10 Anti Valentine’s Day Horror Movies RANKED - For When Love Goes Horribly Wrong

10 Anti Valentine’s Day Horror Movies For When Love Goes Horribly Wrong – RANKED

Valentine’s day is done and dusted but I am sure the bitter taste remains embedded into the mouths of some people. I mean, let’s be honest, Valentine’s day isn’t for everyone. There’s a large percentage of the population who would rather spend a torturous evening discussing comedy with the awful James Corden than spend the day being exposed to people’s grossly over the top public displays of affection.

Me, personally, I am on the fence with the whole Valentine’s day thing. My fiancée and I buy each other gifts but we don’t celebrate the day in any elaborate manner. But for those of you who are firmly in the mindset of hating Valentine’s day and everything to do with it. Knockout Horror brings you 10 Anti Valentine’s Day Horror Movies Ranked.

Yes, this is the “Love Gone Wrong” list. All of these horror movies demonstrate what happens when love goes bad. We have psychopathic stalkers, unrequited love turned violent and love triangles that end in carnage. All of these movies are perfect for anyone looking for an anti Valentine’s day horror movie. Every film here turns love on its head so if you are feeling just a tad sick of the Valentine’s Day bullshit. Sit down, grab some snacks and put one of these horror movies on.

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Spoonful of Sugar (2022)

Gah, I really disliked this movie but it just so happens to be a very fitting Anti Valentine’s day movie. Spoonful of Sugar follows the story of Millicent, a young woman with mental health struggles who copes by micro-dosing LSD. After taking a job as a carer for a young boy with a multitude of serious allergies. Millicent begins to become infatuated with the boy’s father. Something that will quickly reveal a darker side of the young woman.

Spoonful Of Sugar Ending Explained

The story here is quite promising as it presents a fairly complex character who leans more towards bad than good. All while placing her into a convoluted love triangle that might not go the way you expect it to go. I badly wanted to love this movie. We really need more female directors in horror and I love a strong female lead but I just really hated Spoonful of Sugar, awarding it a meagre 1/5 in my review.

Millicent annoyed me, the pacing was glacial, it frequently resorts to awkward sex scenes, and it borrows far too heavily from much better films. The vast array of paid reviews that appeared for the film, not long after release, didn’t help. But, again, some people really like it and it definitely fits the theme here so why not check it out?


Homewrecker (2019)

Before we start, we are talking about the 2019 movie Homewrecker, not the 2023 movie. This one is planted firmly at the bottom of the list and it almost pains me to put it on here. But, in a lot of ways, Homewrecker is an ideal anti Valentine’s day movie. It follows the story of Michelle (Alex Essoe), a woman who befriends a slightly eccentric lady named Linda (Precious Chong) at the local coffee shop. Only to find herself in a sticky predicament when the woman becomes completely obsessed with her.

Homewrecker (2019) Horror Movie Review

Homewrecker really leans into the more comedic side of horror and spends most of its time with its tongue firmly planted in its cheek. It can be quite amusing at times but its slow pace can leave you wanting more. It also features the slowest horror movie fight in the history of cinema and a painfully awkward rendition of the 90’s Lisa Loeb pop megahit “Stay, I missed you”. I should point out, a lot of people like this movie a lot more than I do so keep that in mind as I only awarded it 1.5/5 in our review of Homewrecker.


Unlocked (2023)

The bad movies are out of the way, let’s get on with the good ones starting with fantastic 2023 Korean thriller Unlocked. This one sees an obsessed stalker, played by K-Pop idol SiWan, stealing a young woman’s phone and using it to track her every movement and make her life hell. Unlocked is a little different from some of the movies on this list but it does a great job of pointing out how little you know about the people you date. It’s an anti Valentine’s day movie for our always online Millennial and Gen Z era.

Unlocked Horror Movie Review

SiWan is fantastic and Chun Woo-hee is excellent as the forgetful and unsuspecting Lee Na-mi. Unlocked does a great job of tapping into people’s fears around social media and devices that contain our entire lives while also managing to be a fun and effective thrill ride. It’s got a few flaws here and there but its decent pacing and strong element of suspense helps keep you engaged throughout. We awarded Unlocked 3.8/5 in our review.


Maniac (2012)

Elijah Wood as a maniacal killer? You better believe it and he is absolutely fantastic in the 2012 remake of Maniac. Maniac sees schizophrenic serial killer Frank falling in love with a photographer name Anna (Nora Arnezeder). Determined to get his life back on track, he begins taking medication to control his violent urges. Only for everything to unravel when he can’t stop killing.

Maniac (2012)

Maniac is quite unique in that almost the entire movie is filmed from the perspective of Frank. You only ever see his face in reflections and it works surprisingly well. This one divides critics and viewers alike due to its insane levels of gore and almost perverse approach to placing the viewer into the body of the killer. But it definitely makes for a perfect Anti Valentine’s day movie as Frank’s unrequited love leads to some serious mayhem.


