13 Sherwood Avenue (2023) Horror Movie Review

In January 2023 a man was found dead in his home. The events were captured on his home's AI Smart security system. In the days up to his death his smart devices seemed to be making contact with a the spirit of someone who died there.

Mercy Falls (2023) Horror Movie Review

Set in the gorgeous Scottish highlands. Mercy Falls follows a group of friends hiking through the woods. Searching for a cabin passed down to one of them by her late father. On the way they meet a mysterious woman with a hidden past. Agreeing to allow the woman to come along as their hiking guide. It isn't long before a terrible accident occurs which stretches the dynamics of the group beyond breaking point.

Stalker (2022) Horror Movie Review
Death Of A Vlogger (2019) Horror Review

A social media personality and online prankster achieves fame through a viral video that, apparently, depicts a haunting. The only question is whether the video is genuine or an elaborate fake aimed to achieve popularity. Either way, Graham is about to discover the dark side of the internet.

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