25 Stalking and Voyeuristic Horror Movies RANKED - Because Someone Might Be Watching You

25 Stalking and Voyeuristic Horror Movies Ranked

Welcome to Knockout Horror and to another horror movie list. We are going pretty dark with today’s subject as we are taking a look at Stalking and Voyeuristic Horror Movies. I am a huge fan of horror movies that place the focus on a character being stalked or spied on. There’s just something super unsettling about the thought of being watched without your knowledge. Be it through a webcam, through surveillance cameras or simply by someone following you wherever you go.

I am not just listing 25 movies, though. I am putting my neck on the line and ranking them from best to worst. Not all of you will agree and there is some room for movement here and there. But this is a pretty general order of where I would place these movies in particular. There will be some films missing here so don’t be surprised if your favourite doesn’t appear. I am skipping a lot of the classics and focusing more on modern stuff while trying to unearth some hidden gems.

This is a subject that has been a mainstay of horror for decades. From the 1960’s releases of Psycho, right up to the modern day. Horror fans have been forever haunted by villains who simply don’t prescribe to the idea of privacy or personal space. The great thing about this type of horror is that it can come in so many different forms. Be it simply a person watching on cameras as our unsuspecting victims go about their everyday lives. Or someone actually breaking into a person’s house to get up close and personal with them. There are so many different ways to unsettle the viewer.

Are You Really Alone?

That’s the question that most of these movies ask. Are you really completely alone? After all, where do we feel more secure than in our own homes? Most people would never suspect that somebody with nefarious intentions could be in there with them or watching them from a hidden location. It’s a danger that we are almost completely oblivious to. The first step in becoming a victim is, often, believing that you are safe.

Would you have any idea at all, staring out into the blackness of night, that someone is watching you through your windows? Can you really be sure that nobody has access to your laptop’s webcam? Does that weird looking dude on the bus really just share a similar schedule to you or is he actually following you? Should you feel completely safe using public restrooms or should you check the cubicle vigorously before doing your business?

The terrifying thing is, this happens all the time in real life. Children have been spoken to through security cameras by creepy men. People have found themselves to be inadvertently sharing their homes with complete strangers. Cameras have been installed in female customer’s toilets by perverted plumbers. And absolute shit bag, wastes of air, have filmed women through their windows, without their knowledge. Only to go on and murder them later on. It is genuinely terrifying and all too real. I thoroughly encourage you to give those links a click because it will get you in the mood for the movies I am about to talk about.

Stalkings, Home Invasion, Secret Cameras and Voyeurism

These movies all feature one, or a few, of those themes. Some are thrillers, some lean more towards the horror side. The one thing that they all have in common is an unsuspecting person being watched or followed by another. Now you know some of these movies are going to blow pretty hard. It is difficult to compile decent lists without covering some of the crap. But I will try to put them in some form of ranking regarding how much I, personally, enjoyed them.

We have reviewed a bunch of these but some of them we have yet to cover. I have, however, watched all of these movies so will try to summarise my opinion for you. We are not going to go too deep into some of the more classic movies. Everyone already knows about most of them. We are going to try and hit you with a few that you have never heard of. As well as throw in a few wild cards that you might not expect. It’s time to put some electrical tape over your webcam, turn off your phone, draw your blinds and make sure that nobody is hiding in your closet. Because we are going to look at a list of Stalking and Voyeuristic Horror Movies.

25 – Megan is Missing (2011)

I genuinely resent talking about this awful movie but it fits the theme here pretty well. A young teenage girl meets a man in an online chatroom. Only to go missing after it becomes apparent that he has been stalking her in real life. This movie deserves less than zero praise and it’s a crying shame that it has received a new lease of life thanks to TikTok.

I set fire to Megan is Missing in my review but it deserves so much worse. It is a movie that sexualises minors, depicts young girls in a horribly mysogynistic manner, and indulges in themes of the rape and torture of young girls. All while director Michael Goi asks his cast of underage girls to perform to his perverted whim. Fuck this movie so hard. Its inclusion here is purely to rant about it. Something I will take any possible opportunity I can find to do.

