Followers Horror Movie Review
We are taking a look at Followers. Yet another Social Media Themed Horror. This one is from the UK and comes by way of late director Marcus Harben.
For our third quick fire review of the week, we are taking a look at Belgian zombie horror comedy Yummy. Prepare for gore and lots of laughs.
Homewrecker (2019) Horror Movie Review
Homewrecker aims to give you a few thrills and make you chuckle. Unfortunately, it manages neither. We take a look in this review.
Deadstream Horror Movie Review
Found Footage with a little twist is the order of the day as we watch Shawn Ruddy attempt to survive the Deadstream.
Sissy Horror Movie Review
We are back with another review of an Aussie comedy horror. We take a look at Hanna Barlow's Shudder Original Sissy!
Not really a Horror movie but for Christmas Eve on our Awful Advent Calendar we are taking a look at Scrooged starring Bill Murray.
We are just a couple of days away for Christmas. A child accidently summons a Bavarian Legend in our next review as we take a look at Krampus.
With only a few days to go before Christmas. We decided to check out a modern cult classic for our Awful Advent feature - Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale.
We are getting closer to Christmas and for day 21 of our Awful Advent feature we are taking a look at Better Watch Out.
There's not long to go until Christmas so let's take a look at a real Christmas horror classic. Behind door number 20 of our Awful Advent calendar is Gremlins.
We are getting ever closer to Christmas. Behind today's Awful Advent Calendar door we have independent vampire horror comedy Red Snow.
For day 12 of our Awful Advent feature we are taking a look at awful cult favourite slasher Jack Frost.