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Welcome to Knockout Horror and to another Horror Movie List. Today we are taking a look at 12 Social Media Themed Horror Movies. You probably guessed that from the heading, right? We have been covering a lot of social media themed horror movies lately. Some good, some not so good. It’s an increasingly common theme in horror, for better or for worse. Let’s be honest, with the way most people are nowadays. Social media might be one of the most relatable topics horror can focus on.

The majority of people have some form of social media account. Be it a Facebook profile, a Twitter account, an Instagram profile or similar. It almost seems like the entire world revolves around social media. It makes sense for horror movies to start tapping into the hidden potential for scares.

Influencers, Screenlife and Webchats, Oh My!

Today’s movies are a nice mix of different styles and themes. A few of these movies follow a Screenlife style of presentation. Others are presented like standard horror movies. The one thing they all have in common is social media or internet based communication aspects. Whether that be stories with social media influencers. Friends chatting on Skype and interacting on social media accounts. Or simply friends trying to keep in touch on instant messengers.

Without further ado, let’s take a look. We have reviewed all of these movies so feel free to check out our opinion. We will rate from worst. Let’s go!

12 . Initiation (2020)

Initiation Horror Movie Review

We kick things off with slasher horror Initiation from 2020. With a tagline like “Murder is Trending”, you know what to expect. Initiation is a slasher movie focusing on a killer terrorising a university campus. Ruthlessly dispatching frat boys left, right and centre. Initiation aims to be a horror with a conscience.

Initiation’s social media element focuses on online bullying. Highlighting the issues young people face in an always online world. I didn’t enjoy this movie. It felt incredibly formulaic and by the numbers. Frequently moralising only to suddenly flip the script and play to type. Still, if you are looking for a slasher that does things a little different. This might fit the bill.

We awarded Initiation a below average 4/10. IMDB was slightly more generous at 5/10 but there are a lot of fake ratings and reviews for this movie on there. I would have actually given the movie 5/10 if it weren’t for the fake reviews. I think Rotten Tomatoes suffers from the same issues as the 59% Rotten rating and average of 5.7/10 is contrasted by a 79% Fresh audience rating and score of 4.3/5. Legions of 5/5 reviews all appearing on the same day is always a hint of something sketchy going on.

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11. Ghost Webcam (2023)

Ghost Webcam Horror Movie Review

Ghost Webcam is a brand new horror movie that falls into the Screenlife horror category. We have reviewed a whole bunch of these recently and most will appear in this list. Ghost Webcam, unfortunately, may be the worst of them. Following the story of a young man witnessing the death of a girl he met on dating site. This movie leans into themes of the supernatural. Attempting to bring it bang up to date by combining it with modern technology.

The pay off, however, is just not there. The movies lacks scares, the story is a bit silly, there is little in the way of atmosphere and the story is fairly predictable. Still, if you like the genre, Screenlife horror still feels fresh. Ghost Webcam is short and easy to watch. You may find plenty to like. The social media aspect here revolves around webchats between friends and dating sites.

We awarded Ghost Webcam 4.5/10. IMDB disagrees slightly with a score of 5.9/10 as of this writing. I have to point out that there are only 26 ratings at the moment. 7 of which give the movie 10/10 so you can probably attribute that to the people who worked on it. Expect this one to drop to below 5 in a few months.

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10. Shook (2021)

Shook Horror Movie Review

Shook is another slasher style horror movie with social media themes. Following the story of influencer Mia. Shook sees Mia spend the night at her sisters dog sitting. Only to be harassed with phone calls and threats ala Scream. Shook aims to present the viewer with something that feels very familiar. Only to pull the rug out from under their feet with twists.

It, unfortunately, doesn’t work particularly well. The movie ties itself up in knots and falls apart at a number of different points. Some decent direction and cinematography can’t make up for the rather lacklustre story and slasher elements. The social media aspect, again, focuses on online bullying as well as the fake image presented by social media personalities.

We awarded Shook 4.5/10. IMDB users were even less effusive giving the movie 4.1/10. Rotten Tomatoes has a 47% Rotten rating for Shook with an average score of 4.9/10. The audience agreed with a score of 21% and an average rating of 2.3/5. Yuk!

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9. Baby Ruby (2022)

Baby Ruby Horror Movie Review

Baby Ruby is a fairly new movie that follows a social media influencer giving up her past life to raise a child. After giving birth, Jo finds herself struggling to relate to her child. The pressures placed on her by other mothers are extreme. On top of that, she constantly believes there is something wrong with her baby. Convinced that it is biting her and drawing blood repeatedly. The stress of new motherhood is leaving her both distressed and exhausted.

