Superhost Horror Movie Ending Explained

Superhost (2021) Ending Explained

We are back with another Horror Movie Ending Explained. Today we are taking a look at Social Media Influencer Horror Superhost. For those of you who don’t know. In these articles, we simply breakdown the events of the movie. We will offer a recap of the story before explaining the ending.

Now, if you haven’t already watched this movie. You are going to want to check out our review of Superhost and watch the movie. This article is designed to explain the movie’s ending so obviously contains spoilers. Naturally, our reviews never contain spoilers.

While I wasn’t a particularly big fan of Superhost. I did really enjoy Gracie Gillam’s absolutely fantastic performance as Rebecca. It’s one of those performances that you really wish could have taken place in a better movie. Rebecca is a brilliant character. Gillam channels every bit of her inner Annie Wilkes to bring her to life. I would be more than happy to watch a Superhost sequel purely for more Rebecca and more Gracie Gillam.

Superhost – Holiday Vloggers

Superhost kicks off with couple Claire and Teddy filming a vlog. The pair run a fairly popular review channel focusing on homes people let out for holidays. They are announcing to their audience the next location for their upcoming review. It’s a mountain house hosted by someone with the username Bettylou52. This name will be important later. The house has been booked for months. Teddy and Claire have finally managed to get an opening. Again, this is important later on.

When the video ends. Teddy adds a little extra vlog announcing his intentions to propose to Claire. Whether this video is uploaded straight away or not, I am not sure. If it was, the fact that Teddy’s intentions manage to stay a secret. Somehow not getting back to Claire, is the most unrealistic part of the movie.

Arriving at the new holiday let. It becomes clear to the pair that they are locked out. They start filming an intro when the eccentric host, Rebecca arrives. She lets them in and the pair settle in. There are cameras located around the house and the two feel a little uncomfortable. Still, they set about filming the location. Rebecca seems overly enthusiastic and only too willing to accommodate the couple. Even turning up unannounced on a number of occasions. Letting herself in and cooking the pair breakfast. She is, apparently, desperate for a good review. When they mockingly thank her for the breakfast. Only for her to reply over the house’s camera system. Claire and Teddy realise that Rebecca may be watching them

Superhost – Teddy and Claire are Assholes

It quickly becomes apparent that the two guests may not be as nice as they seem. A former host of their turns up and lobs a stone at their window. It turns out the pair stayed at her property and produced a negative review. This negative review has caused the host a ton of backlash. Her business is in decline and she feels she has been hard done to. Rebecca shows up and angrily demands the woman leaves. This hints, at least a little, at Rebecca’s hidden nasty side.

Superhost Horror Movie Ending Explained

Teddy and Claire are haemorrhaging viewers. Their standard videos don’t attract clicks anymore. The video that they made about the aforementioned bad host, however, did. Teddy doesn’t want to make that kind of content. He claims it is clickbait-y. Claire says she doesn’t care because it brings in viewers and money. She wants to exploit Rebecca’s eccentricity. Teddy reluctantly agrees.

Superhost – Teddy and Claire’s Clickbait Plan

The couple interview Rebecca about her renting experience. Obviously, Claire wants to capture more of her strange behaviour. Asking her if any guests stood out to her. Rebecca tells the story of a family she spent Christmas with once. She says that the family stayed as guests at her holiday home but invited her in. It was an elderly couple staying on their own. Fantastic acting here from Gracie Gillam. Both unsettling and very well done. This information will be important in just a few paragraphs.

Teddy eventually gets around to proposing to Claire. Seeing the video camera set up and believing it to be a stunt. Claire plays along and agrees to marry Teddy. Teddy is disappointed when he realises that Claire didn’t think he was serious. Claire recognises that Teddy thinks she is obsessed with clicks. She promises him they will talk about the engagement when they get back. The pair agree and decide to spend a day or so relaxing.

Superhost – The Story of Lou and Betty

Going back to Rebecca’s story about the elderly couple she shared Christmas with. When Claire and Teddy head back to the house. We learn the truth. The pair find a letter address to a couple. The old couple Rebecca spoke about actually owned the house Rebecca is now renting out as a holiday home. The suggestion is that she held the family hostage. Lived with them for the holidays before murdering them. It even turns out that the toilet was blocked due to one of the couple’s false teeth being lodged in there. Likely disposed of by Rebecca.

Superhost Horror Movie Ending Explained

Realising this, Teddy and Claire begin to gather their stuff so that they can leave. On the way out, they encounter Rebecca in the middle of the road. Remember, Rebecca has the house rigged up with cameras. She likely heard them, knew they were leaving so blocked the only road out of there. Rebecca claims she wants to show them one last thing. She tells them to grab their camera and come with her. The pair reluctantly agree and follow Rebecca into the woods.

Rebecca – It’s Just a Prank Bro

Following Rebecca, who is enthusiastically offering ad libs for their video. The pair arrive at someone lying against a tree with a bag over their head. It is Vera – “The old Bitch from Draper”. Vera was the previous host who the pair gave a bad review which generated lots of clickbait views. Rebecca says she has brought her here to make up for so many things going wrong for the pair. Rebecca desperately wants a good review so thought this would be a good idea. She realises that the pair aren’t the perfect duo they pretend to be. To make the best possible video, they can film Rebecca killing Vera. Rebecca stabs Vera in the back as Claire and Teddy watch on in shock.

In reality, however, it turns out to have been a prank. Rebecca helps Vera up and the pair celebrate. They mock Teddy and Claire. The whole thing was set up purely to get revenge on them for their clickbait negative reviews. Rebecca demands that they delete the footage. She gives the camera to Vera and tells her to sell it. Rebecca and Vera then begin to head back to the care. Teddy asks Rebecca what happened to Betty and Lou? This was the old couple that Rebecca spent the holiday with before killing them. This is where everything takes a turn for the worse.

