Sissy (2022) Ending Explained – Does Sissy Survive?

Sissy Ending Explained

We have another Ending Explained article today to kick off the week. We recently reviewed the excellent Aussie Comedy Horror Sissy. Naturally, we had an absolute blast watching this movie. It is hilarious and super gory in parts. With fantastic performances from its lead actors Aisha Dee and Hannah Barlow. I seriously recommend checking it out.

If you haven’t done that yet then you may want to skip this article. Check out our review of Sissy and then watch the film. This article is going to be full of spoilers so keep that in mind before reading. While Sissy doesn’t have a particularly complicated ending. There are a few parts that may be a little confusing. We are here to shine a light on those moments.

A Quick Recap

Okay so let’s quickly go over what has happened so far. Cecilia and Emma meet up after years without seeing each other. We are lead to believe that they were best friends as children. They spent time together and shared dreams. They ultimately wanted to end up in the same old folk’s home together.

Unfortunately, something came between them. In this case it was another girl called Alex. Alex and Emma grew closer, seemingly at the cost of Cecilia and Emma’s friendship. Alex began bullying Cecilia. Cecilia’s used to be known as Sissy, hence the title of the film. Alex encouraged kids to chant “Sissy is a sissy” to her. She also told Cecilia that Emma wasn’t her friend. She simply felt sorry for her. This, obviously, upset Cecilia. In a moment of rash retaliation, she sliced open Alex’s cheek.

Moving back to the future. Cecilia was obviously traumatised by the events. She has developed self coping techniques and now promotes them online. She has over 200,000 followers on social media and is something of a self help guru. A random meeting with Emma rekindles their friendship. Emma invites Cecilia to a hen weekend. Unfortunately, Cecilia doesn’t realise that Alex is going to be there.

Forgive and Forget?

It is very clear, upon arriving, that Alex was not informed of Cecilia’s invitation. Seemingly enraged, she makes no attempt to hide how much she dislikes Cecilia. She has not forgotten what happened and her face bears scars to remind her. Over the weekend, she goes out of her way to ostracise Cecilia. Cecilia is already feeling out of place and awkward so this makes matters much worse. Egged on by Alex, the group turn on her.

Sissy Ending Explained
Alex steals Cecilia’s phone to share a message with her followers

Aiming to explain herself to Alex. Cecilia heads to the stream where the group are hanging out. With most of the friends having left. Cecilia arrives with Alex being the only member remaining. Alex, unwilling to reason with Cecilia, steals her phone. She begins to record a message for Cecilia’s followers showing the scare she has given her. In a fit of rage, Alex tries to wrestle the phone off of her and the pair begin to fight. Getting the upper hand, Alex hits send. In another moment of ironic satire courtesy of writers Hannah Barlow and Kane Senes. Cecilia cracks, what looks like, a large healing crystal over Alex’s head. This, seemingly, kills her.

Shit Gets Real!

Naturally Cecilia doesn’t want to ruin things with Emma. She has to get rid of Alex and fast. She buries her in a shallow grave. Finding her Zen, she records a video for her followers. Suddenly, Jamie appears looking for a place to pee. It isn’t long before he stumbles across Alex’s body. Wanting to explain, Cecilia pursues Jamie to the edge of a cliff. Hearing the shouts of Tracey who has been sent to look for him. Jamie shouts back in desperation. Cecilia, not wanting to attract attention pushes him off the cliff to his death.

Sissy Ending Explained
Cecilia begins to lose her sanity after killing Alex

Obviously Cecilia needs to keep on covering up her tracks. This results in her killing Tracey in the house and hiding her under the bed. She later attempts to escape only to bump into Fran who was lost in the woods. Fran, feeling suspicious of Cecilia, asks her why she is heading in the wrong direction. Her seatbelt is stuck. Cecilia speeds up before crashing sending Fran through the windshield. Cecilia finishes her off in much the same way as Fran did with the Kangaroo earlier in the movie.

Onto the End

Returning to the house, Alex hits herself with her phone. She makes a video for her followers begging for help. She wants to frame Alex for the murders and acts as though she is the victim. Meanwhile, Alex has woken up and pulled herself out of the ground. It turns out she was not dead at all. She is badly wounded, clearly partially blind and with a gaping hole in her head. She begins to make her way to the house. Along the way she stumbles on the body of Jamie. This is a bit of a goof as Jamie fell off of a huge cliff. How Alex would have made it there crawling on her stomach is beyond me?

Sissy Ending Explained
Cecilia thinks it would be cruel to leave Fran in so much pain.

So, Cecilia is back at the house. Alex is trying to make her way back. She has phoned the police who are now on their way. Emma arrives at the house and begins looking for Cecilia. Finding Tracey’s body under the bed, Cecilia appears behind her. She attempts to convince Emma that Alex went crazy. Knowing Cecilia’s history of violent outburst, Emma is not convinced. Cecilia walks over and enthusiastically grabs Emma’s hands. This results in her slipping and hitting her head.

When Emma wakes up she is tied to a chair. Cecilia, seemingly having lost her mind completely, is putting makeup on her. Emma manages to cut her ties while Cecilia is out of the room. When she comes back in, Emma attacks her and the pair begin to fight. Apparently having the advantage. Emma sits on top of Cecilia and hits her repeatedly around the face.

And Then The Twist

Well, not really a twist but kind of unexpected. As Emma is hitting Cecilia, Alex suddenly walks in. Clearly blinded by the head injury she has suffered. She accidentally attacks Emma. Believing she is fighting Cecilia, Alex beats Emma to death. Pounding her face until it looks like a couple of pounds of ground beef. Alex suddenly looks over towards the couch. Through her blurred vision, she recognises Cecilia lying there.

Sissy Ending Explained
Alex realises that she has mistakenly killed Emma instead of Cecilia

Horrified and realising what she has done to Emma. Alex screams and holds up her weapon ready to kill Cecilia. Suddenly a gun shot rings out. Alex has an exit wound on her head and falls down dead. It turns out a police man has arrived and killed Alex believing her to be responsible for the murders.

A Happy Ending?

The movie ends with Cecilia updating her followers. She talks to the camera and tells them how she survived Alex’s brutal murder spree. Cecilia claims she followed her own self help advice to survive. She now has millions of followers and just released a best selling book. Apparently, Cecilia has gotten away with it.

Alex was unsuccessful sending the message about Cecilia’s violent past. Cecilia managed to kill Tracey and Jamie before they could tell anyone about her crimes. Fran was killed in the road, likely to be considered a victim of Alex. Alex killed Emma in a rage, unable to see who she was attacking. The police shot Alex thinking she was the guilty party and Cecilia gets off scot-free.

It’s a fun ending that subverts expectation at least a little. It is rare that the killers in these movies get away with their crimes. It is even more rare that they come out on top with more money and a better life. Great stuff and a lot of fun. Thanks for reading and check back for lots more.