this will appeal to you or not is a topic for debate. For me, I wasn’t a huge fan.

In fact, I was pretty harsh on this one. Awarding Ghost Webcam a paltry 1.5/5. Despite a tight run time. The movie just didn’t do it for me. It lacks scares, the story is rather silly in places. And the movie just didn’t do anything special. Still, it is an undemanding watch and I always appreciate super low budget horror. Give it a try, you may love it. What’s more, you can check Ghost Webcam out right now on Youtube completely for free. Pretty good deal if you ask me. This might be the easiest recommendation on this list, purely for that reason.

9 – The Sleepless Unrest (2021)

Another low budget horror movie, another terrible title. The Sleepless Unrest: The Real Conjuring Home (to give it its full name) may, actually, be familiar to some of you. Especially those of you who enjoy paranormal investigation shows. Featuring some of the members of the investigation team from the recent 2019 Ghost Hunters reboot. Yes, the one that everyone hates. This movie takes that basic format and applies it to a found footage horror movie set in the home of the Conjuring.

10 Internet Themed Horror Movies - The Sleepless Unrest (2021)

If you enjoy YouTube and Facebook Live paranormal ghost hunts, you may actually like this one. A couple has recently purchased the actual Conjuring house. Since living there, they have experienced some weird stuff and want to get to the bottom of it. With this in mind, they call in a group of YouTube style paranormal investigators. The team take a bunch of fancy equipment into the house. They spend two weeks there and plan to make a documentary for an online video site. Unfortunately they, basically, uncover less than they normally do in the actual TV show.

This is a really slow and painfully uneventful movie. I awarded it 1.5/5 as part of our Horror On Tubi feature. There’s lots to criticise. People find the movie boring, slow, and many despise the cast. Especially their histrionic over-reacting to every little discovery. Still, as an opportunity to see a bit more of an iconic horror house. There is some justification for giving this a watch. Hence why I added it to the list. It’s also a nice example of how much the world of paranormal investigation has changed. With investigators plying their trade on YouTube and Facebook live nowadays instead of on TV.

Definitely worth a try, even if there isn’t a great deal to recommend. Once again, you can watch this movie completely free. It can be found on YouTube, it is also on Plex and, of course, Tubi for American viewers.

8 – Initiation (2020)

I am sure you know what is on the menu with a tag line like “Murder is Trending”. Initiation is a slasher movie set on a university campus. Marketing itself as something of a horror with a conscience. Initiation sees a violent killer dispatching frat boys left and right. Could it be connected to the culture of sexual assault, rape and social media shaming of women at the university? Initiation flips slasher convention on its head, or at least tries to. Pointing the finger at toxic attitudes on social media and the very real problem of online bullying.

10 Internet Themed Horror Movies - Initiation (2020)

Unfortunately, this movie just didn’t do it for me. With a cast that looks entirely too old to be gallivanting around a university campus. And a plot that tries far too hard to buck slasher trend. Only to end up cramming in every old fashioned slasher trope anyway. The fake reviews polluting IMDB for this one leave a further nasty taste in the mouth. This is a slasher by numbers with a poorly executed, socially aware message designed to make the movie appeal to a younger crowd. It doesn’t work and feels like pandering.

I awarded Initiation 2/5 stars. Let’s be real, though. It is a slasher movie. They are easy to enjoy, even when they are bad. You may find something to like here if you can get past some of its issues. Although the plot is convoluted and you might not even care, you may not see the end twist coming. Everyone loves a twist, right? This one is included on Prime Video in the UK so give your local streaming service a search.

7 – Baby Ruby (2022)

Time for something completely different, now. Baby Ruby focuses on heavily pregnant Social Media Influencer Jo. Expected to be the perfect mother by the people around her, as well as by her online following. Jo finds herself struggling to adapt to parenthood. Not feeling the way she expected to feel and overwhelmed by the expectations placed on her. Jo begins to sink into a world of delusion and paranoia.

10 Internet Themed Horror Movies - Baby Ruby

Wearing its pregnancy themed horror movie inspirations on its sleeve. Baby Ruby pays homage to movies like Rosemary’s Baby in both look and tone. Focusing heavily on the anxiety and paranoia of our protagonist as she begins to loose trust in the people around her. This is a movie that never quite manages to hit is mark. While being funny in parts and very dark in others. This is a slow movie that is heavy on the drama. Rarely innovating and frequently annoying with its soundtrack of screaming and crying. Its not for everyone.

