Natty Knocks (2023) Horror Movie Review
The Amityville Curse (2023) Horror Movie Review

A group of friends club together to purchase the notorious Amityville house with the intention of flipping it. Little do they realise that there may be something more to the legend than they originally thought.

The Haunting Of Julia Fields (2023) Horror Movie Review

A young woman from a small town moves out on her own for the first time only to realize something sinister lurking inside her new home.

The Retreat (2021) Horror Movie Review

Renee and Valerie, a couple at a cross roads in their relationship, leave the city to spend the week at a remote cabin with friends. But when they arrive, their friends are nowhere to be found. As they stumble through their relationship woes, they discover they are being hunted by a group of militant extremists who are determined to exterminate them.

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Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (2019) Review
The Collingswood Story (2002) Review
Home Movie (2008) Review
Kristy (2014) Review
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The Village (2004) Review
Blood Rage Thanksgiving Horror Review
Black Friday (2021) Horror Movie Review
Fright Night (1985) Horror Movie Review
The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) Horror Movie Review
You Are Not My Mother Horror Movie Review

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