24 – Terror Eyes (2021)

Quite comfortably sitting at the bottom of the list is Delaney Bishop’s Terror Eyes from 2021. This movie is, legitimately, beyond bad but it does fit the theme here quite nicely. Following the story of a group of friends heading across country to a music festival. All the while completely unaware that they are being followed and filmed by a pair of snuff movie making maniacs.

Terror Eyes (2021) Horror Movie Review

Terror Eyes does very little right and feels like an absolute chore with its messy presentation, techno cyber styling, poor direction and lacklustre acting. Still, if people being murdered on camera to entertain the dark web is your thing. You might find something to like. We awarded this movie 1/5 in our review.

23 – The Resident (2011)

Hilary Swank stars and Christopher Lee guests in this British Hammer Horror about a woman being stalked in her new loft apartment. More A list actor full frontal nudity here as this movie sees Hilary Swank being spied on through secret passages and one way glass by her creepy landlord. The Resident is, unfortunately, not a great movie. Despite doing the whole voyeurism thing with a decent amount of commitment. It is generic and a bit ridiculous at times. Never managing to actually tap into what it is about stalkers that makes them so scary. Still, it might be worth a watch for Swank fans.

22 – 13 Cameras (2016)

Probably the very definition of voyeuristic horror. 13 Cameras follows ultra creepy landlord Gerald (played by the late Neville Archambault) as he watches young couple Ryan and Claire through a series of hidden cameras he has installed in their rental property. When it comes to this type of horror movie; 13 Cameras ticks a lot of the boxes. We have nudity, sex, arguments, affairs, and disagreements, all captured without the couple’s knowledge. The only problem is, it is a very uneven movie.

13 Cameras' Gerald, played by Neville Archambault

13 Cameras drags heavily in the middle before wrapping things up in the most ridiculous manner. While it does most of the spy camera stuff well, showing intimate moments as well as emotional ones. There just isn’t enough of it and the threat never feels particularly real. Gerald is definitely a creepy bastard though and he will be back on this list in a bit. We awarded 13 Cameras 2.2/5.

21 – 14 Cameras (2018)

Gerald is back in 13 Cameras sequel 14 Cameras. I told you he would be. These two movies are, really, pretty much interchangeable in ranking. This is, really, more of the same as Gerald rents out a holiday house that is rigged with hidden cameras to a family . Cue more violence, more bare boobs and asses, more of Gerald being creepy and more toothbrush smelling fun. 14 Cameras doesn’t do anything different but it is another movie that perfectly fits the voyeuristic horror theme.

The camera quality here seems to have taken a bit of a dive from the original. And there is far more of a “Teen horror” feel to the movie than before. But if you enjoyed 13 cameras you may just enjoy this. It would make for a great sleepover movie and Gerald is just as unsettling as he ever was. The younger cast may be a bit much for some, however. They are a bit on the annoying side. We awarded 14 Cameras 2/5 in our review.

20 – Ratter (2015)

Another rather lacklustre horror movie but another one that fits the theme like a speedo. Ratter follows the story of a young student moving to New York to escape a troubled relationship. Only to find herself the victim of a persistent stalker. Ratter sees Ashley Benson’s character spied on through her webcam, followed while walking to work, harrassed by text message and even followed home.

Ratter Horror Movie Review

While Benson’s performance is effective. Ratter doesn’t really go anywhere and never manages to truly capture the main character’s vulnerability. Instead choosing to focus on the mundane and the inconsequential. Not bad if you are looking for something to fill an hour or so. But definitely not one of the better movies on this list. We awarded Ratter 2/5 in our review.

19 – Stalker (2022)

Something a little different from the norm here. Stalker follows the story of an actress trapped in a lift with a person who has been stalking her. Completely unaware that he also stalked the actress that she replaced after her death. Self contained and putting something of a spin on the whole stalker formula. This horror movie does things a little different and has something of an unexpected final act. Featuring decent performances from both Stuart Brennan and Sophie Skelton. This could be a good option if you are looking for a completely different approach to these themes.