Still, highlighting the expectations the public places on social media influencers. The movie acts as something of an exploration of how difficult it can be to cope when everyone expects you to be perfect. It feels fairly unique in this respect and deserves a watch for fans of slow moving horror. We awarded Baby Ruby a 2.3/5. You may enjoy it a whole lot more. This movie also featured in our 6 Pregnancy Themed Horror Movies list. I believe you can catch Baby Ruby on Prime Video in the UK and Hulu in the USA.

6 – Ratter (2014)

Internet themed horror can come in many shapes and sizes. Some of it revolves around stalking and the hacking of devices, as is the case here. Ratter is a found footage horror movie that demonstrates the vulnerability of your online devices. Young student, Emma, has moved to New York city to escape an abusive relationship. Only to find herself in an even more sinister situation. The photos she has in online storage begin to disappear. She receives messages from unknown phone numbers and things begin to seem amiss. Is there a simple explanation or could it be something altogether more terrifying?

10 Internet Themed Horror Movies - Ratter (2014)

Starring Ashley Benson. Ratter is an example of a movie with a lot of potential that never manages to realise it. A pertinent message about safeguarding devices and practicing online security. Is buried beneath a rather boring horror movie that wastes far too much time focusing on mundane everyday activities. And not enough time highlighting the vulnerability of our protagonist. Some scenes are effective but a very PG approach to the voyeuristic elements and a terrible ending mar the entire experience.

We awarded Ratter a disappointing 2/5 stars. As far as this type of horror goes, there aren’t a ton of options. Its story of intimate invasion could have been effective and may appeal to some. Benson’s performance is a highlight, as well. But Ratter is reserved for a crowd looking for something very specific. Worth a go if you aren’t expecting too much or are a big Ashley Benson fan.

5 – Followed (2018)

The internet is chock full of obnoxious internet personalities. Hell, when someone even mentions the phrase the majority of people will imagine people like the Paul brothers. Loud, brazen and, to most people over a certain age, utterly intolerable. But its that type of personality that gets attention on the net. Love them or hate them, people who become successful as influencers are tremendous business people. Something they deserve praise for. Followed tries to tap into this by focusing on an awful internet personality investigating a haunted hotel.

10 Internet Themed Horror Movies - Followed (2018)

Hoping to make the next big viral video. Mike is taking his crew to a notorious hotel in the downtown area of Los Angeles. Formerly home to a Satan obsessed serial killer and the scene of many murders and suicides. Mike hears the story of a woman who was filmed acting rather bizarrely in an elevator at the hotel before mysteriously disappearing. Determined to get to the bottom of it and, hopefully, to get some extra fans at the same time. Mike is about to risk it all for the sake of followers.

If some of this sounds familiar. It is because Followed absolutely rips off the story of the Cecil Hotel, Richard Ramirez and the tragic death of Eliza Lam. It’s all rather shameless and a bit embarrassing to be honest. Something that the makers of the movie deserve criticism for. Still, there is a watchable horror movie buried in here somewhere. It is one of those films that may just scratch a very particular itch. We awarded Followed 2.5/5 but I did mark it down for how it approaches what is, essentially, rather delicate subject matter. I believe Followed can be found on Tubi as of this writing completely free.

4 – The Deep House (2021)

Things are starting to look up a bit now as we move onto some more interesting movies. Revisiting the internet themed horror subject of YouTube video making.The Deep House is an innovative and modern take on the classic haunted house style of horror. Focusing on a pair of popular YouTube content creators investigating the mystery of a home with a sordid past. The Deep House sees our protagonists diving to the bottom of a murky lake to produce a video for their fans.

10 Internet Themed Horror Movies - The Deep House

The Deep House is a real meeting of the old and the new. Taking tried and tested jump scares, a spooky house and a fairly significant helping of ghosts. And throwing it into a pot with YouTube style video making and underwater cinematography. The most surprising thing here might be the fact that, for much of its length, it really works. Sure, there isn’t anything new about the scares and some might argue that the underwater scenes don’t add much. But The Deep House is a great alternative to more traditional haunted house horror.

Some lacklustre acting and a slow start do mar things a little. But this is a fun little movie that would make for great sleepover horror viewing. We awarded The Deep House a respectable 3/5 and recommend it as long as you keep your expectations in check. It’s nice to see a new approach to old fashioned horror formulas. The Deep House can be found on Netflix as of this writing.

