Unseen Ending Explained – Did Sam Save Emily from Charlie?

Unseen (2023) Ending Explained

Welcome to Knockout Horror. Today we are going to be explaining the ending to Blumhouse horror movie Unseen. We recently reviewed this movie and really enjoyed it. Presenting itself as something of a traditional, fun, horror. It doesn’t demand that you think too much and doesn’t ask much of a viewer. It’s just a good laugh. It also has a few touching moments that are quite surprising given the theme.

Whereas the ending for Unseen wasn’t exactly complicated. There are a few things that viewers might have missed. We are going to explain them away right now. We will recap the events of the movie first, though. Let’s take a look.

As always with our Horror Movie Ending Explained articles. It is impossible to explain the ending without spoiling the movie. If you haven’t checked Unseen out yet. Why not go take a look at our review of Unseen? Then watch the movie before taking a look at this article.

Unseen – Meet Sam, A Serious Anxiety Sufferer

So Unseen kicks off with Sam (Jolene Purdy) sitting in her car looking rather dejected. Sam is a gas station employee who sufferers from tremendous anxiety and depression. Having been bullied all her life. She spent a great deal of time caring for her mother who recently passed. She feels as though her life is pointless and she has no prospects.

Sam has her phone on a cradle and a number dialled. She holds in her hands a card. The number she is dialling came from this card. As the call rings off. It is made clear to the viewer that Sam must have had the wrong number. The number she has dialled is that of Emily. Keep the card Sam is holding in mind because it is important later.

Sam looks on at the building in front of her. She lights up a joint and smokes. Partly because horror and weed have gone hand in hand for years. For better or for worse. And partly to hint at the fact that Sam suffers from tremendous anxiety. A lot of anxiety sufferers use marijuana to help control symptoms. Interestingly enough, studies suggest that high consumption of weed actually makes anxiety worse. Despite giving people who partake the feeling that it helps. It is low doses that are beneficial. Either way, Sam needs to calm her nerves purely to be able to make it through an average workday. Once done, she heads inside.

Unseen – Emily is Kidnapped by Charlie

On the other side of the country, we meet Emily (Midori Francis). Emily is a young doctor. Bullied as a child for needing glasses. She grew up into a tough and determined woman. Emily is currently waking up. Having seemingly been rendered unconscious. It turns out Emily was out jogging when she was kidnapped by her ex boyfriend Charlie. Emily was in an abusive relationship. Despite being warned by her mother. She stayed in the relationship only to see it become worse and worse.

Unseen (2023) Ending Explained

Realising that she needed to get away. Emily left her boyfriend without telling him. He managed to find her and, seemingly, stalked her. Learning her routine before kidnapping her while she was most vulnerable. He is now tormenting her, forcing her to listen to his pathetic laments. Showing her videos of happier times and making her taste his terrible cooking. Being a strong woman that has already overcome childhood bullying. As well as managing to become a doctor. Emily won’t stand for Charlie’s abuse and spits the sauce in his face.

This provokes Charlie who attacks her. She tells him she needs her glasses and is sorry. Charlie brings her glasses to her. She thanks him before setting off a rape alarm. This blinds Charlie allowing Emily to attack him. She knocks him out before heading out of the house.

Unseen – Emily is Legally Blind Without Glasses

It becomes clear, pretty quickly, that Emily is legally blind. She absolutely has to wear glasses to have any chance of seeing. Without them she has an incredibly narrow field of vision and tremendous blurring. The majority of people who are legally blind actually still have some degree of vision. Glasses can be an essential tool to help blind people function. Unfortunately, Emily’s glasses have broken and she is, for all intents and purposes, blind.

Unseen (2023) Ending Explained

We have a few plot holes here. It is hard to imagine a legally blind person wouldn’t carry a spare set of glasses. Especially when jogging and running the risk of dropping them. We also see Emily struggle to use her phone. Another big plot hole. What modern smart phone doesn’t have voice assist? I can’t imagine being legally blind and not knowing how to activate voice assist. That is just tremendously unlikely. It is something that could be lifesaving. You could activate GPS, call people, send messages. This is a major plot hole and undermines the entire premise of the movie. Still, this is just a fun movie. It’s not too deep so we can ignore those issues.

Unseen – Emily Escapes but Cracks Her Phone

Back at the gas station. Sam has made it into work but is having a little trouble with a Karen demanding a refund. She has placed 87 Octane gas in her BMW 335. As I am sure fellow BMW owners know. The higher the octane the better. Sam reluctantly agrees, asking the woman to place her card in the machine. The woman somehow storms off without her credit card. Naturally, this will come back to haunt Sam later on.

At the lodge, Charlie wakes up with a nasty wound to his head and eye. He wraps the wound and covers his eye. I think this it to illustrate that he has only 50% vision now. Making him fairly disabled and slowing his pursuit of Emily. Emily phones the police who tell her they will have to work with her carrier to find her location. This is something the police can actually do but, apparently, takes a little while.