Stalker (2022) Horror Movie Review

Some very poor direction and an extremely uneven final 15 minutes hamper things a little. Stalker might leave a few people wanting more. Especially due to its slow, character based approach to narrative. But I enjoyed much of it and would have awarded it a higher score if it managed to nail the landing. We gave it 2/5.

18 – The Den (Hacked) (2013)

The Den, also known as Hacked in a few locations, is quite similar to Ratter in that much of its action takes place through the lens of a webcam. It follows the story of university student Elizabeth (Melanie Papalia) who gets the go ahead to conduct a social experiment for her final exam. Aiming to record her interactions, she heads into the world of random online video chats. Little does she realise, she will end up becoming the victim of an unknown stalker who spies on her through her devices.

This movie is presented as something of a Screenlife Horror. Mostly filmed through Elizabeth’s webcam but it does occasionally venture into different locations. Like many of these types of horror films. The Den is limited somewhat by its medium and can often feel a little slow paced. It picks up, however, towards the end and is fairly watchable throughout. Well worth a watch for a stalking horror with a more modern approach. We awarded The Den 2.5/5 in our review.

17 – Crawlspace (1986)

Shall we take a trip back to the 80s to witness Klaus Kinski being his usual creepy self? Why not! Crawlspace is retro voyeuristic horror that reminds us that hidden cameras aren’t the only way to spy on people. Crawlspace sees Kinski playing a mad, son of a Nazi, who rents out an apartment house for women that actually turns out to be rigged with secret passageways and hidden rooms for torture.

Kinski crawls through the walls and ceilings, spying through vents at women as they undress and seems to be having a great time. It’s definitely Kinski’s performance that makes Crawlspace slightly more than a rather average 80’s horror. He was notoriously difficult on set and his eccentricity is on show in extreme fashion here once he is given the chance to let loose. Camp, fun, and very 80s. This is a movie worth checking out for something a bit different.

16 – The Rental (2020)

Dave Franco directs this movie of a group of 30-somethings being extremely annoying while someone spies on them. After renting a luxury cabin for a weekend getaway. Two couples spend time together taking drugs and having sex. All the while completely unaware that someone is filming their every move on cameras hidden throughout the house. The Rental goes heavy into the social drama that takes place between the couples here. All while pushing aside some of the more interesting themes in favour of old fashioned slasher style thrills. When it is time for things to get gory, it is all over too quick. The voyeuristic elements are very much an afterthought, too.

I didn’t like this movie nearly as much as other people. Finding the cast completely unlikable, the horror elements rushed and the ending seriously lacking. Still, it fits the bill for voyeuristic horror. Some of the events captured on camera lead to some fairly compelling interpersonal relationship drama that is actually more interesting than the horror. If you switch your brain off, you may enjoy this one but it wasn’t for me. We awarded The Rental 2.5/5 in our review. You can find The Rental on Netflix.

15 – Lexi (2022)

Following the story of the disappearance of social media influencer Laughing Lexi. Lexi takes place mostly through hidden cameras but features themes of home invasion, stalking, spying and harassment. This movie is, practically, a one woman show as Victoria Vertuga writes, stars and directs. The crazy thing is, it punches way above its weight and is way better than it has any right to be.

Lexi (2022) Horror Movie Review

Despite feeling tremendously low budget, Lexi is a movie that does the whole voyeurism thing perfectly. Exposing the most intimate moments of our protagonist both physically and emotionally. Vertuga’s effective and believable portrayal of the titular character helps bring life to the horrifying experience the character is going through. Perfectly depicting her mental decline as events escalate relentlessly. It feels a bit D.I.Y and isn’t going to change the mind of anyone who dislikes found footage or mockumentaries. But if you are looking for voyeuristic horror with heavy stalking elements. Lexi is absolutely worth a watch. We awarded it 3/5.