3 – Death of a Vlogger (2019)

Death of a Vlogger is a quirky little found footage horror movie from Scotland. Focusing on the story of an internet prankster. Death of a Vlogger illustrates the real world consequences of internet backlash. Looking for more fans, Graham posts up videos of his supposedly haunted apartment. Things move without warning, writing appears scrawled on his wall and noises wake Graham at night. Could it be vandals, a prank or something more sinister?

10 Internet Themed Horror Movies - Death Of A Vlogger (2019)

To get to the bottom of it. Graham calls in the help of friends and a paranormal investigator. Posting everything online, it isn’t long before Graham starts to attract attention from a more skeptical crowd. Throwing his whole life into turmoil. This is one of those movies that critics love but divides viewers down the middle. Death of a Vlogger’s commitment to remaining a little tongue in cheek. As well as its somewhat passive approach to scares undermines what is a very enjoyable movie.

We awarded Death of a Vlogger 3/5 but I could imagine some people loving it a lot more. By the same token, this movie isn’t for everyone. Found Footage is divisive as it is. When you throw in comedy and some missteps with the story. It can make for a movie that simply won’t appeal to all horror fans. Your mileage may vary and it is well worth checking out. Its story of online harassment feels very pertinent. Especially in this generation of cancel culture. Graham’s fall from grace is something we see all the time and has very real world consequences. Death of a Vlogger can be found free on Tubi and as part of your Prime Video subscription.

2 – Unlocked (2023)

We have a fantastic South Korean horror movie for you next. Unlocked approaches the internet themed horror subject of stalking and device hacking. It follows the story of a young, internet obsessed, woman who loses her phone while out on a bender. After having the phone returned to her. Our protagonist’s life begins falling apart as she suffers the consequences of sharing too much of her information online. What starts as minor inconveniences, quickly becomes something much more sinister than she could ever imagine.

10 Internet Themed Horror Movies -  Unlocked (2022)

Unlocked is, simply, a ton of fun. More of a thriller than a horror movie. This well acted movie places a very modern twist on themes of stalking. Featuring an oblivious woman who lacks in self preservation being followed by a malicious stalker. Unlocked really highlights the potential danger of sharing too much information online. As well as reminding people to be careful of how much they rely on their communication devices. Well paced and extremely well acted. The well loved Siwan’s turn as a sinister villain is fantastic. Reminding us of how good it is to see actors play against type.

We awarded Unlocked a strong 3.8/5 and really enjoyed its interesting take on stalking. Sure, the story stretches belief a little in places. Occasionally moving over to the more farcical side. But Unlocked is another great example of brilliant Asian horror. Well worth a watch and with an important message to share about how much you share online. You can unlock this movie for yourself right now on Netflix.

1 – Unseen (2023)

I suppose I might be cheating a little bit here. I mean, this isn’t internet themed in the strictest sense of the word. But Unseen is a brilliant horror movie and I will jump at any chance to talk about it. Let’s be real, as well. The internet is responsible for the emergence and accessibility of video calling so I think it counts. Let’s not forget that video calls are very much a product of the internet. Unseen follows the story of a woman helping a blind woman escape her abusive boyfriend via the medium of an internet video call.

Unseen (2023)

Unseen makes incredibly creative use of the medium of video chats. Forcing our protagonist, Emily, to have to rely on gas station worker Sam to guide her through the woods. All the while clutching her phone to film the things she can’t see. Witty, entertaining, well acted and utterly enjoyable. Unseen is one of my favourite horror movies of this year. Some may count it as more of a thriller. But there are plenty of horror moments here.

Yoko Okumura’s Unseen manages to be a remarkably feel good movie on top of just how entertaining it is. Pushing themes of female empowerment and shining a light on the subjects of grief, guilt and mental health. Unseen is a movie with far more to say than you might initially think. A great horror, tons of fun and an easy recommend. We awarded Unseen 4/5 and suggests you go and check it out as soon as possible. Okay, so I cheated a little, but at least I recommended a fun film that you may have missed.

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So that’s 9 Internet Based Horror Movies and 1 that kind doesn’t fit but I included it anyways. There will be another list like this coming up soon so look out for that. In the meantime, why not take a look at our Horror Movie Review section? I add to it all the time. I am currently running a brand new feature where I watch only low budget crap on Tubi. We are searching for diamonds among the turds and, to be honest, it ain’t going well. Why not grab a pair of elbow length gloves and search with us? I also explain horror movie endings and put out the odd list or two. Knockout Horror is pure horror content and no fluff. You are more than welcome to stick around.