Guess Who (2024) Movie Review - Good Effort Tubi Slasher Fun

Horror, Thriller | 93 Min
Cover image from Tubi original horror movie Guess Who from 2024.
  • Director: Amelia Moses
  • Actors: Keeya King, Corteon Moore, Vanessa Jackson, Elizabeth Saunders, Amanda Ip
  • Writers: Ian Carpenter, Aaron Martin, Matt Wells
  • Producers: Bruno Goulard
  • Country: Canada
  • Language: English
  • Parental: Violence, Language, Drug References
  • Horror, Thriller | 93 Min

A family visit turns deadly when a psychotic killer hiding behind an unusual tradition shows up with one target in mind.

Welcome to Knockout Horror. It has been a minute since we looked at any horror movies. I have been so busy attempting to restructure the site that articles have been pushed to the side just a little bit.

It’s time to get back into the flow of things, however, and what better way than with another low budget Tubi horror movie? Well, I say low budget but this one really doesn’t come packing the usual stink of Tubi’s standard horror fare. 

Feels Fairly High Budget

In fact, I would go as far as to say that director Amelia Moses’s most recent effort, Guess Who, feels like a decidedly higher budget affair than most of its Tubi compatriots. Michel St-Martin’s cinematography is crisp, shots are well set up and demonstrate a competency that many similar movies lack, and acting is, generally, above par. 

Screenshot from Tubi original horror movie Guess Who from 2024.

Guess Who follows the story of young couple Kaitlyn (Keeya King) and Michael (Corteon Moore) heading back to Michael’s home for Christmas. Michael and Kaitlyn come from distinctly different backgrounds so it is with no small sense of trepidation that Michael introduces Kaitlyn to his family of interesting characters. All of whom still live in the impoverished trailer park in which he grew up.

The local Christmas celebrations are underway and the community is taking part in an old British and Irish tradition known as Mummering. Where people invite both friends and strangers into their home to answer riddles before engaging in festivities together. The only catch? One of the people participating this year happens to be a sadistic killer.

A Slasher With a Twist

Guess Who, initially, feels like a fairly formulaic slasher movie. Memories of I Know What You Did Last Summer immediately come to mind and a sense of familiarity and expectation hits. What is slightly more surprising is that writers Ian Carpenter, Aaron Martin and Matt Wells take the story in a somewhat different direction from what you may predict.

Screenshot from Tubi original horror movie Guess Who from 2024.

The typical run of, seemingly, random kills eventually comes together to reveal an altogether more connected and cohesive narrative. Moving Guess Who away from the slasher genre and into something more of a crime horror with slasher elements. A fast paced ending makes up for some sluggish pacing during the middle and everything wraps up in a way you may not see coming.

Honestly, having seen so many Tubi slashers it is quite refreshing to see them churn out something that actually feels slightly unique and fairly original. Sure, the whole Mummering concept turns out to be little more than a novelty. But in a world of copy and paste horror, a novelty is quite welcome. The story veers off in a somewhat unexpected direction and the movie benefits from that. With a welcome twist keeping things fresh. Guess Who won’t blow your socks off but you might be surprised at how enjoyable it can be.

Still Fairly Formulaic 

Despite the positives, Guess Who is still bound tightly by its slasher trappings. This means a whole array of overused horror tropes. Characters mysteriously separated from their friends finding themselves alone and stalked. Characters existing solely to be red herrings. Fake jump scares and everything else you might expect from a movie like this. But it is not quite as dragged down by these traits as other similar movies.

Screenshot from Tubi original horror movie Guess Who from 2024.

 Acting is decent throughout with Corteon Moore coming on particularly strong towards the end of the movie and Keeya King remaining solid throughout. Elizabeth Saunders is a lot of fun in her role as the family’s eccentric matriarch and interactions between the characters feel natural and organic. This is a competent cast that is clearly engaged in what they are doing.

Should You Watch Guess Who?

As far as Tubi horror movies go, Guess Who is definitely worth a watch. If you don’t demand too much from your slasher movies, you might be quite surprised. Sure, it is fairly formulaic in parts and it slips into overly familiar horror ground on a number of occasions. But there is enough novelty and twists to keep things fairly interesting. Cinematography is nice, acting is decent and things move along at a decent clip. Not a bad effort at all.

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