14 – Apartment 1BR (2021)

The voyeuristic elements are slightly less prominent here but what they lead to is extremely effective. Following the story of a young woman moving into a new apartment complex. Only to find out that her neighbours are not at all what they seem. This is one of those movies that will make you feel unsafe in your own home. Apartment 1BR’s spying is a simple plot device to push the story forward and reveal the true nature of the people living in the complex. It’s a stark reminder, however, of how not every new place that you move into will be your own private sanctuary.

Apartment 1BR Ending Explained

This is an effective horror, thriller, with a decent pace and some very effective tension. Feeling like a mix of the old and the new. 1BR offers a few nods to classics like Rosemary’s Baby while bringing in more modern concepts like hidden cameras. The movie’s swing towards drama may put a few people off but this is still a very watchable horror worthy of your time. We awarded Apartment 1BR 3/5 in our review.

13 – The Landlord (2017)

So what about a Lifetime TV movie about a stalker, who used to be in Happy Days, stalking a stand up comedienne using virtual reality glasses that let him enter her apartment? Does that sound good to you? Because this movie is kind of bananas in the best way. Let’s be real, you can’t expect too much from movies like this. But The Landlord is genuinely watchable and makes for a legitimately entertaining stalker movie with some way out there voyeuristic elements. Ted McGinely is great fun here, as well.

12 – Vacancy (2007)

A decent cast and a compelling plot make Vacancy one to check out if you are looking for Voyeuristic horror. A couple, Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson, break down in the middle of nowhere during the night. Luckily they manage to score a hotel room. Little do they realise that they have a whole bunch of hidden cameras pointing at them and may just become the next stars of a horrifying snuff film.

Vacancy doesn’t really do anything new. It’s a fairly by the numbers horror movie but what it does, it does well. There’s plenty of tension and some genuinely great moments as the couple attempt to escape the motel. The movie never tends to slip too far into genre cliche, either. With our protagonists actually trying their best to escape rather than waiting for death to find them. Enjoyable stuff but it’s worth mentioning that the ending sucks.

11 – Look (2007)

As the movie opens with two young women stripping naked in a changing room only to spread their cheeks (no, not face cheeks) for each other. One might be tempted to think that this is a movie with one thing in mind. But that would be selling Look incredibly short. With Look, Adam Rifkin presents us with a completely different take on voyeuristic thrillers. This is a movie that reminds us that each and every one of us is being watched whenever we leave the house. Sometimes even in our most intimate moments.

Look (2007) 25 Stalking and Voyeuristic Horror Movies Ranked

Look follows a number of stories recorded by surveillance cameras. All while a tragedy takes place, both seen but not observed. Look is unlike anything else in this genre and still feels pretty fresh today. It can seem a little messy at times but there is a compelling story at the heart of this movie. It is just presented in a way that makes it somewhat difficult to follow. Awesome stuff and very different. This is well worth checking out and some kind soul has uploaded it to YouTube.

10 – Unlocked (2023)

We are off to South Korea now for another fantastic stalking movie. When NaMi loses her phone. She is shocked to learn that someone has turned it into a phone repair shop for her. Delighted, she retrieves it, not realising that a nefarious hacker now has access to her devices and will begin a relentless stalking campaign against her. Excellent thriller action here that places the focus onto the current “always online” nature of today’s society.

Somewhat light on the spying but heavy on the drama. Unlocked plays out like a traditional thriller movie but with a more modern approach. Featuring themes of social destruction and manipulation. This is a movie that manages to blend the old with the new in an incredibly effective manner. Well acted and fairly well paced. There is a nice murder mystery side plot here that helps keep the movie chugging along even during down times. Definitely worth checking out. We awarded Unlocked a decent 3.8/5 in our review.

9 – Watcher (2022)

Watcher follows the story of a young woman who moves to Bucharest. Only to find herself constantly being watched by a man in the apartment across from hers. Is it simply a pervert, or could it be a serial killer who has been decapitating women in the local area? Julia is determined to find out. This one is a bit mixed. Starting off incredibly slowly before presenting the viewer with numerous scenes of characters making stupid decisions.

