Christmas Day
It's Christmas Day and the final review in our Awful Advent feature. We are taking a look at Bob Clark's classic proto-slasher Black Christmas from 1974.
Christmas Eve
Not really a Horror movie but for Christmas Eve on our Awful Advent Calendar we are taking a look at Scrooged starring Bill Murray.
December the 23rd
We are just a couple of days away for Christmas. A child accidently summons a Bavarian Legend in our next review as we take a look at Krampus.
December the 22nd
With only a few days to go before Christmas. We decided to check out a modern cult classic for our Awful Advent feature - Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale.
December the 21st
We are getting closer to Christmas and for day 21 of our Awful Advent feature we are taking a look at Better Watch Out.
December the 20th
There's not long to go until Christmas so let's take a look at a real Christmas horror classic. Behind door number 20 of our Awful Advent calendar is Gremlins.
December the 19th
We are getting ever closer to Christmas. Behind today's Awful Advent Calendar door we have independent vampire horror comedy Red Snow.
December the 18th
It's the 18th of December and time for a really substandard Christmas Horror Anthology. Join us as we review All The Creatures Were Stirring.
December the 17th
We are up to day 17 of our Awful Advent Feature. Today we are taking a look at ultra low budget horror by YouTuber's Dark Fable Media - Hosts.
December the 16th
It's December 16 and behind today's Awful Advent Calendar door is 1984 Christmas horror classic Silent Night, Deadly Night
December the 15th
With ten days left to go until Christmas. We are taking a look at Canadian anthology horror A Christmas Horror Story
December the 14th
We are two weeks into our Awful Advent 25 Days of Christmas Feature and today we are looking at 2012 slasher remake Silent Night.