Emily trips dropping her phone and cracking it which disconnects the call. Attempting to connect to the police again. She fumbles with her phone. Apparently forgetting that the last number dialled will be at the top of the screen. She clicks the number at the bottom. This is Sam’s number. Sam has obviously been phoning Emily a lot. Remember how she was attempting to dial the number on the card but misdialled? Again, this is important later on. Emily clicks the number and Sam answers a thousand+ miles away in Florida.

Unseen – Emily Needs Help But Sam is Anxious

Emily demands that Sam help her. Telling her she will die if she doesn’t. She needs Sam to video call her and be her eyes. Sam, due to her tremendous anxiety, doesn’t want the responsibility. Emily begs and pleads with her. Encouraging her and telling her she can do it. Sam agrees and starts a video call with Emily.

Again, there might be a bit of a plot hole here. Emily holds her phone up and turns it away from herself to show Sam. You might wonder why she doesn’t simply flip the camera. The rear camera on phones is far superior to the front facing camera. We can probably infer that Emily doesn’t know where the switch camera button is. I imagine most people younger than 40 can find it blindfolded but whatever.

Unseen (2023) Ending Explained

There isn’t a tremendous amount to talk specifically about for quite awhile, now. Emily is walking and Sam is guiding her, albeit nervously. Emily needs to get out of her restraints. Her wrists have been cable tied together. Sam finds a Russian video showing how to escape from this exact predicament. She relates the information to Emily. Emily tightens the cable ties and uses the torque created by whipping her arms down to break them. This, unfortunately, cuts deep into Emily’s arm but at least she is free.

Unseen – Emily Heads For Water

Using advice given to Sam by an outdoorsman at the gas station. Emily starts heading in the same direction as a flock of birds, hoping to find water. When she gets to water, she can follow it to a town or village. This is fairly traditional survival advice that is not entirely reliable. Birds will only head to water when they are thirsty. Streams often lead to nowhere, especially in the American wilderness. But still, it gives our protagonist something to aim for.

Emily’s top is now, strangely, unzipped half way down. Despite her complaining about the cold. Making this feel even more like an old fashioned horror. Complete with numerous gratuitous cleavage shots. Not that I am complaining, of course.

Unseen (2023) Ending Explained

Sam, at this point, becomes distracted by the slushy machine. You know, the one she should have turned off hours ago? This leads to her failing to assist Emily in climbing down a bank. She also snaps the end of her charger off in the phone. While attempting to fix it, she stabs herself in the hand. Emily falls hard landing below the bank. Both of our protagonists are now injured, some how. Not to mention Sam needs a new phone.

Unseen – Emily Hits Charlie With The Car

Charlie appears in his vehicle, parks up and heads into the woods. Using the help of Sam, Emily climbs the bank and gets into the car. Emily places the phone in the car’s cradle, asking Sam to tell her when she sees Charlie appear. Emily plans to hit him with the car, ending the pursuit. Charlie appears in front of the car and Sam alerts Emily. Emily accelerates, hitting Charlie but also colliding with a tree in the process.

Unseen (2023) Ending Explained

Suffering only minor whiplash. Emily tries to start the car which is jammed by a branch in the wheel. Emily asks Sam to help her find the problem. The pair fail to find it but notice Charlie lying on the ground. Somehow he is still alive but badly wounded. Emily wants to kill him to end her struggle. An understandable reaction given everything he has put her through. Sam convinces her not to. She doesn’t want her to lower herself to his standards. Emily reluctantly agrees and leaves. This seems a bit stupid considering the effort the pair go to later in the film to kill Charlie. Never mind.

Unseen – Emily is Attacked and The Return of Carol

Back at the gas station. Sam’s phone is about to run out of battery. She asks Emily for her number. Writing it on the back of the card from earlier. Emily is confronted by Charlie. Walking her to the edge of the cliff. He chastises Emily in a rather pathetic way. Complaining about her abandoning him, despite him being abusive. And accusing her of being a terrible daughter. Emily insults Charlie back. He chokes her only to be choked back by Emily. Charlie pushes her resulting in her falling off the bank into the water.

Unseen (2023) Ending Explained

Meanwhile, the Karen is back at the gas station. Remember how she left her card in the card machine? She has come to retrieve it. Seeing that she has a phone. Sam goes out and steals it from her before running back into the gas station. A lot of gas stations in the US have bullet proof glass surrounding the checkout. As is the case here meaning that Sam is safe for now. Carol vows revenge and leaves the gas station.

By the time Sam manages to retrieve the phone number, it has smudged. She has to try numerous variations of the number before finding Emily’s. Another potential plot hole here. Emily fell into water, there is a fair chance that phone would be ruined. Still, many modern phones can take some degree of light submersion for a short time. We can let that one go. Emily answers the phone and the pair are reunited.

Unseen – Why Did Emily Call Her Mother?

Emily feels like giving up. She has sustained a bad leg wound and is exhausted. She wants Sam to phone her mum so she can chat with her. If we think back to earlier in the movie. Emily said that she didn’t remember any phone numbers off by heart. Well that was a lie. Emphasising the fact that she loves her mum enough to have only her number memorised. Emily feels guilty for not spending enough time with her mum. She wanted more from life and was determined to become a doctor. While balancing that with having a relationship, she didn’t see her mum a lot. This has left her feeling neglectful.