Superhost – Rebecca’s Cover is Blown

Realising that she has been rumbled. Rebecca turns to the couple and Vera. Vera asks what is going on. Rebecca claims she thought their plan would have worked. Vera looks confused. Rebecca apologises and stabs her through the face. She viciously murders Vera, for real this time. I believe Rebecca was quite content to take minor revenge on Teddy and Claire. Just as her and Vera had planned. Teddy questioning Rebecca on what happened to the old couple prompted her to murder Vera. Realising her cover was blown and that Teddy and Claire would likely send the police. Rebecca knew that she had to kill everyone there to leave no witnesses. Hence why she stabs Vera.

Superhost Horror Movie Ending Explained

Teddy and Claire run away and, for some ridiculous reason, decide to head to the house. They lock themselves inside. Realising they have no reception. They attempt to arm the burglar alarm which should notify the police. Rebecca, however, is outside and disables the alarm remotely. Teddy grabs a weapon and stalks around the house looking for Rebecca. Claire heads to the previously locked basement to try and find help.

Superhost – Rebecca Explains her Secret

In the basement, Claire notices a computer set up. On the computer screen, she sees a series of windows showing video camera footage. It quickly becomes clear to Claire that Rebecca has been in the house the whole time. She has been living in the locked basement and watching them on the cameras. Claire minimises the security camera windows and opens the page to their channel. There, she clicks on “create a video”. She then makes a video asking her followers to send help. She tells them that a crazy host is trying to kill them and they desperately need assistance.

While Claire is in the basement. Teddy is listening to Rebecca talk through one of the cameras. She tells the story of what happened to the old couple Betty and Lou. She says she just wanted to stay with them. They wanted her to leave the house. She refused and told them it was like a home to her. Lou eventually got angry with her and she snapped. She killed the couple and their cat too. Hence the random cat stuff found in the house near the beginning.

Superhost – Rebecca’s Truth

The truth here is that Lou and Betty were the original owners of the house. They were the hosts for the holiday home. Rebecca stayed with them, potentially as a guest that they were hosting. And wouldn’t leave when asked. She eventually killed the pair and their cat. She was cleaning up and disposing of the remains when Teddy and Claire showed up.

Superhost Horror Movie Ending Explained

Teddy and Claire had likely made the booking with an online booking company. A company that didn’t reveal the name of the hosts. They just revealed the username we mentioned earlier – Bettylou52. Hence why they weren’t suspicious about Rebecca when she showed up as their host. Rebecca was surprised to see the pair there as she didn’t know Betty and Lou had another booking.

Remember how the property was showing as fully booked for months? It took awhile for Teddy and Claire to get an opening. This was because Rebecca was staying there. Betty and Lou had, likely, finally decided to kick her out. Hence why Teddy and Claire were able to book it. And hence why Lou gave Rebecca the ultimatum which resulted in her murdering him. She was still cleaning up evidence before leaving when the pair arrived. Hence why the toilet was blocked with the false teeth.

Superhost – Claire and Teddy are Murdered by Rebecca

Back in the basement. The video that Claire made is uploading. Rebecca appears behind Claire. Teddy hears a scream and goes down to the basement. Rebecca is holding Claire by the hair. Teddy pleads with her to no avail. Rebecca slits Claire’s throat killing her. The super brave Teddy runs away, locking the door on Rebecca. Not before she manages to inflict a stab wound in his abdomen, though. He heads to where the pair left their car. Rebecca manages to get out of the basement through the storm door. Teddy, while walking through the woods. Stumbles on the shallow grave of Lou and the cat.

Superhost Horror Movie Ending Explained

Rebecca, in hot pursuit, films herself talking to the camera. Great stuff, very comical and more brilliant acting by Gracie Gillam. Teddy makes it to the car. As he attempts to open it, it locks and unlocks repeatedly. Hinting at the fact that Rebecca has found him and is tormenting him. He attempts to hide. Rebecca walks to the back of the car and films herself as she murders Teddy. Donning the engagement ring that Teddy wanted to give to Claire. Rebecca puts Teddy in the back of the car before heading to the house.

Superhost – A Final Twist

Back at the house, Rebecca cleans up. She adds the engagement ring to her necklace. A necklace that already features a number of rings. This indicates that this is, very much, not the first time she has done this. She has likely killed a number of people before. She heads down to the basement where she notices the monitor lit up. Heading over to check it out. It becomes clear that Claire’s video upload was successful. Rebecca watches the video to see what Claire said. She is frustrated to see Claire pleading with her audience for help. Claire also reveals Rebecca’s name

The final twist of the movie is about to take place. When the video ends, Rebecca watches the comments come flooding in. “This again?”. “What is this trash?”. “Unsubscribed!”. “Clickbait!”.

Because of Claire and Teddy’s history of making clickbait videos. Much like the one they did about Vera “The Bitch From Draper”. Their audience don’t believe Claire. They think this is another ploy for views and that the couple have sunk to a new low. Viewers are unsubscribing and nobody will call the police. Rebecca smiles knowing she will have a chance to escape. She will likely move onto another house and to more murders. It is too late for Teddy and Claire and the final insult is that their viewers hate them.

Superhost – And That is That

So that is that. Interesting stuff! It’s always fun when the bad guy wins, right? Especially when the bad guy is as good as Rebecca is. I didn’t like the movie a great deal but Rebecca is great. Hopefully we see more from her in the future. Thanks very much for reading. If you enjoyed this article, why not stick around? I review horror movies. Explain horror movie endings and have started writing horror lists. I update almost every day of the week so check back frequently.