Baby Ruby is a movie that attempts to channel much of what made Rosemary’s Baby great. While never actually managing to succeed at much. It is full of tropes and it’s messy, convoluted, timeline makes the movie a frustrating watch. The social media element here focus on Jo herself. A social media influencer who meets a bevy of new mothers who just happen to be big fans of hers. If you like Pregnancy Themed Horror, why not check our our list of 6 Pregnancy Themed Horrors.

We awarded Baby Ruby an average 5/10. IMDB users were even less generous awarding the movie 4.8/10. Rotten Tomatoes awarded Baby Ruby a 68% Fresh rating with an average of 6.3/10.

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8. The Den (2013)

The Den (Hacked) Horror Movie Review

The Den, also known as Hacked, is a Screenlife horror movie. Taking place entirely through webcams. The Den follows the story of Elizabeth. A university sociology student who is conducting a social experiment. She aims to spend an extended period of time on a Chatroulette style social video site. While there documenting her interactions and calculating how many of them are meaningful.

It isn’t long before Elizabeth encounters a chatter with a twisted agenda and her life begins to fall apart. This is a fairly interesting movie. Part slasher, part social commentary on the dangers of the always on nature of modern internet usage. The social media aspect needs no real explanation here. The entire movie’s plot revolves around social video chatting sites. If you are a fan of screenlife horror or found footage. The Den is well worth checking out.

We awarded The Den 6/10. IMDB users agree, also awarding the movie 6/10. Rotten Tomatoes has The Den as 78% Fresh with an average score of 6.3/10. The audience gives it an average of 52% and 3.2/5.

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7. Superhost (2021)

Superhost Horror Movie Review

Superhost is a 2021 Slasher movie that follows the story of Social Media influencers Claire and Teddy. After developing a decent following online. The couple now visit different holiday homes giving scores and offering sneak peeks inside. Superhost sees the pair having to deal with a rather over enthusiastic host. Determined to get a good score from the pair. Rebecca seems only too willing to do whatever it takes.

Superhost would be far lower on this list if it wasn’t for the amazing performance of Gracie Gillam as Rebecca. Stealing the show in every scene. She makes this rather average movie entirely worth watching. The social media element plays into the plot quite heavily in parts. Mainly due to the following of our influencer couple and their slightly muddy online history. Superhost isn’t a great movie but is well worth a watch purely for it’s maniacal villain.

We awarded Superhost 6/10. IMDB users were a little less enthusiastic giving the movie 5.5/10. Rotten Tomatoes has the movie at a pretty ridiculous 85% Fresh rating with an average score of 6.5/10. The audience strongly disagrees with a rating of 49% and an average of 3/5.

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6. Unfriended (2014)

Unfriended Horror Movie Review

We have another Screenlife horror movie next. Unfriended follows the story of a group of friends chatting on Skype. Having recently witnessed the suicide of a classmate. It becomes apparent that the girl killed herself due to online bullying. What begins as an ordinary chat between buddies. Quickly turns into a night from hell as a stranger appears on their chat and begins tormenting the teens. Could it have something to do with their late friend?

Unfriended is a fun computer screen horror movie with plenty to offer fans of found footage. Taking place entirely through Skype. The movie has some tense scenes and a fairly compelling plot. The social media aspect here is all encompassing. Themes of online bullying take centre stage. The friends communicate on Skype, talk on IMs, leave messages on each other’s Facebook accounts and more. This is horror that feels very pertinent given people’s current obsession with social media. Combining current technology with more traditional supernatural horror. It’s well worth a watch.

We awarded Unfriended an above average 6/10. IMDB users were a bit less effusive with a score of 5.6/10. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a Fresh Rating of 61%, agreeing with our score with an average of 6/10. The audience were not so generous. Giving the movie an ultra low rating of 37% and an average score of 2.8/5. Brutal!

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5. Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)

Unfriended Dark Web Horror Movie Review

More of the same next as we have the sequel to Unfriended – Unfriended: Dark Web. Dark Web ditches the supernatural themes of its predecessor. Instead opting to bring the story in to the real world. The result is a movie that feels far more effective in its presentation of horror.

Following a group of friends chatting on Skype. Their night quickly goes from bad to worse as the laptop that Matias recently purchased on Craigslist suddenly backfires on him. Exposing the group to the seedy world of the dark web. Feeling quite timely with its themes of online security and tapping into the internet’s obsession with the Dark Web. This quasi-sequel to Unfriended is absolutely ridiculous but still makes for a fun watch. Again, the social media aspect takes centre stage as the friends chat on Skype, interact on Facebook and Facebook messenger.

We awarded Unfriended: Dark Web a solid 6.5/10. IMDB users almost agreed giving the film an average of 6/10. Rotten Tomatoes prefers the original Unfriended. Giving Dark Web a Rotten Rating of 59% and an average score of 5.8/10. The audience prefers this one to the original giving it an average of 40% and a score of 2.9/5. A stark reminder of just how divisive average found footage style horror can be.