Unseen (2023) Ending Explained

She apologises to her mum for not listening to her about Charlie. She also tells her she is sorry for not being there. While talking to her mum. Her mum makes it clear that she understands. She obviously just wants the best for her and knew she loves her. Sam and Emily’s mum encourage her to get up. Sam says she can spot a light in the distance. The pair tell her to walk towards it. She finally gets up and starts making the journey. Eventually arriving at a barn. Sam spots Charlie’s torch in the distance and tells Emily to get into the barn.

Unseen – Emily Fights Back, Killing Charlie

Back at the gas station Sam’s problems are getting worse. Carol’s husband Carl has arrived and he is packing. The pair are demanding that Sam give them Carol’s phone. Sam’s boss arrives moments later and joins in with berating Sam. Sam refuses to come out knowing that she needs to help Emily. Sam’s boss begins smashing the door with a tyre iron, creating a lot of noise. Incidentally, I think these bulletproof checkout areas insulate noise really well. You normally need a speaker to even communicate with the cashier so a little plot hole here.

Meanwhile, Emily has spotted a pesticide spray. The pair hatch a plan. Sam has to mute the phone due to the noise in the gas station. She tells Emily that when Charlie is in sight. She will text her. When she hears the text she needs to jump into action. Emily has taken off her coat, placing it behind something. Charlie approaches believing it to be Emily. He picks it up and throws it down in frustration, realising he has been tricked. Sam spots on Charlie on the phone and texts Emily, letting her know he is in position.

Unseen (2023) Ending Explained

Emily springs out and sprays Charlie with the pesticide. Seemingly blinding him making the pair equal. Charlie reaches out and fights with Emily, choking her viciously, almost to death. Sam reminds Emily that she put the piece of glass from before in her pocket. She pulls it out and stabs Charlie in the neck. He falls over and she “This is SPARTAAA!” kicks him off the balcony. Charlie is dead and Emily is finally safe. The police arrive “just in the nick of time” so we can assume Emily will be helped home.

Unseen – Sam Saved Emily!

Back in the gas station, Sam’s boss finally breaks in. The police have arrived at the gas station and Sam is arrested. Strangely enough, the cops aren’t too bothered by Carl and Carol standing with their guns. Despite Florida not permitting open carry, as far as I know. Maybe because they are white? Sam, not giving a fuck and happy that Emily is safe. Flips her boss and Carol off.

As the movie ends, Sam calls Emily. Her number is no longer a random misdial. She has her in her phone as her full name Emily Kasahara. We can assume Sam was fired from her job. She likely only received a misdemeanour charge as she returned the phone and didn’t damage it. She is now going back to school and needs Emily’s help with an application.

Unseen (2023) Ending Explained

The pair mention meeting up and it seems they are now friends. Emily is recovering and Sam seems to be doing far better with her mental health. Finally realising that things might be tough. But she can get through it. Emily asks Sam who she was trying to phone that day. Sam says she was just trying to call for a pizza.. Obviously, this is a lie.

Unseen – Sam Was Going to Commit Suicide

Remember the card Sam had earlier in the movie? The one she had in the car and the one she wrote Emily’s number on? The number Sam was actually trying to call was a Suicide Prevention Hot Line. The card was a business card containing the number. The number was 850-147-0185. Sam accidentally dialled 810-147-0185 which is Emily’s number.

Sam’s anxiety and depression had likely hit a point of no return. Remember how many missed calls Emily had off of Sam’s number? She had been trying to call this hotline repeatedly. Sam was, very likely, past all hope. She mentioned having been bullied. She mentioned having no prospects and that she had lost her mum.

Unseen (2023) Ending Explained

Despite caring for her, she was not present when she died. Having gone out for the night to try and forget the situation she was in. Instead of being with her mum when she died. She was out getting drunk. Something that has become a tremendous point of guilt for Sam. She gave up her life to care for her mum and felt like she had nothing left to live for.

Unseen – Saving Emily Saved Sam’s Life

Emily thanks Sam for saving her life. Sam says to Emily that she saved her life as well. Sam was thinking of killing herself. It was only the fact that she got the number wrong and ended up talking to Emily. That Sam had an opportunity to prove how strong she was. Helping her to realise that she was an important and significant person. That she could defeat her demons and that she deserved to live and enjoy life. Just like all of us. She found strength and overcame her anxiety and fear to help Emily. Meaning she could find that strength to overcome anything.

When Sam flipped off her boss, she was also flipping off her past life. The depression, the anxiety, the bullies and the feelings that held her back in life. She is now planning to move forward and make something of herself. She throws the apron and the suicide prevention business card away. No longer suicidal, she is looking forward to life. The movie ends with Emily and Sam running on the beach. Having finally met up.

Unseen – And That is That

So that’s that. What a cute ending. I suppose it is a bit schmaltzy but this is a seriously feel good horror. I really enjoyed it and it had some genuinely touching moments. We definitely need more horror movies with bad ass women teaming up to kick some dicks. Some of the themes are sure to speak to sufferers of depression and anxiety, as well.

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