5 Low Budget Tubi Horror Movies That Are Actually Worth a Watch

5 Low Budget Horror Movies on Tubi Actually Worth Watching

Welcome to Knockout Horror. If you are new here, we are just another horror movie site. We review horror movies, make the occasional list, and explain horror endings. We are ultra small and don’t tend to follow the same path as other horror sites. Choosing to review a lot of low budget stuff and going against the grain a little. I also write a ton and update frequently with articles that aren’t simple fluff pieces. Expect substantial horror content, not pointless news articles and crappy ads for upcoming shows.

Rebelling Against Paid Subscriptions

With that being said, let’s get on with today’s article which can be best described as a fluff piece. 5 Low Budget Tubi Horror Movies That Are Actually Worth a Watch. What the hell was I thinking with that title? Anyways, this article comes as part of my larger feature on Low Budget Horror On Tubi. For the past month I have been watching nothing but the lowest of low budget crap on Tubi. Why, you may ask? Well, let’s be real, the cost of living is kicking everyone’s asses. Amazon’s response to that has been to jack the price of Prime. Netflix decided it would help everyone out by clamping down on password sharing.

It’s time to revolt; it’s time to stick up the middle finger to greedy streaming services. It’s time to head on over to free streaming sites and show them some love. Put away your credit card and fasten up your wallet or purse because you won’t need money where we are going. All you need is a high tolerance for advertisements and the ability to enjoy the occasional terrible movie.

Alright so some of those ads are pretty awful and some of the movies will make you feel sick. But it’s better than letting papa Netflix have your credit card details. When it comes to horror, I will be your guide through the world of Tubi. Ad supported free streaming that is available to everyone (except the entire world outside of North America). I will watch the worst of the worst on Tubi so you don’t have to.

Low Budget Horror on Tubi

This has been rough, let me tell you. For this feature, I followed a simple set of rules. 1. I had to pick from the lamest sounding movies with the worst titles, most awful covers and most generic sounding plots. 2. I couldn’t pick anything well known. 3. I couldn’t read anything about the movie beforehand and. 4. I couldn’t pick anything with a high profile cast. It’s that simple. The problem is, that really left me scraping the bottom of the turd bowl. Desperately hoping to pull up something that wouldn’t make me wretch.

The truth of the matter is. My stomach still hurts from dry heaving so much. There has been so much crap. I’m Haunted has me nervous at every creaking floorboard. The Death of April has me longing for May. The thought of Caviar knocks me sick and I don’t think I will ever escape the Forest of Death. Whenever I fall asleep, Vanessa Hudgens belches silently in front of my nose. Conjuring up horrifying memories of watching Dead Hot: Season of the Witch at 4am. As a horror fan, I feel like this has changed me. As a reviewer of horror movies, I feel somewhat reassured. Absolute awful horror is still being made all the time. It just lives on Tubi now.

Hope Springs Eternal

All is not lost, though. There is actually some decent low budget horror on Tubi that is genuinely worth watching. Today we are going to bring you five of them. Now I want you to reset your expectations a little bit here. When I say good, I don’t mean good like Hereditary or Let The Right One In. I mean good like “Wow, that wasn’t terrible. I am actually surprised”. Good as in “I actually found that movie kinda watchable”. And good as in “Well it was free and Tubi only played one set of ads so that was pretty cool!”.

The bar is pretty low but I genuinely enjoyed all of these movies. One of them even received our “Featured” tag awarded to the highest rated movies on the site. They all deserve a watch and, if you can push aside the low budget nature of them, you might find something you really love. So, are your expectations leveled? Are you sufficiently prepared for a few movies that don’t suck? Let’s go! Oh and before I begin, these movies will appear in future lists, more than likely. There will definitely be some cross over here and there.

5. ReSet (2022)

This was the first movie we reviewed as part of our Horror on Tubi feature. The cover image was so awful and the opening so terribly cheap looking. That I actually kind of wrote ReSet off almost immediately. Following the story of a college girl kidnapped by a malicious man. I was ready to mentally check out before the movie revealed itself to be a time loop style horror thriller. I am a big fan of Groundhog Day and I love Happy Death Day so I was kind of intrigued.

Reset (2022) Horror Movie Review - Horror on Tubi

ReSet actually turned out to be a totally watchable Happy Death Day lite. Sure, it’s not going to set the horror world on fire or anything. But two enjoyable performances from its lead actors and a fairly tightly paced story help it move past some of its shortcomings. Don’t get me wrong, it is rather hokey and incredibly low budget. Featuring some continuity issues and some problems that come from lack of care like lapel mics appearing in shot. But if you can get past that there is a light, fun, little horror movie here with a satisfying ending.

This is a movie that surprised me and I would be happy to watch again. We awarded ReSet a decent 3/5 in our review. Take that score with a grain of salt, this is a low budget Tubi horror, after all. But that is pretty good. You can check ReSet out right now on Tubi.

4. Lexi (2022)

Much like ReSet, Lexi is a movie that works well within the confines of its budget. Following the story of popular Social Media Influencer Laughing Lexi. This is a movie that takes a close look at the horrors of online harassment and the vulnerability of social media personalities. Filmed in a found footage style as something of a mockumentary. Lexi is a one woman show fronted by the very talented Victoria Vertuga. If you are a fan of faux documentaries, this movie should be right up your alley. Consisting of a mix of security camera footage, vlogs, interviews with friends and experts, and hidden camera footage. Lexi does the whole voyeurism horror thing right. As a malicious person spies on our star in her most vulnerable moments both physically and mentally.

