Fright Night (1985) Horror Movie Review

It's the last day of our Fall Themed Horror feature and today we are taking a look at a classic - Tom Holland's excellent Fright Night from 1985.

Black Friday (2021) Horror Movie Review

It's the day after thanksgiving which means Black Friday sales! It also means we are taking a look at Black Friday as part of our Fall Themed Horror series.

Blood Rage Thanksgiving Horror Review

It's thanksgiving so time to review a classic thanksgiving slasher in the form of Blood Rage. Lots of cranberry sauce and lots of kills are the centrepiece of the table in this movie.

The Village (2004) Review

Definitely fall themed but more of a thriller than a horror, we will make an exception. Today we are looking at M Night Shyamalan's The Village.

The Inn Keepers Cover

More fall vibes with our review today as we take a look at Ti West's somewhat divisive ghost story The Innkeepers.

Kristy (2014) Review

It's nearly thanksgiving so clear a space at your table. Knockout Horror is delivering a turkey in the form of Olly Blackburn's average slasher Kristy.

Home Movie (2008) Review

More found footage for our Fall Themed Horror today as we take a look at Home Movie. Only a third of it is set in Fall but it still counts dammit!

The Collingswood Story (2002) Review

We are taking a look at something different for today's Fall Themed Horror. Innovative computer screen scares are the order of the day courtesy of The Collingswood Story.

Sleepy Hollow (1999) Review

Another day, another Fall Themed Horror movie as we are off to Sleep Hollow to check out Tim Burton's tale of the Headless Horseman and Ichabod Crane.

Pyewacket (2017) Review

Continuing our fall themed month of horror, today we are taking a look at Canadian slow burn psychological horror Pyewacket.

Super Dark Times (2017) Review

The second movie of our Fall Themed Horror series is the fantastic Super Dark Times. Set in small town America in the 90s, the chilly air and fallen leaves are perfect for an autumn horror.