Initiation Horror Movie Review
Another day another sub-par Social Media Themed Horror movie. Today we are taking a look at the painfully average slasher Initiation.
Shook Horror Movie Review
We have another Social Media Influencer themed Horror movie to look at today - Shook. This time it's a slasher style and boy is it lacklustre.
It's Christmas Day and the final review in our Awful Advent feature. We are taking a look at Bob Clark's classic proto-slasher Black Christmas from 1974.
It's December 16 and behind today's Awful Advent Calendar door is 1984 Christmas horror classic Silent Night, Deadly Night
We are two weeks into our Awful Advent 25 Days of Christmas Feature and today we are looking at 2012 slasher remake Silent Night.
For day 12 of our Awful Advent feature we are taking a look at awful cult favourite slasher Jack Frost.
I didn't think it could get any worse than Glen Morgan's 2006 remake of Black Christmas... I was wrong, enter Sophia Takal's. We take a look.
We are up to day 4 of our Awful Advent feature. It's time for a very very Black Christmas as we take a look at Greg Morgan's 2006 remake.
It's thanksgiving so time to review a classic thanksgiving slasher in the form of Blood Rage. Lots of cranberry sauce and lots of kills are the centrepiece of the table in this movie.
It's nearly thanksgiving so clear a space at your table. Knockout Horror is delivering a turkey in the form of Olly Blackburn's average slasher Kristy.
We are up to day 26 of our K-O-Ween 31 Days of Halloween feature and today we are looking at Hong Kong slasher horror Dream Home.