Butterfly Kisses Horror Movie Review

We are checking out another Found Footage horror movie today. The fantastic and suitably creepy story of Peeping Tom - Butterfly Kisses

Incantation (2022) Horror Movie Review

It's time for another found footage movie and today we are off to Taiwan for the incredibly tense supernatural horror Incantation.

After a week away. We are back with a review of another stalking movie. This type, however, it's one that is worth watching - Unlocked.

Followed Horror Movie Review

Could it possibly be? Yet another social media themed horror movie? Yeah it is, a very average one. We check out Followed from 2018.

Consecration Horror Movie Review

We are checking out another Shudder Original today. Christopher Smith's Religious Supernatural Horror Consecration

The Den Horror Movie Review

Are you ready for yet another Screenlife horror movie? Good because today we are taking a look at The Den from 2013.

Unfriended Dark Web Horror Movie Review

We are back with yet another Screenlife horror movie today. Following on from 2014's Unfriended. We are checking out Unfriended: Dark Web