Lexi (2022) Horror Movie Review

Found Footage is a guilty pleasure of mine. That doesn’t mean I overrate it or ignore just how much of it is utter trash, though. I was expecting that to be the case with Lexi. But I actually ended up pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the approach to the mockumentary theme. And the stakes here felt a lot higher than most similar movies. Thanks to the fantastic committed performance of Vertuga. It’s not going to be for everyone as these types of films just aren’t. It also suffers from many of the same issues that other mockumentaries do. But if you enjoy horror like this, you should absolutely check Lexi out!

We awarded Lexi 3/5 in our review. Again, keeping in mind the low budget and the nature of found footage. This is a decent score and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to fans of the genre. Probably not for everyone but very deserving of a chance. You can follow Laughing Lexi right now at Tubi.

3. Death of a Vlogger (2019)

So this one is cheating a little. Graham Hughes’ Scottish made found footage mockumentary Death of a Vlogger is not really a Tubi horror. It has been around for a few years now but I didn’t know that when I watched it. I picked it strictly for the terrible title and awful cover. What I found was a movie that is actually pretty decent, especially if you are a fan of the genre. Following the story of an online prankster who faces tremendous online backlash after releasing footage of a haunting. Death of a Vlogger is a documentary style movie that features interviews with fans, skeptics, collaborators and friends of the popular social media personality.

Death Of A Vlogger (2019) Horror Review

Death of a Vlogger has a somewhat different approach to horror. Despite having all the trappings of a movie like Lake Mungo. Much of the events are presented tongue in cheek. There is a deeper focus on the social ramifications of spending too much time on the internet. And a keen desire to point out the risks associated with going too far to obtain online notoriety. This is a movie that feels incredibly apt in the constantly connected world we live in. And as obsessions with social media icons only grow. The movie will gain even more relevance over time.

I awarded Death of a Vlogger 3/5 in a review that I felt a little conflicted on. I think this is a movie that will split people down the middle. Its comedy leanings and somewhat lacklustre acting might hold in back a little. And some of the decisions undermine the scare factor. But if you are a found footage fan you should definitely check this movie out. You can watch Death of a Vlogger right now on Tubi.

2. The Andy Baker Tape (2021)

Another found footage horror movie? Unfortunately, yes. You see, that’s kind of Tubi’s bread and butter. Most of the crap is found footage but a lot of the decent stuff is, as well. So here we are with another one. I would love to include a few different types of movies. But out of the 20 Low Budget Tubi Horror Movies I watched, only 5 were actually enjoyable. Bret Lada’s The Andy Baker Tape follows the story of popular YouTube chef Jeff Blake as he heads across country to meet his long lost brother Andy. The pair decide to head out on a road trip together, but things quickly turn dark. Lots of food, a few face masks, a couple of laughs and a maniacal character are the order of the day here.

The Andy Baker Tape (2021) Horror Review

Social Media, the internet and online influencers seem to be a common topic in horror lately. Making for an inbuilt excuse for filming everything and removing the awkwardness from found footage. The Andy Baker Tape works well with the theme. Offering up a genuinely unsettling character and some frantic scenes of horror. Filmed during the crisis years of 2020 and 2021. The strong performances and interesting story here tie things together nicely. Making for a captivating horror movie that doesn’t ask too much from the viewer. Again, it won’t be for everyone. But if you are a fan of found footage this is absolutely worth checking out.

We awarded The Andy Baker Tape 3.2/5 in our review. Praising the natural performances, interesting characters and engaging story. As well as noting that the movie feels a lot more polished than many found footage horror movies. It’s hard not to appreciate movies filmed at a time when most of us were sat on the couch getting chunky. You can check The Andy Baker Tape out right now on Tubi.

1. Godless: The Eastfield Exorcism (2023)

Godless: The Eastfield Exorcism is a Tubi Original and, being genuinely honest, it is a really decent horror movie. Following the story of a young woman plagued by mental illness. Forced to undergo a harrowing exorcism at the hands of her husband, his religious friends and a demented ego-maniac. Godless is an unsettling and moving horror film based on the real life case of Joan Vollmer. We have covered this movie in an Ending Explained article for anyone who watched and needs further information. We also awarded it our “Featured” tag which only goes to our highest rated movies.

Godless: The Eastfield Exorcism (2023) Horror Review

Godless genuinely shocked me. I was not expecting to find something that I enjoyed so much sitting there for free on Tubi. I am not a fan of religious horror or exorcism movies, either. This does things completely different, however. Approaching the subject from an angle of science and highlighting the abuse suffered, mainly by women and children, at the hands of religious zealots. This is a movie that is both disturbing and tragic. The fact that it closely follows a real life case is all the more shocking. The strong performances and decent direction make this a horror movie that’s just a little bit too real.

We awarded Godless: The Eastfield Exorcism an excellent 4/5 in our review. Praising the standout performance from Georgia Eyers and the strong direction. While pointing out that this is a movie that will stay with you. Definitely not for everyone and unlikely to change the minds of people who dislike religious horror. This is still a must for anyone who has any interest in crime based horror. You can check Godless: The Eastfield Exorcism out now on Tubi.

Thanks for Reading!

Thanks for dropping by and checking out this article. I will be returning to the Tubi well on a number of occasions. I have already put together a list of 5 Great Horror Movies on Tubi. Before following it up with Five More Great Horror Movies on Tubi. I will put together a master list at some point in the future. That’s without mentioning that I will be summarising my Low Budget Horror on Tubi Feature in the not too distant future so look out for that.

Keep checking back for more horror movie lists. We review around 5 horror movies a week. We explain horror movie endings and we update almost every day. There is always something new and never any fluff. Only substantial horror content written for horror fans by a horror fan.