May (2002)

May is a low key favourite of mine and a perfect option for some Valentine’s day horror viewing. Awkward young woman May (Angela Bettis) develops an obsession with a young man who just so happens to have perfect hands in this excellent cult classic by Lucky McKee. May is a strange movie and flips things around a little by having the obsessed person being a woman rather than a man.

May (2002) Horror Movie Review

Expertly played by Angela Bettis, May is just so odd and that’s what drags you into the story. Her pursuit of perfection will stop at nothing and she is willing to do anything to make sure Adam stays with her forever. This is a quirky horror movie and probably not for everyone but it stands out for being extremely unique and legitimately funny in parts. Well acted and with a sharp, witty, script. May is definitely worth checking out and we awarded it 3.8/5 in our review.


Midsommar (2019)

A struggling couple head out on a vacation to Sweden to celebrate a small village’s midsummer festival in Ari Aster’s shocking follow up to Hereditary. Something that gets lost in Midsommar’s Wicker Man like pagan rituals and folk horror leanings is the story of love gone bad that makes this a perfect Anti Valentine’s day movie. A fractured relationship plays centre stage in this horror movie and is the motivating factor for much of what happens towards the end.

Dani from Midsommar

Midsommar is a heavy movie deliberately designed to shock. It’s also one of the only horror movies that takes place entirely in the middle of daylight which lends it a strangely discomforting sense of uneasiness. The love story at the heart of the movie is what makes it so unsettling, however, and as the final events of the movie play out you are left questioning whether this was actually a good ending or a bad one. Awesome stuff but it would be remiss of me to not mention that I didn’t enjoy it as much as many did. We awarded Midsommar 3.5/5 in our review.


Ready or Not (2019)

It’s the night of Grace and Alex’s wedding but little does Grace realise that she is about to be put through a life or death game of hide and seek in this fantastic comedy horror by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. Ready or Not is a perfect Anti Valentine’s day movies as a blissful wedding quickly turns to blood and carnage. With bridal dresses and tuxedo’s expertly juxtaposed against blood and gore.

Ready or Not (2019)

Ready or Not doesn’t hit with everyone and its comedy elements may put a few people off. But it is also a whole lot of fun with some great pacing and a ton of gore to keep horror fans interested. Samara Weaving deserves special mention for her excellent performance. Definitely a great movie to check out if you are looking for something that turns the idea of marriage and weddings on its head.


The Loved Ones (2009)

We are off to Australia for one of my all time favourite horror movies next with 2009’s The Loved Ones. Prom night is coming up and Lola (Robin McLeavy) needs a date. She invites edgy teen Brent to come along with her but, unfortunately, Brent is already going with his girlfriend Holly. Unless Lola can find another way of spending the night with him, that is. This is a movie that turns the idea of prom night and twists into something completely sinister.

The Loved Ones (2009) Review

The Loved Ones is comedy horror done right. It’s also an excellent anti Valentine’s day movie as the demented Lola puts Brent through a night of hell on earth. Wickedly funny and genuinely wince inducing at times. The Loved Ones, perhaps, leans a little too heavy into violence for the sake of violence at times and it is pretty light on plot. But as a self contained little dose of hilarious horror, there are few movies better. We awarded The Loved Ones 4/5 in our review and highly recommend it.


Audition (1999)

Widower Aoyama Shigeharu (Ryo Ishibashi) is finally ready to start dating again. His friend decides to help him out by screening suitable women in a fake series of auditions. Shigeharu takes a liking to one particular girl, Asami (Eihi Shiina). Little does he realise that this girl has a dark and sordid past that may come back to haunt him. Takashi Miike’s Audition is a deeply disturbing horror movie that is just the ticket for anyone who wants to observe the consequences of falling in love with the wrong type of person.

Audition (1999) Review

The weak stomached need not apply. Brutal and legitimately uncomfortable to watch at times. This is one of those movies that stays with you. Audition’s Asami has become a horror icon and the later scenes of the movie are infamous in their grotesqueness. The lead up is slow paced and unsettling, never quite preparing you for just what is about to come. Audition is a reminder of just how damn good Japanese horror can be and a perfect example of how it changed the way the rest of the world approached the genre. One of my all time favourite horror movies, we awarded Audition 4/5 in our review.


Misery (1990)

We couldn’t make an Anti Valentine’s Day horror movie list without featuring Rob Reiner’s brilliant Misery from 1990, could we? Based on the Stephen King novel; Misery sees author Paul Sheldon (James Caan) rescued from a near fatal car accident by nurse Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates). Little does Paul realise, Annie just happens to be his biggest fan. Harbouring a love for the author that goes way beyond obsession.

Misery (1990) Review

Misery is simply a brilliant horror movies. One of the best of all time, in fact, and it does it all without wild special effects, scary monsters or high kill counts. Kathy Bates is marvellous as Annie Wilkes and really sets the benchmark for terrifying obsessed people in horror movies. The pacing is just right and the movie is legitimately tense throughout. It also features one of the most notorious depictions of injury detail in horror. Brilliant stuff, a perfect Anti Valentine’s Day movie and just an amazing horror movie in its own right. We awarded Misery 4.7/5 in our review.

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