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4. The Collingswood Story (2002)

The Collingswood Story (2002) Review

We are going back over 20 years for the next movie. The Collingswood Story follows long distance couple Rebecca and Johnny as they uncover the mystery of Rebecca’s new home. After meeting with an online psychic. Johnny is dismayed to here some troubling information about the place Rebecca is staying. Encouraging Rebecca to investigate. The pair begin digging deeper into the dark and sordid past of the house.

I wasn’t sure whether to include this one. It isn’t social media in the traditional sense. The movie feels pretty old in comparison to some of these, as well. In fact, social media wasn’t really much of a thing back then. Still, it fits in with many of the other movies on this list. It is a bit of a hidden gem, as well. Not getting much attention from the horror community. Despite how fantastically innovative it was for 2002.

Featuring webchats, online searches, quirky online entertainers and archaic websites. The Collingswood Story acts as something of a time capsule for the early internet. It is also a very effective horror movie that features a well developed and engaging story and some tense moments. Well worth a watch if you don’t mind some retro Screenlife horror entertainment.

We awarded The Collingswood Story a solid 7/10. IMDB users didn’t agree with a meagre 5.4/10. Rotten Tomatoes, apparently, doesn’t care to collate ratings for it. Nevermind.

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3. Host (2020)

Host (2020) Horror Movie Review

Made during the 2020 Covid lockdown in the UK. Host is another Screenlife horror movie with some seriously effective scares and bags of innovation. Following a group of friends taking part in an online séance while stuck at home. It isn’t long before something demonic makes its way across the astral plane.

Host feels a lot like Unfriended but, somehow, manages to be a lot more effective. Taking many of the negative elements present in Screenlife horror movies and pushing them to one side. Host is a tightly paced horror movie that feels both traditional and modern. Deserving a ton of praise for what it achieved during a tough world situation. Host is the most effective Screenlife horror on the market. Genuinely nail biting in parts and incredibly well acted. Host absolutely demands checking out. The social media aspects here mainly focus on online webchats.

We awarded Host a strong 7.5/10. IMDB users are a little less enthusiastic giving the movie 6.5/10. Rotten Tomatoes, on the other hand, has Host as 99% Fresh with an average score of 7.8/10. The audience agrees with a score of 71% and an average of 3.6/5.

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2. Deadstream (2022)

Deadstream Horror Movie Review

Deadstream is a fantastically fun, supernatural, screenlife style, found footage, haunted house horror movie. Following the story of social media influencer Shawn Ruddy. Deadstream sees the disgraced online personality attempting to recoup his fame by performing his most insane stunt yet. Spending the night in a haunted house. Taking the spark plugs out of his car and locking himself in the house. Ruddy has no escape and the world is watching.

This is a fantastic found footage horror that is somewhat reminiscent of movies like The Evil Dead. Traditional in its approach to scares. The merging of the old and the new works incredibly well. The found footage style presentation may not be for everyone. But its hard not to appreciate just how much fun Deadstream is and how effective it can be. Absolutely worth a watch, even if you aren’t interested in the social media aspect. Which, in this case, comes by way of our social media influencer live streaming his night at in the haunted house.

We awarded Deadstream a strong 7.5/10. IMDB users dropped a point awarding the movie an average of 6.5/10. Rotten Tomatoes has Deadstream as 91% Fresh with an average score of 7.5/10, bang on with us. The audience score is 77% with an average of 3.8/5.

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1. Sissy (2022)

Sissy Horror Movie Review

Taking the top spot in our Social Media Themed Horror list is fantastic Aussie horror Sissy. Following the story of social media influencer Cecilia as she reconnects with a friend from school. Sissy sees Cecilia spending a weekend away for her friends hen party. Only to realise a bully from her childhood has made the trip too. The result is a chaotic weekend of Cecilia attempting to channel her own self help advice and not succumb to the problems that she had as a child..

Sissy is fantastic fun. A horror with a wicked sense of humour. Sissy is gory, violent, shocking and hilarious all at the same time. Excellently acted throughout. The engaging plot and spiralling sequence of events keep your attention throughout. Well worth a watch if you like sadistic horror with a biting sense of humour. The social media element here is right at the centre as Cecilia relies on her followers to help her find her zen.

We awarded Sissy an excellent 8/10. IMDB users were not so effusive awarding the movie an average of 6.1/10. Rotten Tomatoes has Sissy as Certified Fresh with a rating of 96% and an average score of 7.3/10. The audience disagrees slightly with a score of 63% and an average of 3.4/5.

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Thanks for Reading

So that’s 12 Social Media Themed Horror Movies that you should check out. Okay, I may have cheated a little here and there. Some of these don’t fit neatly into the social media category. But hey, they all follow a fairly similar theme and all share narratives heavy in online communication.

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