It plays out as something of a character study of our protagonist who is stuck somewhere between feeling she is valid in her beliefs and just massively paranoid. But devolves into a fairly simple thriller movie. Still, this is a nicely shot movie with some decent acting and a few scenes that are genuinely nerve wracking. Worth checking out, I believe this one is included with Prime Video in most places.

8 – Red Road (2006)

This is one of those movies where the less said about the plot the better. Coming by way of Scotland and Denmark. Red Road is the story of a CCTV operator who spends her working days watching security cameras of the people around her. One day, she spots the face of someone she recognises. Realising that she has to do something about this person. She follows him and ingratiates herself in his life.

Tense stuff here from Andrea Arnold. We closely follow Jackie as we experience her world and the fear she has to face. Red Road is not what you would call an action packed thriller. It is a slow and methodical movie that will stay with you after it ends. Excellent stuff and adds a new layer of intrigue to the CCTV cameras you see around you every day. I believe you can find Red Road on Amazon Prime Video.

7 – One Hour Photo (2002)

One Hour Photo follows the story of a photo shop employee becoming obsessed with a family. Only to discover that they aren’t the perfect picture of marital bliss that he once thought. Prompting him to escalate his stalking behaviours to previously unseen levels of terror. Robin Williams is absolutely brilliant playing against type here. Williams’ lack of Hollywood opportunities in the early 2000s lead to him making a few more appearances in indie movies. Much to the benefit of One Hour Photo.

The typically jovial and comedic personality of Williams is pushed to one side here. Instead replaced by that of a creepy stalker who develops an obsession with a family based on the pictures he has seen of them over the years. This is a movie that is both tense and extremely effective. Though slightly uneven in parts. Absolutely worth a watch for a different taking on voyeurism and stalking. One Hour Photo presents a version of one of Hollywood’s most beloved, and tragically missed, actors that everyone should check out.

6 – Compliance (2012)

A very different type of voyeurism here. A type that only depends on knowing what is happening to entertain the perpetrator. Compliance stars Dreama Walker, Pat Healy and the brilliant Ann Dowd in a thriller based on the true story of the 90’s strip search phone scam. A young restaurant employee is made to strip and perform degrading acts by her coworkers under the orders of a person pretending to be a police officer. All while he has the employees relate what is happening to entertain him and satisfy his sick perversions.

Compliance (2012) - 25 Stalking and Voyeuristic Horror Movies Ranked

Dreama Walker will have you feeling genuinely distraught here as she performs star jumps naked while her colleagues watch on. All while Pat Healy’s incredibly convincing performance has you questioning how something so incredibly insane could actually happen. The reality is, however, that it did and that is what makes Compliance so utterly compelling. A brilliant movie and a completely different take on voyeuristic horror. Compliance is essential viewing.

5 – The Hidden Face (2011)

Another completely different take on voyeurism here as the person doing the spying has rather different intentions from the norm. Following the story of a man whose partner vanishes mysteriously only for him to move on despite her, perhaps, being a lot closer than he thinks. The Hidden Face presents a version of voyeurism that is somewhat less sinister but has consequences beyond simple invasion of privacy.

Coming by way of Colombia. This is an absolutely fantastic thriller movie that is completely and utterly compelling from start to finish. Featuring a fantastic performance by Clara Lago and some genuinely great pacing. The Hidden Face isn’t quite what you might expect from a Voyeuristic horror but it is just as satisfying and interesting as many of the movies on this list. Well worth checking out for something completely different. This is another one that you can search for on YouTube as of this writing.

4 – Alone With Her (2007)

Starring Tom Hanks’ son Colin and Mexican actor Ana Claudia Talancón. Alone With Her follows the story of a woman being stalked by a man who installs hidden cameras in every corner of her house. Before attempting to become close to her through his knowledge of her life. This is a fantastic voyeuristic stalking horror that gets a lot of the elements of these types of movies completely right while never holding back on the details.

