Blind Waters (2023) Horror Movie Review

An unrelenting shark turns a couple's dream vacation into a nightmare when they are stranded at sea and forced to fight for their lives.

Natty Knocks (2023) Horror Movie Review

Lucia heads out on a fishing charter to spend a day under the sun catching some fish. What starts as a relaxing afternoon on the waves quickly turns into a harrowing and poorly rendered fight for survival as a group of CG sharks attack their boat. Stranded miles away from shore. The group are caught in a life or death fight for their survival.

Shark Huntress (2021) Horror Movie Review

Shelia, an environmentalist venturing into the deep sea to capitalize on the billion-dollar plastic industry encounters deadly enhanced sharks. She wants revenge… it wants blood. I want to never have to watch such a terrible shark movie ever again.

The Sleepless Unrest (2021) Horror Movie Review
Death Of A Vlogger (2019) Horror Review

A social media personality and online prankster achieves fame through a viral video that, apparently, depicts a haunting. The only question is whether the video is genuine or an elaborate fake aimed to achieve popularity. Either way, Graham is about to discover the dark side of the internet.

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Black Friday (2021) Horror Movie Review
Black Christmas (2019) Horror Movie Review
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