Alone With Her (2011) 25 Stalking and Voyeuristic Horror Movies Ranked

Featuring intimate scenes depicting Amy’s most personal moments. As well as scenes taken from the stalker’s viewpoint as he attempts to get close to his victim. Alone With Her is one of the more effective movies of this genre. Presenting us with a villain that feels incredibly dangerous for his anonymity and a protagonist that becomes more and more vulnerable as the movie goes on. One of my favourite movies of this type. Alone With Her is a bit underrated and often flies under the radar a bit.

3 – Sleep Tight (2011)

Fantastic Spanish horror next with Jaume Balagueró’s Sleep Tight. Despite being advertised as “from the director of REC”. Sleep Tight is an altogether slower and more considered affair. Following the story of a miserable sack of shit of a person determined to make the life of the people who live in his apartment complex hell. Sleep Tight sees a young woman experiencing strange events taking place in her home.

Sleep Tight (2011) -25 Stalking and Voyeuristic Horror Movies Ranked

Sleep Tight is a genuinely unsettling movie featuring themes of black mail and home invasion. It presents us with a character that torments for the sake of tormenting. And a vulnerable woman who is unaware of why her life is falling apart. Sleep Tight takes a bit of a different approach to stalking horror. Some of the scenes in our protagonist’s apartment are superbly effective and this movie feels like a more visceral approach to the subject. Credit to my fiancee here for remembering the title of this film because I always forget it.

2 – Under The Skin (2013)

A bit of a wildcard suggestion here. I am sure many of us simply need to see the words “Scarlett Johansson full frontal nudity” to give this one a viewing. But there is way more to Under The Skin than simply an A list actor in the buff. Under The Skin is a brilliant horror movie that switches the stalker roles while putting a sci-fi twist on things. A woman stalks lonely men on the streets of Scotland. Watching them from her van as they walk before seducing them, picking them and consuming them.

This is a movie that goes in a rather unexpected direction. While also managing to stay an effective and satisfying horror. Somewhat under the radar, despite its well known lead. This movie is probably more well known for Johansson’s nude scenes than it is for her amazing performance and just how great of an indie horror it is. Although the stalking element is only a small part of the plot. Under The Skin is definitely worth checking out for a completely different approach to the subject. Give this one a Google as it is available free in a few different places.

1 – Peeping Tom (1960)

One of the most notable horror movies of all time and one of the progenitors of voyeuristic horror cinema. Peeping Tom turns the viewer into the voyeur as sad loner Mark murders woman after woman. Capturing their final moments of fear and terror on his 16mm camera. Peeping Tom was absolutely lambasted by critics upon its release. Only to be revered in modern times as one of the most important horror movies ever.

Peeping Tom (1960) - 25 Stalking and Voyeuristic Horror Movies Ranked

This is a movie that takes the viewer and places them behind the camera. Almost making them a witness to the murders and an accomplice to Mark’s crimes. The horror movie leanings hide what is, actually, a deep exploration of sexual violence and the impact that it has on people. Peeping Tom has managed to retain much of what made it shocking at the time. Unlike another voyeuristic horror movie released the same year – Psycho. But its new found appreciation did not stop it having a terrible impact on the career of director Michael Powell. If there was a list of essential horror movies for any budding fan. Peeping Tom would be up there with some of the most important.

Thanks For Reading!

That is 25 Stalking and Voyeuristic Horror Movies Ranked. Naturally, this list isn’t exhaustive and it is missing some classics. Some of you are probably wondering where Psycho is and how I didn’t include Rear Window. But I wanted to bring some stuff to you that was a little bit different and, perhaps, a few things that you maybe missed. These rankings are only my opinion so don’t get too upset if I placed a movie you love quite low. These things are all subjective.

I’ll be adding full reviews for many of these movies in the near future. I may even expand on this list somewhere down the line. For now though, thanks for reading. Why not stick around? Check out our horror movie reviews, our horror movie ending explained articles and more horror lists.